Tuesday, September 26, 2017


"Sir, What exactly is the meaning of the oft repeated Saying.. 

'Take care of your next man!'

And what's wrong if I live my life all along doing my job without interfering with my next man unless required and equally leave his/her matters to the individual alone? Why should I do more here as the other person ultimately had to lead his/her life by himself/herself alone? Can you clarify on this?"

"Dear! It's right time that you raised a very important question on dealing with people around us as we live thru' our life. No doubt when you say that you'll do your job without interfering with the your next man unnecessarily, such type of social behavior is sure highly welcome.

But equally, let's look into this discipline a bit deeper.

When I live my life at a particular standard which even though legally and socially is approved, it definitely means in a world of tight competition, some people in the queue down the line of my living have give up their bit there which together had become mine with a stamp of legal and social approval. The question with me now is..

Can I rise myself here as a human being?

If I look at the morals and ethics of our living, sacrifice occupies one of the roles of human being for own betterment in life and this sacrifice sure is chipped in when I voluntarily give up my right not out of fear but out of an unknown happiness in me for the benefit of those who can sure improve their lives with what I relinquish..

This noble attitude in man is the fundamental concept of caring for his/her next man and our morals and ethics forever insist one on donating a certain percentage of his/her earnings beyond own decent existence as well as own wish equally well within the limits

  • The lower one forever checking one's own greed and hoarding attitude and
  • The higher one forever limiting one's own spendthrift attitude and show-off tendency..
Even though the show off tendency and spendthrift attitude are well checked, our morals and ethics still limit this sacrifice above the higher limit because as a human too
  • I have a body which I can't negate its existence at this stage of my life and 
  • Some basic desires are attached to it spreading into the mental level of certain minimum gratification..
These no doubt have to be taken care well at a decent level all along my life as well as to be ensured to those too who would be the beneficiaries of this wealth after me..

Further, the Spiritual Aspects of our life forever assert doing this minimum sacrifice not as a relinquishing ritual but sure at the psychological level when I voluntarily stop comparing with my next man both on the higher as well lower ends..

  • On the higher end not feeling elated and 
  • On the lower end not feeling low
And thus continue my life calm and serene for the max part of life!"

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Monday, September 25, 2017


The Great man’s son had become an alcoholic and often was commenting on the father’s actions.. To a question, whether the Great man would accept his son or desert him as the son was not on the lines what He was Preaching and Practicing, the Great Personality smiled and said,

“As long as he doesn't leave his habit and talks against Truthful Living, I've nothing to do with him as a father. But the moment, he leaves his habit and comes to me truly repenting on what had happened, he is once again my son and I'll start doing what I am supposed to do towards him!” 

Two friends had to wait at a place in a Mall Area where few chairs were provided for sitting. Their families had gone for extended Shopping of about 3 hrs and the Mall area was fully crowded as it was a holiday. All the chairs were occupied all the time and it was almost impossible to get the seating there.

One said,

  • “We have come here to finish a few important works when our families are on shopping. Let's finish them first and subsequently try get a seat here!"
The other said,
  • “There are hardly 5 chairs here with so many people moving around. And those who are occupying the chairs too are not vacating the same faster. If we get off from here, we can never get our seats. We’ll wait and try our best here first rather than go round on our works get exhausted and again wait for our seats.. An hr before our families return, we can move from here, finish our works and straight go to our homes.. That way we are less tired at the end of the day!”
The first one was not interested in doing that, so left his friend and moved on to complete his works..

Approximately an hr had elapsed and he returned finishing his works.. As soon as he reached the seating place, 2 people vacated 2 chairs nearest to him away from the waiting friend..

He instantly occupied one keeping his bag in the other for his waiting friend.The second friend ran and occupied that seat kept for him!

There was a Message..

