Monday, December 5, 2016


Long ago, a man migrated to a distant village in search of livelihood due to continued dry spell.. On the day he entered the new village, it rained heavily.. The villagers welcomed the new entrant with an initial belief,
  • "The Lady Luck sure had sent him to us!” 
The man felt a little pride in that recognition.. Days moved on..

The rains continued and soon the villagers had a bumper crop in their fields and good finances in their chests.. They celebrated the event with a firmed up belief,
  • "The Angel Fortune sure had sent him to us!"
The man got further elated with the praise and recognition.. More days passed..

Soon the villagers used to take blessings of the man and find solutions to their trivial problems.. Where they could not do so, they ascribed those few to their own fate without losing faith in their benefactor with an ultimate belief..
  • "The Village Goddess had sure sent him to us!"
The man was totally at ease and comfort in that status given to him.. Days never stopped moving..

Suddenly there was a devastating Epidemic in the village.. The villagers with great faith approached the man to help them out.. The man caught neck tight with their strong belief couldn't tell them that he could do nothing in the situation.. Feeling helpless, he used to pray God to save him from the situation..

The epidemic of course was never kind to the villagers and did its max damage.. People had to slowly recover from the disease and for while life was a hell for them with continued weakness and loss of wages.. In that period, one affected man shouted out,

“The new entrant had wished for all this so that he could take over us to rule.. I saw him praying to God many times during this period..
  • Sure the village Goddess had not sent him to us!"
Another sufferer said aloud,

"Had he not come to our village, we wouldn't have lost our health and finances like this..
  • Sure the Angel Fortune had not sent him to us!"
The third one cried thru'

"He had brought us the ill luck and ruined our life..
  • Sure the Lady Luck had not sent him to us!” 
And that new thinking invariably had its own support from many as they were in serious difficulty.. And there the man ultimately had to face the wrath of villagers without an exception!

Sunday, December 4, 2016


My first hr:
  • No doubt many papers were in front to sign, the whole appeared to be totally Greek and Latin, there was no time to go thru' all and even doing that would not have educated me there to a great level at that point of time so, the immediate decision as well as the instruction was.. 'Simply sign all papers at one go!'
My first day:
  • It was very interesting and enthralling.. With everything looking so supportive and friendly, I decided that I would maintain a diary and note down all the happenings as record which subsequently I just did for few days and left.. That evening as I was out of my office with Rs 18 (1972 level) earned for the day which was a big money of those days, I had a great pride in me that finally I became something with some thing in bank account to do many things in life!
My first Boss:
  • He looked so co-operative and friendly that I straight away asked my Boss, "If I've a problem, can I refer to you?" not at all knowing that invariably it is the Boss that would ultimately do that at every stage of my work..
My first salary:
  • It was a big amount into my bank account as I never imagined such a huge money suddenly becoming mine coolly forgetting for a while that to reach that 30 days end, my dad had spent on me an equal amount or more of his salary for the month in advance.. I quickly kept half of it to be sent to my dad with a great pride of helping him again never knowing the endless monies, time and energies my parents had spent on me making me a man out of nothing..
My first leave:
  • It was a great feeling that I was travelling home.. Got leave sanctioned with a smile from Boss, booked my ticket and on the day of leaving as I asked the Boss permission to go early from work to catch my train, he smilingly said, "Yes.. Dear.. Sure.. The train is leaving at 3 pm only for people like you to catch it in time!" not knowing that he made that sarcastic comment venting out his anger at his piled up work..
My first Office travel:
  • That just looked like a fun travel.. I was not knowing why I am going except for the broad guidelines heard from the mouth of my Boss.. No doubt I was never there alone, a Senior at the new place took over me under an indirect request from my Boss and he made me do the rest and complete my travel purpose at the new place!
My first Office Colleague:
  • He is a great friend of me of today.. We became friends on that auspicious day of joining and continued all my years of service keeping contact wherever and whatever we were and thus remained forever as close friends of a life time!
My first travel home:
  • It was a great a feeling.. I was going home town as a proud earning member of my family.. I carefully purchased many dresses and gifts for near and dear at my home and carried all that stuff, reached home, with a great joy distributed all those gifts in person to every one and could see an unknown happiness on their faces as a response to that my doing.. That feeling was unique and ever remembered in my life! 
My first assignment:
  • It was a big pride of my life.. I was nothing in the beginning.. Became something thru' my schooling.. Became some thing special thru' my degree/specialization.. And finally became something unique thru' my first job where in years of experience that added volumes to that.. Today, it's a great pride to be identified as that specialist..
My first bye-bye to the routine financial dependence:
  • That was a great boon in my life.. Looking out for some one's approval to get a thing in the world is the number one pain in one's life and that inevitability of suffering had permanently gone with my start of working hard on my first job and continued beyond thus turning an entirely a new leaf in my life! 

