Wednesday, April 26, 2017


A King thought..
  • “I'm finding that people in my Kingdom are often breaking the rules. This is happening because the fines/punishments imposed in this context are light with fear among people reduced as in most cases they can get away with these lighter fines/punishments. To improve rule bound discipline among my people, let me increase the quantum of these fines/punishments ten fold so that people come to attention and become disciplined as needed!” 
The wise Minister straight away said,

“Your Majesty! This proposal will never work and on the other hand it is detrimental to the freedom of people and their welfare unless all equally can represent injustice at a reasonable level.. Let's try improving here and equally let us educate people on the right conduct!”

  • “Improving and reforming are long time processes and many times, the purpose itself would be forgotten there.. Let me implement this and discipline people if not thru' change, at least thru' fear!”
asserted the King and without further discussing with the Minister had straightaway gone ahead with his proposal, made a close Associate as the Chief for Implementation of the new Order and decided himself to impose the fines/punishments.

Days passed. As expected, the rule breaking had become instantly ‘NIL’ in the Kingdom as people were really afraid of huge fines and stringent punishments. The king was jubilant that he could achieve what he wanted.

But everywhere once in a way there will be an exception and here too soon it happened. A man was caught in rule breaking and was directly brought to the King. The King looked at him and asked,

  • “Why did you do this mistake knowingly well that you would be paying a huge fine as well as taking up severe punishment?” 
The man bowed down and said,

“Your Majesty! I did no mistake and I am innocent. One member from your Palace had visited me the day I won a fortune in an Official Lottery Scheme and said,

  • ‘Handover half of that money to me else I will take you to our King saying that you got this money in some shady deals. And you know the level of fines/punishments that can be imposed on you if I do that!’
But I did not agree to part with the money as I am poor, I needed that money very badly and I got that only after paying all the taxes. When I thus refused, I was forcibly brought here with a wrong case!”

The King was stunned with the reply. The Minister smiled and said in a soft tone,

“Your Highness did not perceive this equally happening while raising the limits of fines/punishments as those Rules are invariably taken light for themselves by the immediate Officials who are in charge of implementing them wherein questioning becomes equally tough for your Highness for reasons well known!”

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Monday, April 24, 2017


A young man approached a Saint in a Monastery and asked him a question thus..

“Reverend sir,  All Great People and the Great Books on Philosophy say that the Ultimate in life is..

'An individual should be happy!'

As I look at myself, I am finding that I am happy all the while to

  • Do my works sincerely,
  • Follow all the rules,
  • Lead a disciplined life and
  • Help the people in need all along.. 

No doubt my happiness is disturbed due to vagaries of life and  I sincerely believe that whatever be the situation I should come out of it and start a new life even though I haven't tested that in tough situations.. 

Above all, I daily Pray to God and sincerely believe that He alone is the Ultimate Care Taker!

Thus, I am finding that I am doing the best possible in my life and this way if my life is going on and can reasonably go on, what else I have to learn in a Monastery under the care of a Master?”

The Saint looked at the young man and said thus, 

“My dear! I agree that there is nothing you can learn here under my care beyond what you are doing presently as that is the best discipline of your life. Continue doing that way and lead your life happily. But promise me that you will not deviate from your discipline at any point of time in your life!”

The young man nodded his head, took Blessings from the Saint and left the place. As he left, a Disciple who was all the while listening to the conversation asked the Master,

"Master!  He wanted to know something beyond what he is doing presently but he was sent away without an answer!"

The Saint smiled at him and said, 

“Yes.. I could see that Question Mark on his face which I shouldn't answer now and had it not been there, he would not have approached me today. Let that Question remain with him. It needs to gain Momentum and the life he is going through presently alone gives that Momentum to it. When it does take place, he will surely be coming to me or going to a similar Place again and at that point of time alone he can get the Right Answer. Till that time, his present activities alone are safe for him and not beyond!”

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Sunday, April 23, 2017


There was an occasion of many young men and young women come together and had a great get- together..

Each one was explicitly joyful and found certain unique expressions coming out of them while communicating with their listener. 
In essence, the spirit of this communication existed essentially at 3 levels..
  • In respect of the first level, subsequent few interactions might have taken place but the parties remained just as acquaintances only for rest of their life as the essence of communication soon faded off with distance acting as a barrier.
  • In respect of the second level, the initial interaction lead to a certain closeness with each one started knowing more and more of the other and their like mindedness slowly bonded them together with a certain adoration for the other and in time that lead to close friendship breaking all the distant barriers.
  • In respect of the third level, the very first interaction bloomed into the Entity called 'Sacred Love' and whatever was the status of those couples, that 'Love' stood unique in their hearts and that being the gift of God could never find an alternative on the earth..

