Thursday, July 27, 2017


*** When the Contemporary Philosopher was approached by the grieving lady who requested him to help her bring back her dead husband alive as she could not cope up with the separation, the Great Man remarked,

  • "Can you please tell me which husband of yours you want alive?"
Stunned with His questioning, the lady looked at the Philosopher not able to make out the meaning of His asking thus.

The Great Man said,

  • "Your husband from the time he was born on the earth to the time he passed away was sure a different individual at every moment of his life. I want to know which of these infinite personalities you want in front of you at this moment?"
The lady instantly understood that as change is an ever green aspect of one's life, death automatically becomes one instance of that change and yearning for constancy there indirectly has no meaning ultimately. That soon made her feel light and helped her freeing herself partly of her grief.

*** When the grieving mother approached the Lord asking him to bring back her succumbed child and take off her pain, the Great Saint asked her to fetch a handful of mustard seeds by borrowing from any house which never witnessed sorrow in the times known.

The lady instantly moved from house to house to get the item asked by the Lord. People were ready to relieve her pain by lending their mustered seeds but when informed of the other condition there, every one expressed their own limitation there as sure they experienced certain sorrow in their life thru' the separation of one of the family members.

  • She finally returned empty handed but no doubt with a better understanding that death is common to all those born which truly balances the existing ecology 'as is' around!
*** When Prince Yudhisthira was asked a final question by Lord Yaksha,

"What is the strangest part of man's living on the earth?"

He instantly answered,
  • "What is born is sure to die in this world. Strangely, man forgets this Truth very much in front every moment, continues his thinking that he is permanent here and thus lives his life!"
Whenever I look at such Great Revelations made by the Great Personalities of Earth from time to time who all along lived a life of Truth, I may temporarily be carried over by that Truth and it may sure appear to me that I could understand this and that's all the living of life with me in front..

Thus a type of emotion sets in me but sure it is temporary and short lived only as my inner nature in no time mesmerizes me that life is permanent on the earth and accordingly I start moving with my activities.

This truly is the Power of Illusion with me and just because something is clear to me at mind level, it never means that I am the embodiment of that Understanding. Thus, all Great Personalities who are/were truly Embodiment of this Truth can sure inspire me in this direction thru' their preachings and living but really can never take me to that Truth level which ultimately I myself alone have to do.

Till that time, the IndiSpire Topic If you could bring back someone from the other side of the rainbow bridge for just one day, would you do that?#defeatingdeathforaday

forever remains with me as truth of my own understanding as well as the untruth of my own ignorance and that life I got to live here never able to answer the IndiSpire question with a 100% surety.

No doubt my life should continue at this level thus thru' time in front at the back of nothing but a dedicated and honest work diligently discharging the ordained responsibilities of mine all along which no doubt lessens/partly removes my ignorance in this life paving way for dawn of certain truth which aspect of course again finally is thru' the Grace of Almighty alone..

Thus seen the life in front, let me without an iota of doubt do my job to the best level known to me, offer a sincere Prayer for the Ultimate Illumination and remain in peace!'

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Wednesday, July 26, 2017


The Customer rang up the phone..

  • “The activities are planned to start at 0630 PM. The time is 0600 PM. The Supplies have not come to the spot!”
The man at the other end replied,
  • "Sir! We are already on the way. We'll sure be there by 0630 PM!”
The Customer was a bit annoyed. He raised the level..
  • “Your people should be here at least by 0600 PM. They are saying that they come only at the exact time. By chance they get delayed on the way?"
The Supervisor said,
  • “Sir! I understand your anxiety. No problem.. I am coming there at 0615 PM itself and I follow up with my men!"
The Supervisor rang up the Team Worker, 
  • ”Where are you now?”
  • “Sir! we take a min of 45 mts to reach the place. That way, we will be there only by 0645 PM!
  • “Ok.. You come there by 0645 PM and I can be there by 0630 PM as I'm 15 mts ahead of you in traffic. Let me ask our Boss to talk to the Customer and answer him on the 15 minute delay from our end because of heavy traffic!”
The Supervisor rang up the Boss and explained the situation. The Boss asked,
  • “Can all of you reach there by 0645 PM?”
  • “Oh! That is very easy, Sir! In fact, I'll be reaching 15 mts earlier as I'm ahead in traffic!
  • “OK.. Be there at 0645 PM but tell the people there that you were waiting since 0615 PM, your men came there exactly at 0630 PM and you were all searching for the Customer!”
The Supervisor could not understand head and tail of what his Boss had said. As ordered by the Boss, they reached the place at 0630 PM and 0645 PM and told the related people when asked that they reached at 0615 PM and 0630 PM and were searching for their Customer. The people there asked them to wait saying that the activities were yet to start. Got relieved, they were relaxing for a while when the Customer came to them at 0700 PM saying,
  • "Is everything OK?”
They again repeated the Boss' words,
  • “Sir we are here from 0615 PM and 0630 PM onwards waiting for you!”
  • “Good! Actually the activities start at 0730 PM but I just brought you in advance saying that it starts at 0630 PM!”
In no time, the Boss rang up to the Supervisor..
  • "Okay.. I saved you this time and saved our Agency from getting a bad name. Next time no excuse; I expect you to be in time!"
The friend with the Boss who was hearing to all that talk asked,
  • "Dear! How could manage this with such an open lie?"
The Boss smiled and said,
  • "The Customer was going in front of our Office at 0600 PM in his vehicle. To reach his home, he takes 1 hr minimum and without him the activities can't start. I estimated this and quickly told my folks to say that they were there from 0615 PM and 0630 PM. When the Customer reached at 0700 PM my people were already there of course from 0630 PM and 0645 PM only.
I agree that there were many 'ifs' and 'buts' in this entire drama. I just took the calculated risk from my end as there was almost no go for us with the Customer ready to corner us and saved ourselves from getting a bad name.. And luckily it clicked in the nick of the time and helped us!” 