Your ‘Aimed Work’ is your 'Own Make’ and may never be ‘What is to be Done’ in a given situation.. The best discipline here is forever

  • Make a note of all the works to be done as per your responsibilities in the descending order of priorities not set by you but as built in the system, 
  • Be doing those works to the best of your abilities, 
  • Take the final result whatever comes thru' in the process and 
  • Be happy with that!
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Sunday, September 24, 2017


The Great Saint had said humorously once, 
"God ever laughs on the occasion whenever 2 brothers divide their inherited property saying 
'This is mine and that is yours!'”

Two gentlemen with two distinct problems of theirs in their life visited the Head of an Ashram on the same day at the same time seeking a solution for the peculiar problems they faced. The Head welcomed both and listened to their problems together with their permission. After hearing, He said to them,

"Be disciplined in your life for about 3 months on the lines of truth best known to you and come back to me!"

The 2 gentlemen soon took permission and left the place.

On the day the Saint mentioned, the two re-visited Him at His Place. One was seen happy and cheerful; the other as usual sad. When asked by the Saint how their disciplined life was going on, the sad looking man said,

“Sir, I've done my best here.. I don't know, still my problem persists!”

The cheerful man said,

“Sir! You opened up my eyes. I could clearly see my mistake here. Now, there's no problem!”

The Saint blessed them both further advising to continue the disciplined life. After they left, a disciple observing all that urged his Master to tell him what would have happened in the 2 cases. The Head smiled and said,

“Dear! The basic indiscipline of man along with a tendency to expand in life beyond is the root cause of all evils of life and the problems related to day to day dealings in life take birth from not able to see the correction required here from one's end.

Here the happy man with my advice could see instantly this indiscipline and expanding tendency in him as his real problem. Having understood that firmly, without much brooding over his troubling problem he sincerely started doing that whatever required in the situation with a smile and new vigor.

In that way, he automatically became disciplined both inward as well as outward..

The other man could not grasp this in depth and is continuously seeing his problem and his indiscipline as two different issues with him even today. Thus, for him, the problem continued at his psychological level even though he became a 100% disciplined but only at the physical level.

In that way he is totally untouched at the psychological level wherein the original craving for a superior feeling still continues! 

Of course here in both cases, I only told them to continue this living further, that's all.

The cheerful man is lucky but the sad one has no go other than wait patiently for the dawn of this Unique Understanding in him!"

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Friday, September 22, 2017


The Great Man when confronted with rowdy elements, hid himself in the Police Control Room and subsequently on the advice of the Chief of there escaped in disguise in front of the protesters..

Making it evident that protecting oneself becomes the primary duty and in that context anything done stands as right! 

But the same Personality made it clear subsequent to the incident saying,

  • "I don't know why I did that way at that point of time but this moment left to me, I am ready to surrender to my protesters and face their wrath rather than escape discretely!"
Making once again clear that none should act less when truly imbibed with a sure inner strength to face a certain threat!

Seen in such a context, am as a Blogger a certain personality in this world and protecting myself from a threat at that level becomes a requirement from my end. Thus my sayings sure deviate from my original expressions within and streamline with the pressures brought out by the powerful next to me.

And I can do nothing beyond here till I am blessed with a greater inner strength by the Grace of God..

When a man asked the Great Man of the Ashram to give him some food as he was hungry, the Great Personality said,

  • "Do this equivalent work, I'll give you food!"
When the man retorted saying that how a man collapsing with hunger could do any work, the Great Personality said,
  • "In that case, I'll give you food. Eat, relax for a while but finish my work and go!"
When the man refused to do that accusing the Noble Personality as cruel, the Great Man said,
  • "I don't mind. You can go now. You will not get food here!"
Very strictly speaking, that's the fundamental importance of work in our life and if I am blogging in my prime time, I sure need to earn my decent salary out of that!

Having reasonably taken care of the above 2 aspects of life, I should never stop beyond out of a further feeling in me that I may be humiliated of what I say because whatever be that, that has its own requirement in the world at that moment and I should necessarily bring it out for the overall betterment in me and my surroundings..