The first 2 levels of interactions do not create major problems of life as the closeness is still something different compared to the 3rd level of interaction as such a Love with every couple soon blooms into a relationship, in time that bonds over them for a life time but unfortunately in few cases that does not happen too.. In such cases, sooner or later the conflicts surface and a solution is to be necessarily worked out at the back untold misery in the hearts of two and the related people..

And the spirit of maintaining a warm and bonding relation between the couples forever goes with a discipline understanding very clearly that..

  • 'Basically I have a bounden duty towards myself.. I have to maintain myself in the best interests of health and safety..
  • Beyond this, as I am interested in the physical / psychological interactions in the world, I should be very much prepared to do that to bring back the stability in me while living.. Here, I'm always constrained to act within my limits as other people too are equally involved in their own way..
  • This interaction is nothing but living and managing and it needs all types of skills / techniques to be brought out of me.. And invariably I've to use those my skills/techniques in such a way that the Order in Creation is not disturbed or questioned..
  • The family is the group wherein I am destined to do some special actions as I entered into these so called contracts knowingly or unknowingly..
  • My family members have kept a trust in me and might have delegated certain responsibilities to me out of that faith in me.. Here, I forever should remain a Trustee to those materialistic assets of the family handed over to me in good faith and should continue utilizing those for the growth and betterment of the family members!' 
When such a discipline is adhered to in one's life, the relationships most of the times do remain intact joining all the loose knots therein as a service attitude prevails all the time..

All along, it's ever the duty of the elders and well wishers around to allow the couples at all levels of communication to interact freely as per the law of the land but equally constantly educate them on the discipline required therein and thus make them become aware of their own responsibility of maintaining a healthy relationship whatever they decide upon in their life..

Leaving this, if any one/group straight away forces the young couples behave in a particular way or tries to separate them, that act originally affects the basic human expression in caring for the other and truly does no good to the society at large!

The Post is written in line with the IndiSpire Prompt Do you feel that the intermingling between boys and girls should be stopped? We, as children, have always found playing with the opposite sexes much more fun and exciting. Write a post about your feelings about the decision about anti-Romeo squads. #AntiRomeoSquads

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Friday, April 21, 2017


"What happened.. Bruises over the body?"

"Had a small scuffle with my associate over a trivial issue!"

"Scuffle? Why?"

"He was deviating from the right.. I tried to convince him for a while.. He never mended his way and got into an argument.. No go for me other than using some force.. That resulted in these injuries!"

"You should have convinced more in the situation instead of..."

"Sir! Even Lord Krishna said that you should fight and establish the Right instead of leaving the issues lightly.. There was no go for me at that moment and I had to do that.. I think I've done the right only!"

"Dear! No doubt the Great Kurukshetra War was fought to uphold Dharma and whoever opposed to that were treated as enemies and subsequently were ended in the War. In that context the closeness of individuals, relationships and age too were overlooked with a single aim of doing the Right..

But you should remember that before going for the Sacred War, Lord Krishna had equally taken up few processes of conciliation advising the Pandava Princes to forego some of their legitimate rights/possessions to the extent possible thus upholding the concept of certain self sacrifice as a crucial step to avoid a seemingly inevitable fight!

For an ordinary human being like me, the uphold of Dharma does take place at my own Level of understanding the Truth. In that context, controlling the so called

  • ‘Enemy to my actions’
becomes one of the duties with me.. And, this depth of perception in life is basically a quality where in how much I see the
  • ‘Enemy within’
and is equally interested to end that Enemy too!

Tell me now honestly..
  • Were you too ready here to look at the enemy within and make sincere attempts to question there to the extent naturally possible for you 
  • just were ready to suppress the enemy defined by yourself thru' a brute force at the earliest point of instigation?" 
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Thursday, April 20, 2017


It's neither a drudgery work nor a work of great interest. It's a Vibratory Live Activity where in the doer, the person attended to and the world around are all benefited..

It demands the zero work experience but simultaneously can never be purchased for any price. All works, whatever the world values high are simply nothing in front of It.. 

There are no theories and experimentation results around It. And It's always done through a process of nothing but constant Negation.. 

It's difficult to quantify or qualify this work. And all works propelled by the human emotions are forever less in front of It.. 

It never divides the Universe but always works through a Unification Process alone.. 

One who does this work to whatever extent is once for all freed from the burden of the mundane life to that extent.. 


The ultimate fruit of this work is the Everlasting Peace and one who tastes the sweat of this great work never ever leaves It! 

Further, as a doer of that Right Work.. 

I don't need to be man of muscles as no extra strength can give me enough courage to do the Right from my end.. 

I don’t need to a man of influence as such a power with me will only affect doing the Right with a few unscrupulous elements by my side misusing that simultaneously myself being unaware of it.. 

