Wednesday, November 22, 2017


The young man worked 8 hrs producing a product and claimed the salary as his right..

The inner voice said..

  • "You may claim that as a right now but soon that can be secured only when you bring out the quality item in standard time!"
He put in good effort, achieved that and then expected the salary as his right in general..

The inner voice said..

  • "You may claim that right now but soon that can be secured only when the quality item produced in standard time is ultimately sold in the market!"
Coupled with extra knowledge and good effort, he achieved that too, got his next promotion and expected the salary with all firmness..

The inner voice said..

  • "You may claim that salary now but soon that can be secured only when the quality items produced in standard time in your group are sold in the market!"
With added smartness to his the then capabilities, he could achieve all that, got his next promotion and decided to receive his salary..

The inner voice said..

  • "You may receive that salary now but soon that can be secured only when the quality items produced in standard time in your dept are sold in the market with the competitor reasonably kept away!"
Backed by seniority and vast experience, he could achieve almost that in front, got his next promotion and waited for the salary..

The inner voice said..
  • "You may get that salary now but soon that can be secured only when the quality items produced in standard time in your division are sold in the market with the competitor reasonably kept in distance and the customer ready with the next year's order!"
Finally, as luck favored him, he worked day and night, could achieve the ultimatum and got his next promotion all along not bothered to check the monies he received into his bank account..

Soon on a day, the CEO messaged him,
  • “Yesterday, one of our men went to the Customer Meeting with a mark of spilled soup on his dress. The Customer instantly got put off with the bad appearance and presentation.. 
  • Later he conveyed to me that he is thinking of placing the next Order on M/s……….. You know, he is our Potential Customer covering half of our orders and unless..
We offer a temporary price cut on our products, he can't be pleased.. Let's go ahead with this proposal and let every one of us be prepared to take a cut in our salaries for few months from now onwards and........!”

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Monday, November 20, 2017


I searched some of the dictionaries in the library in my neighborhood;
The meaning given there couldn't be understood in depth.. 

I went thru' lot of fiction material related to the entity; 
The concept was seen still evading me..

I discussed in depth with the learned personalities;
Their wordings made me sure more confused.. 

I questioned the wise earnestly; 
I couldn't make out what they talked.. 

I decided to part with certain of my resources to buy the entity; 
The entity was simply found unavailable there..

I travelled here and there; 
I could never catch hold of it anywhere..

I probed the nature around in total solitude;
The answer was not found there too..

I visited the few Monasteries known to me; 
I got silence alone as the answer..

I might have visited 'n' number of temples in the process;
God was not ready to bless me with that understanding..
I wouldn't have left clarifying even with the inventor of the word itself had I chanced to meet that Personality; 
I had my own doubts whether there too, I would have got an answer to my satisfaction..
That Auspicious day, I reached home and before I could knock on the door, as
opened the door for me and welcomed me with a big smile..
was seen laughing at me for my foolishness all these days saying..

'How could you forget and go round and round endlessly searching for the meaning of this simple word 
when the very 
was in front of you.. 
All these years 
incessantly working for your uplift and betterment
bringing you up from nothing to what you are today?' 


Sunday, November 19, 2017


That day I woke up at 0530 AM..

  • "God.. The sharp light is already up.. Let me pull the curtains in!"
were my instant grumbling remarks..

At 0800 hrs I got readied for my Office and moved on..

  • "The heat for the day started!"
was my murmur that followed soon..

The bus was crowded and the heat soon made me sweat profusely..

  • "When this agony will end?"
were my the then thoughts that ran parallel..

Reached my Office and switched on AC..
  • "At last I'm saved for the day!"
was my instant gratifying feeling within..

The power was down during lunch hr with the hot lunch in front and the fan standstill on top..
  • "Why not take a short vacation to a cool place?"
was my feeling of escape at that point of time..