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Sunday, July 23, 2017


A king working on the lines of democracy suddenly decided that no homeless would be in his kingdom. Accordingly, he passed his own detailed Order thus..

"***All homeless hereafter will never be seen on the roads.

  • The younger group of them will be given jobs if they can do and if not, will be trained for the requirement and provided jobs. 
  • The older group will be positioned in homes provided for them under all the care required. 
  • The children's group will be sent to children's home for their growth and up bringing. 
  • Rest who can't take care of themselves will be looked after thru' certain exclusive welfare schemes specially provided for them.

The progress in this direction will be diligently followed up and feedback will be provided to the immediate higher ups at regular intervals of time by their respective action groups.

Take necessary funds and immediately start implementing this Scheme.. You understand what I mean!"

That Order of the king instantly was passed down the line successively thru' certain delegation at each level and equally thru' an equal dilution at that level and implemented vigorously with the funds successively used up for personal gains of course all along never missing passing on the core message thus..

"***All homeless hereafter will never be seen on the roads.

  • The younger group of them will be given jobs. 
  • The older group will be positioned in homes provided for them. 
  • The children's group will be sent to children's home. 
The progress in this direction will be diligently followed up and feedback will be provided to the immediate higher ups.

Take necessary funds and immediately start implementing this Scheme.. You understand what I mean!"

"***All homeless hereafter will never be seen on the roads.

The progress in this direction will be diligently followed up.

Take necessary funds and immediately start implementing this Scheme.. You understand what I mean!"

"***All homeless hereafter will never be seen on the roads.

Take necessary funds and immediately start implementing this Scheme.. You understand what I mean!"

Finally the message was received by the men who physically passed on the same to the homeless on roadside asking them go away from there with the left out final single line,

"***You understand what I mean!"

The homeless instantly moved away but soon returned and continued repeating that going away and coming back all along their lives!


Thursday, July 20, 2017


A young man was truly confused as the Great Sayings and what the Great Men a few times spoke of in that context were exactly found to be opposite like..

  • ‘Save enough finances for future as you earn since it's your primary duty in this world!’
And the opposite
  • ‘You should spend reasonable monies on good living and on Charity as these are bounden duties with you!’
  • ‘Eat well and thus maintain a good health!’
And the opposite
  • ‘Eat frugal and fast yourself to purify!’
  • ‘Work hard as it is a Sacred Duty with you!’ 
And the opposite
  • ‘Do Meditation all along and be at Peace!’
etc..etc.. Finally on a day, he came across a story of a Great Saint Himself to protect a robber said to the Security Guards,
  • 'I did the robbery!'
When all along the Great Saying ever on the anvil was
  • 'Speak the Truth!'
That was sure seen as the limit to his confusion, the next day he approached the Head of the Monastery in his neighborhood and sincerely sought the clarification on his doubt..

'How come one would develop faith in such scenario when the Great Men themselves spoke/did the opposite?' 

The Head smiled and said,

“Dear! What appeals to you is not That!”

The man looked at the Senior Personality on the matters unable to make out head and tail of what He spoke. The Head continued,
  • “What appeals to you is always out of a self interested thought as that basically protects an individual and Mother Nature has instilled this protection in all living beings for basic survival. The animal instinct may okay it's requirement 
  • Human considerations should necessarily rise above this level as the Purpose of Human Birth is entirely different with each individual sure involving in a certain self negation however small it may be in his/her life and thus rise in this one precious life in front. 
The very sign of this rising is nothing but living with a certain attention in one's life wherein this appealing would constantly be checked/questioned and clearly distinguished from the need in front.

Thus as you live your further life, the Clarity that comes thru' in you will itself guide you further and you will surely be knowing at every instant, what to do and what not to do without a single doubt!”

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017


A dad had a peculiar problem.