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Friday, December 2, 2016


'na tv evaham jatu nasam na tvam neme janadhipah 
na caiva na bhavisyamah sarve vayam atah param'

'Certainly at anytime did I, you nor all these kings did not exist and certainly never shall we (all) cease to exist!' 

..Srimad Bhagavad Gita Chapter II Sloka 12 

The Sacred Message when seen at time level which comprises of series of moments of life establishes the Soul to be eternally the same at all the moments! 

Sage Narada once asked Lord Krishna, 
'What is the 'Illusion' in this world?' 
The Lord smiled and said, 
'I will tell you.. I am a bit thirsty.. Can you get me some water from one of the houses seen in distance?' 
The Sage went to that Colony to fetch the waters.. An attraction there held Him and soon He was permanently into a series of activities feeling fully satisfied.. 
One day a certain disaster struck him.. He soon became utterly helpless and miserable and was all in tears.. 
At that point of time, a kind hand touched Him.. As He looked up, He saw Lord Krishna by His side asking with a smile, 
'Dear! Where is the water?' 

That's how the 'Moment of Fascination' dictates us wherein Great Sage Narada too couldn't escape the power of illusion embedded therein! 

As I'm far, far away from seeing this Truth,
my bundle of past experiences invariably and continuously compare such on coming moments with those of the past simultaneously evaluating whether it is a regrettable type or worth having type equally injecting into the future moments a hope of repeating the pleasant and avoiding the unpleasant.. 

A night watchman on his usual rounds was heard shouting, 
'Awake and be alert!' 
Every one woke up, looked out, checked the locked doors and went back to sleep.. 
A Great Personality too got up and instantly thinking within, 
'Am I sleeping in my life?', 
opened the doors, moved into forest to meditate and finally attained Salvation! 

Such a moment is sure the Golden Moment in one's life but 
there's nothing I can do till that clarity surfaces in me and equally 
there is a lot I can do in my life for that to happen.. 
And that doing is nothing but.. 
Constantly withdrawing my attention from the past remembrances 
except from the knowledge part of those 
stop becoming conscious of the future uncertainties except the care part required therein 
there by truly celebrating today's 
The Dynamic Moment! 

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Thursday, December 1, 2016


    It was the closing hrs of shift.. As I prepared to leave my place, the Boss called.. 
    "Come to my Cabin.. Want to discuss with you!"
    I was fuming.. 
    "What's this? Can't I go after 8 hrs work?" 
    And the friend by my side smiled and said, 
    "You got to give all that overtime, a few times for no additional remuneration too except for a subsequent time off!"

    I soon finished the day's task and came back home expecting long relief the next day being the weekly off when the phone rang up..
    "The Customer wanted deliveries by Monday.. Plan yourself to report to duty at 8 AM sharp tomorrow.. Rest we'll talk!"
    My spirits of enjoying the Sunday were washed off at one stroke and as I rang up to my friend, he smiled and said..
    "Working overtime could be demanded on the following weekly off and ensuing holidays too if any up to the number of days as specified in the  Factory's Act.. The next day to that alone is your real holiday!"

    No need to say it was the busiest Sunday and Monday till we delivered the required but in the end, the Boss said..
    "Our other Customer Rep is visiting tomorrow and certain deliveries pertaining to them have to be taken care of.. Plan for staying overtime today and finish......"

    I dragged on thus that Monday evening and Tuesday too and brought the whole situation under control and as decided to go on leave on Wednesday..
    "Sorry dear! The next 2 days are crucial to us... No leave please!"
    said the Boss coolly and the friend by the side smiled and said,
    "Leave is the privilege given and not a right to be enjoyed except for discharging certain social responsibilities and meeting any sickness!"

    I, not knowing how to get off from the situation, decided to pretend sickness and thus go on sick leave for few days, when the friend by my side smiled and said,  
    "One of our Colleagues did a similar thing a few times in the past and got a reply from the GM.. 
    'Why don't you apply for Medical Retirement?'"

    I instantly got off from all that damaging thinking and became strict in attending to my work and thus felt that I'm safe, when the friend by my side smiled and said,
    "The hold on your job whatever be the number of years of experience is just that 1 to 3 months as per the Contract of Employment beyond which the Boss can always say..
    'I don't want you!'
    for a reason which he/she should justify to his/her higher-ups but never to you!"

    I got shocked and asked,
    "Even if I produce and deliver quality work in time?"
    The friend was in all smiles.. 
    "Yes.. In spite of you doing the best from your end some times, the Customer may not have enough monies to place Order on you or the Competitor may quote less and grab your promised Order in time!"

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    Wednesday, November 30, 2016


    In twenties, 
    as negligence and carelessness 
    ruled the finances with small earnings, 
    plenty of advices/reminders followed..

    Take care of pennies, pounds take care of themselves..
    Little drops make an ocean..
    Save for a rainy day.. 
    Money does not grow on trees.. 