Feeling desperate thus that night as I dozed off after my dinner, suddenly I heard a knock on my door. As I got up and opened the door, my friend was seen at the door and seeing me he screamed aloud saying,

'Dear Are you still sleeping? ! Do you know? It's 8 AM now and the sun has not come up. We are at a loss not knowing why it had happened. It appears to be our doom's day!"

I was taken aback.. The friend was heard saying something beyond..

Suddenly the alarm set to 0530 AM went off wildly and I was shaken from the bad dream. So to say a very bad dream..

As I rubbed my eyes and looked outside my window, in the distant horizons I could see the morning twilight with the chirrup of birds very much confirming that nothing had gone wrong and the precious Rejuvenating Gifts of Nature are intact around me.. 

In few minutes, as the Sun God appeared on the horizon, instantly I came to full attention and folding my hands Offered my Morning Prayer thus..

“God! Forgive me for the way I thought as the heat around me had gone up.. In the process I forgot that 

You do an Eternal Job of keeping me at peace by heating my surroundings enough for the day so that my energy levels are brought back from the earlier day’s cooling in which I took so much relaxation.. 

The eco-balance is perfectly maintained and the timely rains are guaranteed with the right evaporation that took place around thru’ this heating alone..

The so called man made life extending into night with so many lights and sounds around became possible only from the basic energies that You had passed on to all so generously.. 

The fuels one burns in moving around many times where the free movements are never questioned are again part of these energies that have come from You alone.. 

And you daily without resting for a second having completed your job on one half globe, go to the other half to continue doing Your Job allowing me freely reap the benefits of your energies..

I hereby bow down and offer my Salutations to You!"

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Friday, November 17, 2017


An old Post that straight addresses this week's IndiSpire Prompt

It looks very much evident that I am perfect but when the right time comes, I suddenly notice that I am nowhere near to it. Write a post justifying this reality! #theperfectme

is edited, abridged and brought out here not altering the core message a bit..

A young man who was straight forward having no faith in any of the staunch beliefs often used to assert,
  • "What's the point in stopping active work and the other streamlined activities in the name of these blind beliefs? It's almost a sin to do that!" 
Once when he vouched on his health and spoke something, some one said, "Touch Wood!" Without attempting doing that, he instantly asserted,
  • "It's Okay.. Ultimately it's me that should face anything, isn't it? Let me see the end of this!"
And when a similar thing happened the 2nd time but the health issue was of a bit serious in nature, still he remarked with all coolness,
  • "Once we've a body means there would be certain ups and downs.. No point in relating all that to something which has no base!"
But unfortunately when that happened a 3rd time with an associated greater agony in facing it, the young man got shaken up a bit feeling almost helpless and confided to a well-wisher..
  • "I never believed here all these days but now, I am at my wits' end totally shaken up on my own rationalization!"
The elderly looked at him, smiled and said,

"Dear! That's where this 'my confidence' plays an eternal trick on me based on my own ideas and feelings of 'What I am' in my life.. This 'What I am' is such a variant in our life ranging from almost the basic mundane side of life at one end to the highest spiritual side of life at the other end like..

### When a professional swimmer was with his friends, one close friend asked,
'If all of us are in a danger of drowning, whom do you save first.. Me or any other?'
The swimmer instantly said,
'Me, of course!'

### Many may say
'My child is highly intelligent!'
But ultimately, there's no truth in that saying because the world has people of varying intelligence!

### When a philosophical elderly gentleman said,
'In practice, the normal ‘I'of ours can never see the situation in front as is!',
The bewildered friend queried,
'How can the normal ‘EYE’ not see the happenings in front?'

### When the ardent Aspirant knocked at the door of his Master, the Master asked,
'Who's that?'
'It's me!'
The Aspirant said..
'Me means who?'
'To Know that only, I am here!'

### When the Great Saint was asked to describe 'I', He said
'A salt doll went into the deep sea to find its depth, in the process itself got merged with the sea waters and ultimately there was the single one sea alone proving the Sacred Saying, Aham Brahma Asmi, the highest level of identifying the 'Me' within!'

See, dear!