The Master truly clarified the same point through His advice once given to a humble man who was finding it difficult to concentrate on God saying,
  • “As you love your own goat kid very much, imagine the picture of your little goat in place of your Deity and thus continue your Spiritual Practice.. You are truly blessed!” 
Making it very clear that I should boldly bring out to the world that prompts me so strongly from within without feeling shy of doing the same!

All my blogging freely done taking care of the above 3 factors

sure becomes the requirement of the day

and anything different from this becomes

doubly sure the funny part of my blogging as such an expression from my end in that situation equally never stands as the requirement of day!

The Post is written in line with the IndiSpire prompt# The funny world of blogging. #Blogging

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Thursday, September 21, 2017


It was the day the General Manager of the Company was retiring..

A grand function was arranged and beyond the funds officially allocated for conduct of the function, the employees of the Company contributed their might out of their adoration, respect and for all that their GM had done for them and made the function a grand success.

Finally the beloved man was sent off with tears rolling down from the eyes of every one..

Three middle level Executives who witnessed all that had their own personal conversation subsequently..

"I am moved by the fact how people loved him so much and reacted beyond to his leaving. While in service too everyone had their own adoration for him.

If we work in this or in any Company, what's the use of leading a normal work life and casually exit at 60? It's not worth being like that at our work. And sure if we decide upon becoming some thing, nothing can really stop us. What do you say?"

The other 2 instantly nodded their heads in affirmation..

Time passed on and in the next 10 years the 3 gentlemen became the Heads of 3 Organisations all along their career each successively being

  • Workaholic and a Disciplined,

  • Smart and Intelligent and
  • Authoritative and Power Wielding!
Their times moved on thus with many of their Sub-ordinates feeling unhappy and discontented but having set in their minds moving in those directions, the 3 men never budged in and finally retired..

That day of retirement

For all the 3 was almost casual with routine speeches of praise and applause finally saying a bye..

The next day
  • For the sub-ordinates was one more day of their routine with the ex-chief taken off from their minds 

  • For the 3 retired GMs, an aimless small life in front in spite of each having an offer of Advisor/Consultant in their respective Companies!
There was a Unique Message..

'The GM you had seen years back was a unique personality all by himself..

  • By mere working hard and disciplined, none can never become like him, 
  • Even the smartness and intelligence can't get one to that level of a unique personality
  • And sure authority and power wielding will never do that wonder..
Here, it's a mixture of
  • Many open as well hidden features of the man, 
  • The drive within, 
  • His background, 
  • His dashing nature, 
  • His interactions with his fellow personnel, 
  • His goodness as well as 
  • His time 
And they together had made him such a person at his work..

Some of these are sure within the reach of all and thru' sincere attempts they can claim them as theirs..

But a few are sure unique to a personality and the time which one can't make them one's own whatever attempts they may make..

It doesn't mean that we shouldn't attempt as attempting here is one's duty and reaching the highest is forever the sacred aim but

There one should stop and never should run to reach the top by hook or crook and that type of interest if any prevails, it's better leave that at the earliest forever remembering the Saying,

'It's not the General Manger’s Post that brings dignity to a person; it's the person that brings dignity to a General Manager Post!'

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017


“Dear! Let's talk softly. Else the neighbors may come to know about this. One man knows, every one around would know in no time. You agree that we don’t want the News Item being talked of so much at this stage itself? When it's the right time, we would sure be surprising people by announcing our XXXXXX!”

  • “You are right and I already took all precautions here.. I know that a secret of home should never be revealed. NO issues!"
“That's nice of you.. Now, let’s talk of tomorrow’s Plan. Are the window glass shutters fully closed so that our talk is never overheard outside?”
  • “Don't worry.This is winter and I keep the shutters of all windows closed daily evening at 6 PM so that the house remains warm. The exhaust fan provides necessary ventilation and actually under it's dull noise nothing will be heard from inside!"
“OK dear! Now, let's sit in the middle of the room and talk. I ever doubt sitting near to a partition wall or window and talk. It's easy to be overheard there whatever precautions we may take!”
  • “Shall I note down our proposed plan of activities in this book so that we don't miss major works involved in completing our XXXXXX?”
“Not at this moment.. Sometimes from such scribbles and notes too a lot can be inferred. I heard people taking out scrap chits from trash and guessing the matters!”
  • "You are right!"
“OK! Let's start at 10 AM tomorrow and finish off…."
  • "I forgot to tell you.. Our Rohit’s Class Teacher had sent a Slip asking us meet her and as she wants to discuss with us about his......."
"Done! We'll start at 9 itself tomorrow and finish off both the works. No problem!”