  • When he was authoritative, his growing children used to be obedient and follow his advice and instructions but in that scenario he used to feel 'bad' that he was harsh to them.. 
  • The moment he became lenient, there used to be chaos and some order lost and in the process as a responsible father, he once again needed to correct them and that correction invariably used to be again through authority alone.. 
Thus he was feeling sad and could never understand the right way of action in that context. One fine day, he discussed the same with an elderly well-wisher and at length sought a right solution to his problem.

The elderly wise man listened to him, smiled and said,

“Dear! I understand your sensitivity here but whatever be your reaction, you agree that you have to do the ultimate good to your family.

The children are bound to listen to you if you insist in the right way as that alone is good for them. But along with this, your harshness and forceful thrusting may come up without yourself knowing it. And that should definitely be avoided here.

There if you are lax beyond at the back of an emotional feeling in you of not disturbing their relaxation, your people soon try skipping over the right and that's never good to them at any point of time in their life..

So, your day to day exercise should be..
  • Hold the reigns and be tough but only for a specific period in a day and 
  • When it's time to relax, truly relax without a feeling that you should maintain a distance to do this management, simply be with them and communicate heart to heart.
And your discipline again starts the next day without fail!

Thus move on in this life at this stage cyclically following the discipline of being strict, listening, strict, listening, strict etc whatever be your feelings out of your emotional attachment and manage the day to day activities in the right direction!"

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Monday, July 17, 2017


The 5+ yrs had to go for many extra curricular activities at the young age. Naturally those extra activities in school curriculum as well as outside the curriculum were invariably on Sundays and holidays and that way the child was continuously made to involve into all those activities.

For a while, the grandpa felt a lot for the little one struggling to learn/do so many new beyond normal studies and there was a question in him for a while..

'Should the boy be put to that much hardship at that tender age making him tire beyond?'

For a while he was restless and almost decided to discuss his point with the family members to see that the boy was taken off partly from all that additional work load.

At that moment, suddenly, there was a flash in his mind.. And as the old man sat in his easy chair and thought over for a while, slowly a certain message was seen percolating within him..

'Contemporary knowledge/skills are the most important entities in one’s work life.

Any additional knowledge/skill with one away from own specialization is contemporary knowledge/skill assuming that he/she is update in his/her specialization.

Partly, contemporary knowledge/skills are taught up to the class where the schooling ends in one’s life. Rest of this knowledge/skills are acquired through one’s interaction in society and extra interests and this varies from person to person.

One always does one's work through one's specialization the best, no doubt about that. But doing alone is not all. One has to sell his/her work else money will not come.

That selling is a trick and one's basic skill or specialization alone can't do that unless there is less supply and more demand in the market. But most of the times it is definitely the other way in the world; more supply and less demand! So one has to sure create demand and compete in respect of the supply.

May be the quality of work which is out of one's skill alone may limit competition from others to certain extent when pricing and timely deliveries are taken care. But surely creation of demand depends upon one's skills of social interactions and all knowledge in that direction to the maximum.. And here only the contemporary knowledge/skills sure play a definite role!

The Employer may primarily take up the task of creating the demand but he/she definitely expects his Employee to assist in this. Therefore, an Employee does not have much choice in that!

So, next time when children are seen involving in anything beyond studies, pause and think.

That requirement is sure part and parcel of the coming up in life well, of course with the core specialization as base.. And that expression is never a waste in one's life!'

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Saturday, July 15, 2017



My life is not one 100% of my make alone. Let me do my bit here all along upholding the 'Right' to the best of my knowledge, that's good enough. 

Better leave beyond and relax for a while! 


I am originally from Nature and never from anywhere else. Listening to my 'Original Mother' never lets me down. 
Where's the doubt here that something else is superior? 


I only make or mar my life and no one can touch it, if I decide upon that. 
Whenever I point out my finger at the other man, the other 3 fingers of mine might have curled in silently but the cosine of their action is never less and ever pointed towards me only. 
Better I know this the earliest! 


I have a deep quest within to do something and be something worth beyond all the worldly achievements. 
Let this be never killed through the rotten monotonous routine which keeps me static endlessly!


All human beings and the life around have many characteristics common whether l like or not. They are all already One long, long back before I was born. So the earliest I look this side, the better! 


Work alone moves the world. Let me contribute my 'Best' here without a second thought as I continuously consume.. 
Neither small in quantity nor less in varieties! 


Every Moment is a new situation without an escape. 
Let me ever live through this change and experience the 'New' rather than remain stubborn sticking to the old of endless repetition! 


A man believed.. 
"My money alone saves me!" 
Days passed into weeks, months and years, it happens. 
No doubt by that time, a fortune was with him but he became old and that money surely saved him.
It changed hands fast, freed the man and made him Spiritual the next moment.
Is it worth waiting till that happens? 


The greedy man decided, 
"I'll not waste this food. Let me eat it off!"
A wise man remarked, 
"You are right. Let it not be wasted.. 
But it rots better in dustbin rather than in your stomach!" 


The 'Next Moment in Life' is forever a toss in spite of my best efforts. 
Why not tune up to this 'Great Reality' for a while? 
If done, there alone lies my 
'True Prayer!'