Wednesday, January 18, 2017


10 days post demonetization was a hectic period with every one keeping themselves busy with the deposit of their old currencies and withdrawing the new 2000 Notes released along with 100 Notes as well as the lower denominations over the bank counters..
  • Simultaneously switching over to the card and internet payments wherever possible!
Beyond, as the days moved on with the cash crunch actively playing its role at the back of hectic criticism from various News Agencies and News Channels, it was a great excitement to hear all of a sudden that a few ATMs in the neighborhood were calibrated
  • Making available 2000 Notes, limited to issue of one note per day/per account!
For a while, it was again a hectic activity of constantly being aware of which ATM near by was loaded with 2000 Notes with change problem all along persisting on a day myself noticing a man in front of me in the queue
  • Sighing and saying that he had just Rs 1800 in his account!

The 3 wheeler driver with me as his passenger requested me on a day to accommodation his 14 yr son too along with me to leave him for a while at a specific ATM on the way to keep his queue number as he could complete a few near by trips and
  • Wait for a call from his boy that his turn was due!
As days moved on thus, soon news was around that 500 Notes too were out and the next day, myself with a great enthusiasm got the limited first 4 new 500 Notes issued to me by the bank for the day

  • Which were instantly preserved carefully for exigencies!
The next outlook was for these Notes to be available in ATMS as by that time availability of 2000 Notes had become routine but that didn't take place for quite sometime except getting a few more 500s at the bank counter and thus sailed the life when suddenly the news spread like a wild fire that 
  • A few nearby ATMs were loaded with 500 Notes with the daily limit simultaneously enhanced to Rs 4500!
For a while, it was a hectic effort to draw all the 500 Notes with this limit in long queues all along 3 times operating each time inputting Rs 1500 and carefully see that 500 Notes alone were given for the day requesting the next man in the queue for patience with some one in the queue making a witty comment on the first day..
  • 'Let's hope the machine does not dispense one old 1000 and 500 Note each!'
Having mastered that technic of fast operation, on a day as I selected the Fast Cash of Rs 1500 in an ATM, instantly a message appeared on screen saying 'Requested Cash cannot be dispensed'.. Thinking that there were no 500 Notes in the Machine as I was about leave the place waiting for the green light to come up..
  • Suddenly the machine made a big sound and to my surprise straight away delivered a 2000 Note!
On another day a young man behind me in the queue appeared to be not much aware of such an operation, when asked me whether the Machine was giving 500 Notes, as I proudly explained to him how to input 3 times to get all his 500s for the day, he just said,
  • 'I can draw one 500 Note only as my account has just Rs 700 balance!'
And those were the days whenever I started approaching my bank ATM during bank off hrs, some person there invariably used wave and say if Notes were available or not from a distance itself..
  • Thus saving my precious energies of walking up to the ATM and return empty handed!
Time moved on thus and with the dead line for deposit of old currencies being over, the bank staff had a breathing time
  • To answer me on other banking queries with the life coming to a semi normal state!
Whatever be the aim, as the plus and minus of demonetization went around thru' hot debates in all TV Channels and News Papers..
  • One issue was crystal clear during this 10 weeks time that passed Viz.,
The life style of the super well-offs as well as the well-offs seen going on totally smooth undisturbed as the common man with no such extra means by the side sure taking a certain extra pain in supporting the cause and streamlining his/her life indirectly confirming the oft quoted Democratic Saying..
  • 'In Democracy all are equal but some are more equal!'
Without an exception!

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Monday, January 16, 2017


That night as I tossed on my bed restlessly pondering over the sizable charity I did for the day and the unfortunate loss of equal money I faced that evening as a trickster outsmarted me and made me part with that, the Wise Man in distance was heard advising,

"If you give in charity wholeheartedly, you sure get back much more return!"

Hearing that, I screamed at the top of my voice..

"It's straight away a double loss for me here!"

The Wise Man smiled at me and continued..

"You have basically forgotten that people are with you in all your actions.. When you interact with them thru' charity, those interactions go on at 3 levels Viz.,

  • At mind level as a routine when you are left with a feeling that you did a praiseworthy job as per your status..
  • At heart level as an emotion when you are left with a satisfaction that you could help some one who truly needed help in the situation and
  • At personality level as a certain deep Understanding when you are filled with a unique feeling that 
God indirectly reminding you that you have more and asking you live with less!

And in a situation too where that parting happened to be a forcible one, such an Understanding broadens to a feeling of

Educating yourself on the care missing from your end 
and pardoning the wrong doer at a certain level!

All this ultimately culminates to a state of mind of negating your own with the gap between the feelings of giving and losing becoming smaller and smaller tending towards the Ultimate Reality in Life Viz.,

'I'm neither a Giver nor a Loser as nothing is truly mine!'

Why don't you rise yourself in that line of thinking and be at peace?"