I don’t need to be a man of riches as excess money many times comes in the way of doing the Right.. 

I don’t need to be a member of an active group as the doer of Right should ultimately be me only as an individual and never as a member of a collective group.. 

I don’t need to be a man of rigid practices as such practices ultimately end up in living a fixed pattern life forever deviating from the Dynamic Right.. 

I don’t need to be a great listener as all advices invariably stop at brain level and doing the Right exists at action level which I myself have to reconcile to the need of doing that.. 


I don't need to be a highly educated man in any field as doing the Right is never through a great learning! 

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Once all of a sudden, a man had a 'Sizable Decision Making' in front of him and there were two distinct ways of doing that.
  • A straight forward way where in the least conflict was seen in Future but lots of work, turmoils and sacrifices immediately in the present.. 
  • A convenient way where in the immediate life appeared quite rosy but the coming up times seen laced with certain hazy problems..
For a while there was a dilemma with the man which path to follow. Equal number of Advices were around bringing out the pros and cons of both the paths..
  • "After all, it's your life that should be important. Do you want to miss many things now thinking of unseen better future? What for you should do any sacrifice now? Ultimately no one knows what's in store. It's better not to think too much on these lines. Just be happy with what's in front of you and try to make use of the best. Life is worth Living NOW!"
were few easy advices..
  • "After all, it's your life that should be important. You may miss many things now but your future is going to be totally problem free. What for you should yield here to the wrong? What's in store is surely the misery only if you yield. I advise you stop brooding and just rise to the occasion. Be happy with what's in front and try make the right use of that. Life is worth living NOW.. BUT FOR A CAUSE!" 
were the tougher advices..

The man at length chose the path of 'No Future Problems' which of course needed a few continuous sacrifices from his side immediately. But whatever said and done, he couldn't hop on to the other convenient path so easily!

After a few years, a well-wisher was at his doorstep. They both discussed for a while and the well-wisher straight away commended the man on the right path chosen by him. The man instantly felt very happy..

"The other path was really alluring. For a moment, I very much thought of following that. Thank God, luckily I never chose that path. Otherwise, what would have been my fate today?”

he said with an expressive feeling of a great satisfaction seen on his face. The well-wisher smiled and said,

"You are not for that path and even if you had been thrust in that direction, you would have come out soon making amends and would have surely embraced the Noble Path!"

“Sir! How do you say that so confidently?"

"Dear! The Almighty has His Own Eternal Plans for each and every one of us and we forever fit in there exactly. That's the exact reason why you are here on the earth today at the back of your own firmness and I'm too with you here at this moment to doubly confirm that!”

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017


A young Manager used to be strict at his work but unfortunately in a wrong way thru' a rigid discipline. His Boss observed that for a while and one day called the Manager to his cabin under the pretext of some work.

As the discussions were on, the landline phone rang up.. The Boss was on his mobile phone and so the Manger picked up the call. Instantly the Boss shouted at him,

"Why did you pick up my phone?"

The Manager was hurt with the questioning but kept quite.

The Boss continued to be busy with his mobile phone and again the landline rang up. Remembering his Boss's earlier reaction, the Manager didn't pick up the phone. The Boss ended his mobile call, looked at his Manger and said,

“You should have picked up the phone!”

That was enough for the Manager to lose his cool.

“What are you talking, Sir? How do I know the importance or non importance of your calls? You can't just show your authority on me as you like!”

he shouted at the Boss in fit of rage.. The Boss allowed him to do that, looked at him and said,

“Yes, dear! I was sure authoritative in a wrong way.. But tell me, are you too not authoritative beyond as Boss in your area?"

“What are you saying?  I am just strict with my people for good results.. That's all.. Not questioning them as I like!"

“My dear! It may not be this type of questioning but in the name of being strict with your subordinates, have you forgotten that there are human beings behind in doing that work, they have their own personality of expression and you are indirectly killing that expression thru' suppression out of a fear in you that if not done so you may lose control over them?"


"Yes dear! Your people may be here for your work but equally are there to express themselves too thru' that work. You should make them work of course without an exception but in the process you should

  • Allow them give their ideas and suggestions
  • Try implementing those which suit your work and
  • Commend them thru a certain recognition for that!
Remember, the time you spend in these activities is never a waste and it comes back to you only as a big motivation for your people in doing their work better.. To make you understand how the suppression looks like, I pretended and made the 2 calls from my mobile phone to the landline just now!”

While leaving, the Boss remarked,
  • “When the Great Leader strictly refused leave to many of his soldiers on disciplinary grounds but allowed one to go as his mother was sick, one soldier straight away questioned him on the delinquency shown at the same time. To that, the Great Man smiled and replied, 
“Dear! You are right. But the discipline I insist is for a soldier alone and not for  the one who is a son too!”
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