The next day at 9 AM, in the Basement Parking Area..

“Hi, Rohit! What happened? Why are you here? No school?”
  • “Uncle! I am going to school with my parents. They are coming down. I'm waiting!”
“What’s the matter dear?”
  • "It’s about...... and my parents are coming to discuss with our Miss…. They planned to finish off XXXXXX also along with this!”
“What! Your dad never told me that he finalized on XXXXXX?”

“Yes, Uncle! Everything is finalized. We had already gone to 2 places for this and met few people. As I know, there are only 3 problems.... My dad was saying........!"

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Monday, September 18, 2017


If a man has no enough means, he/she many times has to work for some one and receive wages. In case has enough means he/she will often make some one work for some one, pay wages and take profit. The employee and employer concepts are defined thus..

Further, the philosophy of a 100% Socialist Economy says..
'Work according to capacity and take according to need!'
and the philosophy of a 100% Capitalist Economy says..
'Work according to capacity and take according to capacity!'

The Mixed Economy alone sustains ultimately ranging from more of capitalist type to more of socialist type depending on the widening gap between the rich and poor involved!

Am I repeating the above Mantra daily within myself before entering my Work Arena? 

All works basically vary 

From totally of service type with nil profit aim supported by required funds flowing from outside
To totally of business type with max profit interest supported by nil funds flowing from outside!

Do I exactly know how the funds flow in for my Organization?

Dignity of work is a concept in Nature which changes with time. The world has defined the dignity of work many times always with deficiencies attached to it and never could do it to perfection.. 

Philosophies of the Capitalist, Socialist or Mixed Economies in vogue often define the dignity of work. Equally the survival aspects are the basic dictating forces behind all such rules and regulations!

Have I conceived this whole concept of working before going to have a tiff with my employer on flimsy issues?

Continuous improvement is the philosophy of surviving in a rather harsh competitive environment. No short cuts help here!

Have I started revising my basic learning or forgotten it under the cool of my daily routine?

Most of the jobs in the world are in the buyers’ market i.e., the buyer dictates and the seller confirms. Only a few jobs of very high specialized skills are in the sellers’ market i.e., the seller dictates and the buyer listens!

Mostly, the seller's role of confirming is inevitable for me at my work.. Am I well tuned up for this? 

Active work life only lies between ages approx 20-60 yrs. Below 20 is the period of developing basic skills for future job and above 60 is that of advices and consultations! 

Am I utilizing well this precious time '20-60' with full devotion which can never be extended in a life time?

In a work environment, continuity of job with high responsibility is more important than getting increments and promotions!

Am I looking at my assignment with more attention or constantly gazing thru' my pay slips and promotional orders?

Jobs are always given thru’ references. During the employment period, my reference forever is the current Employer + all the previous Employers!

Why am I quarreling with my work of today as none can erase that bad in future at any time?

Career growth directly or indirectly is a must in many spheres of work except super specialized skill areas. Starting with working level one will soon be doing a Supervisory Role, beyond rises to Managerial Level and finally reaches the Senior Executive Level or above that! 

A halt to my career growth beyond a certain time is ever seriously viewed in the Employment Arena and can never bring riches.. How much attentive am I here?

Every business has certain limit of operating finances. That depends on 

The demand in the market for the product, 
The paying capacity of the customers, 
The number of customers that consume the product,
The investing strategies of the company etc.. 

Accordingly the salary structure and career plans are implemented for the particular set-up! 

It may be my time now..

Why am I sticking to my existing set-up without moving on to the next business level very much feasible?