    In thirties, 
    as care and follow-up
    ruled the finances with increased earnings, 
    more advices/reminders followed..

    Penny wise, pound foolish..
    The fool and his money soon get parted..
    Money is a good servant but bad master.. 
    Neither a borrower nor a lender be.. 

    In forties,
    as attention and recording
    ruled the finances with sizable earnings, 
    some advices/reminders followed..

    There is plenty for need not for greed..
    As you sow sow you reap..
    The rich knows not his friend.. 
    Money isn't everything.. 

    In fifties,
    as right understanding and handling
    ruled the finances with shot-up earnings,
    few advices/reminders followed,

    The second honeymoon is getting over.. Counted your pennies?
    Soon time to say.. 'Bye tension, Welcome pension!'
    Tired of earning? No problem re-tire cool with no earning!
    Sure going to rain.. Is the umbrella ready?

    In sixties,
    as ultimate control and mastery
    ruled the finances with nil earnings,
    no more advices/reminders followed!

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    Tuesday, November 29, 2016


    A man was of certain firm thinking,
    • “I never leave the benefit of bargain.. There's always a lot of cushion when a seller fixes a price or a worker working for you demands his/her payment.. If you firmly hold on to your stand, soon these people come back to the exact level or market level price.. That price alone is the right one.. I'll be strict here and never yield whatever the resistance they may show.. 

    Thus I discharge my duty of respecting the Fundamental Law of Economics!” 

    Another man was of a different thinking,

    • “I do not bargain when I deal with small sellers and small self employed people.. Instead, I always add a small percentage and give them as tips for the works they do for me.. I strictly bargain with the well off but there too, I tip the working staff when they deliver those goods/services to me.. I'm ever liberal here, as basically I'm better placed in the world compared to these people..
    Thus I discharge my duty of respecting the Fundamental Law of Economics!” 

    Finally the D day had arrived and both the men were at the Gates of Abode of Bliss.. The second man was freely allowed in where as the first one was squarely stopped.. The man protested saying..

    "I strictly followed the Fundamentals of Economics in respect of earning, bargaining and spending as each work is to be valued at a certain level and rewarded only based on that.. 
    Instead, your other man had broken this rule and given away his money without an equal return.. Your evaluation had forgotten this Truth!"

    A Voice replied,

    • “It's agreed that it's one of the Truths.. But there's a Greater Truth behind all these actions which need to be equally followed for overall assessment!"
    "What's that Greater Truth which I did not follow?"
    • "You've no right to hurt my Creation at any point of time in your life!"
    "What are you saying? Being disciplined I helped your Creation by weeding out laziness.. Where as that man very much encouraged it!"
    • "Our Records say that's a small omission from his side.. The greater damage happened to you here because.. All along,
    The needy who dealt with you cursed you behind as you used to leave their place where as similar people blessed the other man in their hearts as he used to do so.. That's a bigger yardstick for us!" 

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    Monday, November 28, 2016

    • “What had happened to your that equipment you purchased last year? I am not seeing it in your house!” 
    asked the man of many assets when he visited his friend of normal living..
    • I just disposed off the piece as scrap as I don't need it any more!” 
    said the friend in a calm tone..
    • “What dear, you bought it only last year and without using it fully, you scrapped it? You simply wasted your money.. You know, a similar set I too disposed off yesterday.. But only after making use of the whole of it for full 3 years nothing less.. That’s how, you should utilize your Assets.. 
    • See, money does not grow on trees and my wealth with me today is there because of this discipline.. You know, dear? ‘Little drops alone make an Ocean!’” 
    said the man with a feeling of pride distinctly seen on his face.. The friend smiled and kept quite..

    A day later, at the huge scrap area, 2 active rag pickers picked up 2 pieces of the equipment from one corner.. Both with all difficulty quickly opened them in their own innovative ways..
    • “Ah! This one, I got intact.. Our master sure gives me Rs 100 for this apart from 10 Rs for the cover.. A good man had left this for me!” 
    exclaimed one with an expression of explicit joy seen on his face..
    • “I did not get anything left in this except the cover that too dented all over.. It gets me only Rs 5 for this much struggle!”
    said the other with a sad expression on his face.. In no time, the first one cheered him up,
    • “Don’t worry, dear.. Luck may favor you tomorrow.. Come, I'll treat you free with a full cup of Chai today in place of our usual 50-50 shared.. Okay?"
    Instantly, the two boys happily moved towards their Tea Place seen at distance..

    There was a Message from Above..
    • ‘Nothing comes with you when you leave the world.. Knowing this well, why don't you just live a life of optimum utilization including what you pass on to your kith and kin and share beyond with the next man at every instance? No one had ever stopped you from doing this at any time in your life!'

    (The Post is dedicated to the active rag pickers of earlier times who used to make a living thru' a certain value addition at their own level to the scrapped items simultaneously helping out in part cleaning up of the surroundings!)

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