When the Great man was asked to be cautious about his mighty enemies, he said
'They may torture me or kill me and I am ready for both!'
And He meant it a 100%!


When the Master was questioned for not working and spending time in talking on Philosophy, He smiled and said,
'I need not work.. I do not have any desire to satisfy.. For my body maintenance, some of you may feed me and if not let this body end!'
He exactly meant what He spoke!

Such Truthful Assertions from Great Souls alone ultimately stand the test of time but not the usual ones I make in my day to day life!

So in life, 'What I am' is surely unknown to me at this stage of life with my level of understanding as that needs 

Boundless energies, 
Infinite concentration and 
Limitless sacrifices

At my end before establishing the Truth therein.. Till that time, it is ever a safe practice for me to 

Pause and 

Rather than quickly affirm saying 'I am sure that!'"

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017


The miser got off from giving a charity and declared..  
"My money sure takes care of me whatever!" 
The wise man smiled and said, 
"Whatever, your progeny sure takes care soon to see that it really doesn't take care of you!"

The spendthrift spent away freely and declared..
"My God sure takes care of me whatever!"
The wise man smiled and said, 
"Whatever, your God sure expects you first to take care of yourself with that given by Him before He takes care of you!"

The miser held Rs 250 tight to his chest and said,
"It costs Rs 250 a week and I can't part with such sums in my life!"
The wise man smiled and said, 
"The problem is our life has another max of 2500 such weeks on the average and beyond, those notes will sure be taken off your chest as they burn!"

The spendthrift held Rs 2500 loose in his hand and said,
"It' costs just Rs 2500 a week and my living status can easily afford it!"
The wise man smiled and said, 
"The problem is even a million has got just 400 such 2500s but our life on the average is sure more than 400 weeks!"

The miser mused,
"I love to protect my money in the best possible way!"
The wise man smiled and said, 
"No problem.. The smart people around you looking to pocket it in the end will sure help you in that!"

The spendthrift burst out,
"I love to enjoy the world with my money in the best possible way!"
The wise man smiled and said, 
"No problem.. The smart people around you looking to relax at your cost will sure help you in that!"


Monday, November 13, 2017


"Sir! Myself and my friend of the same age and qualifications entered our jobs 5 yrs back on the same day.. Today at 40, he surprisingly got his promotion and I was silently denied. The moment I think of this, I become agitated and I don't like any more this friend of mine.

How can I get over this feeling of jealousy in me and become normal? Can you guide me in this line?"

"Dear! I understand your problem and I tell you.. You shouldn't allow this evil jealousy presently simmering in you to takeover you fully. You may not know but out of my personal experience, I very much saw the harm this dreaded one does in our life making us totally helpless.

You know.. I've written my own song on this enemy and by facing worst situations, I've finally mastered it, tamed it and brought it in my control.. You too can do it if you go deep into it's basic structure.. If not controlled in time, this jealousy of yours soon

Jeopardizes your interests
Endangers your safety 
Attacks you with greater intensity 
Lures you again at the next opportunity 
Overpowers you in the nick of the moment and 
Unleashes it's evil intentions on you making you play the eternal game of 
Sobbing profusely with crocodile tears and 
Yielding temporarily thru' a smile
In front of others all along making you retain a volcano within!'

To tell you frankly, this used to be the song of my life all these years and I sang it so deep in my heart and bi-hearted it to the core as I passed thru' the stages of life with similar experiences, thus went deep into it's structure, grasped it at it's root and eliminated it once for all..

Just a minute.. My phone is ringing. Yeah! This friend of mine is on the other end.. We both were contemporaries in many aspects of our lives..

Hello.. Yeah.. It's me.. How are you? What? Is it? So nice to hear the good news.. Great.. Oh.. You are giving a party.. Yes.. You should do it.. Sure I'd be your No 1 guest there.. Ok.. The thing is.. I'm a bit busy now.. Very urgent matter.. I'll call you back in an hr's time.. Bye then.. All the best!