With the strange dream ending all of a sudden, I got up, instantly felt an unknown calmness within bereft of all that untold misery I experienced that night and the next moment got readied myself for that day's busy activities!

The Post is wriiten in line with the IndiSpire Prompt Have you ever seen an interesting or strange dream? Have any of such dreams come true? Do you try to figure out the meaning of your dreams? #Dreams

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Saturday, January 14, 2017


"You know dear! When you were small I once made you repeat your Prayer and kneeling before God asked to you to say.. 
'Baba..Take care of me.. Jai Sairam!' 
and as I stopped at 
due to unexpected cough, you waited for a sec and hearing nothing from me continued saying.. 
'Baba.. Baba.. Black Sheep.. Have you any wool?' 
and we all burst into a laughter!" 
"Yes, grandma.. I was a baby then!" 
"Will you do such things now?" 
"No.. I won't.. I'm a big boy now! See.. Am helping Mommy in storing 

Her fruits and vegetables.. Babies can't do these works!" 

"Yes, Mom.. He had grown now.. Sure understands the context!" 

"What dear, you are telling me? He is just 5 yrs kid and I know how kids of this age talk and respond.. Whatever you say, a kid is a kid.. Wait.. I'll show you his kiddish mentality in a minute and how he believes in what I say.. Dear! I need a favor from you.. Come nearer.. I want to hug you!" 
"Okay, grandma.. I'm here.. But that's not a favor!" 
"Oh! Is it? Right.. Now do this favor.. Help me in arranging...." 
"That too is not a favor.. It's a help!" 
"Oh.. You know so much.. Okay.. Leave that.. Tell me.. Sometime back, I taught you the Sloka 
'Ramaskandam Hanumantham..' 
and asked you to repeat it daily in the night before going to bed.. Are you doing that?" 
"Good.. Lord Hanuman is helping you drive away your bad dreams.. Isn't it?" 
"But it doesn't work always.. Sometimes I get bad dreams and I don't like them!" 

"I told you, Mom.. Now a days Kids are different compared to your generation children.. They are extra smart everywhere thru' questioning and learning.. Don't you agree now?" 

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Friday, January 13, 2017


Before talking of any past specific dream I had in my life, I constantly muse of over the below mentioned funny talk between two individuals.. Two men were conversing..

“I invariably get few dreams when I sleep!”
“So nice of you! Must be having sweet dreams?”
“No! Almost all the time they are bad dreams only!”
“I see! It’s OK.. Any dream is always worth having!”
“Not just bad dreams.. Many times, they are very bad dreams..”
“Is it so?”
“Yes! And of late, some of these bad dreams are turning out to be nightmares too!”
“Oh! It's strange!”
“And some of the nightmares are too scary.. When I wake up from such dreams, I'll be simply lost for a while!”
“My God! Are they so bad?”
“You don’t know? Don't you dream in your sleep?”
“How nice? You are really a lucky man!”
“Actually, not so!”
“I’ve a chronic Sleep Problem.. Most of the times I don't sleep at all and if slept too, it's just a disturbed one many times!”

Having thus understood the priority of sleep over dreaming, it never mattered to me all along what dreams I had in my life as long as the pestering problems of life don't rob my basic sleep since those problems in reality are stranger than dreaming myself unable to come out of those noose tight nets..

All said and done, still my mind craves for a life of total freedom and peace and when I pondered over a way that to materialize, I could narrow down to 10 disciplines of life if I can follow to whatever extent would sure ensure me that Viz.,

  • The Real achievement in my life is the ability to leave a few issues as they are!
  • There's no worse action on my behalf other than the one imagined by me!
  • None can elevate me; I've to do it myself! 
  • Someone else should not define my life!
  • The force that brought me into this world won't listen to me so easily!
  • When destiny strikes, it always strikes to awaken me; unfortunately I only miss that opportunity every time! 
  • None is going to become better in relation to me by myself doing an extra for him/her! 
  • The obedient and the rebelling personalities loose in the long run.. Let me ever be away from these extremities!
  • I may not be smart but I can well survive in the world by allowing the smarter ones overtake me.. Have I thought of this? 
  • People who talk aloud, shout and appear unreasonable ultimately come down in their approach when I remain calm and express the exact requirement!
That in fact became the dream of my life, no doubt in the past, partly fulfilled when my attention was at peak and equally watered down when the self interest overtook that attention in a fraction of time and thus continues this day too!

This Post is written in line with the IndiSpire Prompt Have you ever seen an interesting or strange dream? Have any of such dreams come true? Do you try to figure out the meaning of your dreams? #Dreams

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Thursday, January 12, 2017


For a while, as I was mentally down at the back of a serious problem, I heard on the distant loud speakers part of the Spiritual Discourse being narrated on how God would come to the rescue of His Devotees when in trouble as told by the Great Saint..