It's just some personal call.. I need to call him back in an hr's time.. Okay.. Follow what all I told you.. Sure good will happen and you'll be out of your problem soon.. Bye then!"

Subsequent to all that as the thoughts ran deep the mind of the elderly man, he was seen after years of calmness

Murmuring within which 
Slowly increasing to a muttering level soon
Rose to a cursing level and finally made him
Rage with an unknown anger deep within..

As the thoughts of the extra benefit his friend got at that age over him with all other conditions remaining same till then with the enemy presumed to be eliminated long back seen singing it's own song with a mischievous smile..

"Luckily your life might have passed 
Calmly all these years with 
No major comparable events with your next man 
But today I caught you in no time 
When such an event surfaced!"

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Sunday, November 12, 2017


  • “Dahi le rahe hon? Ek choti si kaali mirch aur namak ke sath roti dahi vaastav meh ek achha naashtha banaatha hai….” 
I was astonished to hear suddenly such a comment behind me as I stood in the queue in my grocery shop with few tins of curd. As I looked back, I could see my neighbor smiling at me.

I knew this man. The one forever I never liked as he invariably in every meeting crosses his limit, without hesitation invades into your privacy and talks all that unnecessary. In fact I very much hated this habit of a few of my Indian Community around me Viz.,

Intruding into privacy of others unnecessarily!

And very much wished they change. But never it happened and with more closeness and time, this interference was on the rise only.

At that point of time, all of a sudden there was an occasion for me to go abroad for a long period.

I thought as I heard that at the new place people give so much importance to one's privacy respecting it to a max level.

Soon my travel to the new place took place, and after relaxing a few days at home overcoming the jet lag, I started moving out everywhere seeing the surroundings and constantly interacting with the people making a note of their customs and habits.

To my astonishment, I noticed people maintaining number one discipline as they communicated to their next man carefully weighing each word they spoke starting with my neighbor's little girl's words,

  • “Hi! This cup we don’t need any more. Keep it with you. Thanks a lot. Bye!”
Extending to strangers on road, at shops and malls saying..
  • “Hi! How are you?” 
  • “Did you find everything?” 
  • “You are welcome!” 
  • “Excuse me.. Thank you very much!” 
  • “It's OK.. Good bye!”


“How much care these people take in their dealings with others? Every word is weighed to precision before one speaks to his/her next man and the same is taught and insisted upon from young age!" I thought.

Soon I started going regularly to the nearby Super Stores for purchase of my daily essentials. Equally at my end too similar routine words used to come out of my lips during the interactions there.

Thus passed 3 months of my stay at the new place and the newness having faded slowly to my surprise, I started noticing a sort of artificiality in the behaviors of people around me.

A quick introspection revealed that they sure were not at fault there as that was their culture but I, as a seasoned personality of my place had slowly become a misfit in the new place with the 'inside of me' constantly craving for the deep rooted my familiar interactions and expressions at my place.

As I continued my stay beyond, it became so routine that I started repeating the required words without my knowledge and the person in front used vanish from my mind the next moment..

Soon, I became sick of the new routine life with no change and was living counting my days of stay there.

That day early morning, as usual I visited my shop to buy some fresh curd and was soon at the Billing Counter. Suddenly to my utter surprise, I heard a gentle voice asking me with all warmth,

  • “Dahi le rahe hain? Sabi log Roti dahi khaane keley jaroor pasand karte hain aur aapko bhin bahut pasand hogan.. Kya mei sach bolaa?”
Without a sec delay, I instantly responded with a big smile saying,
  • “Aap Sahi Bola!"
The new friend finished my billing, took the cash and handing over the item again responded with all pleasantness,
  • “Alvida, Dhanyavaad!”
for which I could no more hide my emotions and suddenly said aloud with a great warmth in my heart to the surprise of every one around
  • "Bahut Dhanyavaad, Alvida!"
The Post is written in line with the IndiSpire Prompt Write about one annoying habit of fellow Indians that irritates you the most. #theannoyingindian with it's ultimate too!