  • 'During their hide and seek play, as the sister got terrified and paralyzed with the mask put on by his brother, the brother instantly took it off and appeared normal to calm down her.. In a similar way, the Almighty too takes care of His Devotees when they are frightened with the tough problems of life!'

Making me develop the Firm Belief required in that context..

Soon as I offered a heart felt Prayer to my Deity and relaxed thinking that's all I should do, the narrator was heard quoting the Great Saint's caution in that context..

  • 'Unless you struggle for Revelation of God like a drowning man struggling for one breath of air, the Lord will not appear in front of you!'
Educating me on the Right Knowledge required all along..

Instantly, I became passive thru' that message as I never saw such a great thrust in me at that moment.. And to get into the same as I decided to concentrate and chant endlessly the God's name, the narrator was heard repeating the Great Saint's advice in that context,
  • 'Our problems in the world have to be resolved by us alone in a similar way we remove a thorn from our foot never looking at others to help therein!'
hitting at the stringent Work Schedule I need to adapt therein without an exception..

In respect of retraining my senses from the routine enjoyment mode to a service attitude to humanity and rise in my life..

Finally having understood the right way, I offered my Ardent Prayer to the Almighty that night and retired to bed with peace alone ruling me all along!

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017


The Sun had set for the day and the evening breeze started cooling off the day's heat.. The man rang up to his friend..

  • "Yaar! It's already 6 PM.. By the time we reach the Market and finish our buying...."
  • "Just 10 minutes, dear! The last part of the work.. It took 2 solid hrs to complete this work which looked so simple in the beginning.. God! What pressures our bosses are bringing on us these days!"
  • "Mine too was not less.. Luckily, as I anticipated this and started my work yesterday itself, I could at least come to this stage.. Rest of it.. Am doing tomorrow only.. I need to shop a lot for this festival.. We can't miss anything here.. What do you say?"
  • "You are right.. I tell you.. Our Bosses need to plan well in advance.. If they really do that, most of these stayings beyond shift hrs can be avoided and if not the time of each stay can at least be cut down.. See.. Tomorrow is the most important festival of ours and we are still hanging to our Office at this odd hr.. Okay.. Let's move on.. I know.. This story never ends!"
Soon the two friends moved to the near by Market Place and parked their shared vehicle in the parking area.. The next 2 hrs they were totally busy with their purchases and finally entered the last shop at 9 PM..There was none seen in the shop..
  • “Hi! We are interested to buy a few........... Seems none is here to attend to us.. We need to finish and go quickly and have no patience to wait........”
The Owner busy in a corner instantly attended to them saying, 
  • “Sir! Please be seated.. We are there in a minute.. Mr. Dilip! Where are you? Come here quickly!”
And went inside.. A soft voice was heard requesting..
  • “Saab! You know.. My Mom is not well.. I need to go now and take care……”
  • “Dear! Let's not do anything to displease our Customers.. Then I'll lose them and you'll lose your job.. Just two last Customers.. Attend to them and make them happy.. Meanwhile, I’ll speak to your Mom and find out if she can put up with an hr's delay.. Then, I tell you.. We would have sure done a good job for the day.. Okay?” 
The tough voice was equally heard counselling and demanding!

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Sunday, January 8, 2017


"How was your experience in shifting to your new home?"

"Oh! It was a hectic effort all the way to take care of my precious items and move them safely to the new house.. I was physically present on the spot from the time the manpower and the vehicle arrived.. Soon I was following up the activities as the men 

  • Loaded the items into the huge transport truck all tied up,  
  • Carefully unloaded them at the new place and 
  • Positioned them neatly in the respective rooms temporarily.. 
In spite of such a care too, in the process,
  • One man broke an item, 
  • Another spoiled the function of another and 
  • A third carelessly dropped the third..
I never yielded and straight away deducted the respective costs from the money I had to pay them as I clearly remember to this day too, how much I struggled to 

  • Survey and search, 
  • Locate and select and 
  • Pay and move those items home..

Subsequently, I sent the labor away so that I could at leisure open the packages and re arrange my items to my satisfaction without any disturbance.. 

"Okay.. You too shifted to your new home some time back; wasn't it?  How was your experience then?  Was it similar?"

"No.. Not at all.. Mine was totally smooth and care free.. First of all, I didn't have too many items with me.. The people working for me at the old place and the men who helped in my shifting expected something from me.. I gave them away

  • Some of my unused items freely, 
  • Few old useful items for a negotiable price and 
  • One new piece for the Service and Help I got without which I couldn't have completed my job of shifting.. 
  • Asked me to be at my own ease, 
  • Arranged all my essentials and other decorative pieces in the right places, 
  • Wished me all the best in my new house and went away contented.. 
All said and done, I had nothing to do further and retired to my bed early that night with a feeling of
  • Lightness in my actions, 
  • Happiness in my heart and 
  • Contentment with my people who helped me in the job! 
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