Wednesday, February 22, 2017


The two little brothers had a small fight.. The dad separated them and said to the younger.. 
"You both are from me.. If you love me, promise me you will always respect your elder bro!” 
“Yes, I do!” 
“So you should never stop listening to him at any time!”
“What should I do when he doesn't care for me?” 
“I’ll take care of that!”

Saying thus the dad turned to the elder and said, 
“You both are from me.. If you love me, promise me you'll always help your younger bro!”
“Yes, I do!” 
“So you should never stop caring for him at any time!”
“What should I do when he doesn't listen to me?”
“I’ve already taken care of that!”

Both brothers had grown up and the dad was no more but his message ever remained in their hearts and the bros were tied by the limits set by the father..

One day, a 3rd man befriended the younger bro and said, 
“We are together and if you say OK, we together can show our strength to your elder bro for safety!” 
The younger promptly passed the message to the elder.. The elder asked him to convey back a message to the 3rd man, 
“We are one in all ups and downs.. Whatever happens between us, we'll only address and resolve and we need no special support from an outsider!” 
The younger promptly conveyed back the message to the 3rd man and sent him off..

On another day, one more 3rd man befriended the elder bro and said, 
“We are together and if you say OK, we together can rule your younger bro for a benefit!” 
The elder promptly conveyed a message to the 3rd man, 
“We are one in all ups and downs.. Whatever happens between us, we forever share that and we need no special advice from an outsider!” 
and sent him off..
And further to that, none else could disrupt their peace at anytime in their life!

All along, God was smiling from Above.. 
“A similar Message is there for my Children too on the Earth.. The third party i.e., the dividing force takes over a few times and causes untold misery and does the eternal damage.. 
The Ever Feasible Single Solution here is 
'Not to listen to this force ever being conscious of 
I Proclaimed Originally!'”

Almighty, Oneness

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


A man thought..
  • “My friends are always with me, they will be with me and sure come to my help in a crisis situation..
  • If I do not keep any friendship, there is definitely a day called ‘Not My Day’ and unless the extra hands are by the side, how else can I come out of such instances?
  • No doubt I may be able to buy ‘help’, but such a ‘help’ forever is half-hearted only and would never substitute for what exactly is required!” 
Another felt..
  • Friends no doubt will be there with me today, but there's no guarantee that all of them continue to be with me in a distressful situation..
  • Most of the times, it would be a lip sympathy, a few times some running round, half-hearted attempts and few murmurs with a feeling of drudgery work thrust upon them and sure in all such cases, some escape would be sought at the earliest..
  • Instead monies would straightaway do a better job and any help will be at door step as money truly speaks!” 
The third one affirmed..
  • Living with friends, keeping good friendships, helping them out in their need and thus live in the society is one of the duties with me and any calculation here is forever a sin..
  • The friends are not there with me exclusively to come to rescue in times of crisis and here let me straightaway equip myself for any exigencies in the best possible way..
  • The ideal way here is to save enough monies for predicted exigencies and be prepared even though every exigency cannot be covered this way and may not be required too as truly speaking what happens the next moment is never known!” 
At one point of time, when certain mishaps came up in their lives..
  • Least prepared the first one totally left it to his friends, expected them to support and they in turn had to run for everything with great strain at the back trying to do their best with the man's imperfect planning..
  • As the second one relied more on money with the true friends given less importance, no doubt the hired Help had done the job but half-hearted and thus even though good finances were available, the spirit of service was missing..
  • The third one alone could manage the crisis in front in the best possible way as the dedicated friends were with him at the back of full co-operation and warmth along with enough finances and finally all had taken the situation with true humility in their hearts!
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Sunday, February 19, 2017


As I got up yesterday(Saturday) morning, the immediate thoughts were..

'All the week I struggled at my work answering the unending questions of the Boss, taking inevitable rebukes from the Customer and working invariably beyond the normal hrs even though everything was well planned in the week beginning..

Let me at least stop that meticulous planning and constant taking care of things for these 2 days and thus relax!'

Instantly from the distant loud speakers, I heard the recitation of Sloka 5, Chapter III (The Karma Yoga) of Srimad Bhagavad Gita with meaning explained in parallel..

'Na hi kascit ksanam api jatu tisthaty akarmakrt
karyate hy avasah karma sarvah prakrti-jairgunaih'

  • 'One cannot remain without engaging in activity even for a moment; Every one is helplessly driven by actions endowed with the qualities borne of materialistic nature!'
I suddenly got impressed by the Truth revealed right at that point of time, quickly got up, readied myself and moved to the Venue to get clarity on what actually I should do in my life.. As soon as I came out of my home, Sloka 19 was heard on the loud speakers with the meaning explained which straight away clarified my the then doubt..

'tasmad asaktah satatam karyam karma samacara
asakto hy acaran karma param apnoti purusah'
  • 'Therefore Without attachment without interruption perform prescribed actions.. By performing prescribed actions alone a person achieves the highest good!'
No doubt I was clarified on my course of action a 100% but soon got another doubt there in respect of the meaning of the Message..
  • 'For a day stop that all meticulous planning and constant taking care of things and be at peace!'
As I reached the Venue, the Narrator just then finished his discourse and few people were seen asking him some questions.. I patiently waited there for my turn and when that came up, I humbly asked Him my doubt.. The Narrator smiled at me and repeated the Sloka 18 of the same Chapter with it's meaning which I missed in my hurry of coming to the Venue..
'naiva tasya krtenartho nakrteneha kascana
na casya sarva-bhutesu kascid artha-vyapasrayah

  • In this world a man of no purpose is neither gained by discharge of actions nor any sin is incurred by non-discharge of actions and among all living beings never he/she needs to depend on anyone!' 
He further advised me to first to look into the essentials works in front of me for the day thru' minimum planning and beyond just remain calm without getting into too many imposing involvements!

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Friday, February 17, 2017


I can 100% affirm that the Book that forever allowed me close the reading, put It down and move on to my works is equally the 
un-put-downable Book of my life as the Messages therein continuously followed me constantly guiding me in my works which means that I am indirectly reading my Book only..

And that Great Book of my life, Srimad Bhagavad Gita seen in the true spirit, has no doubt its own Power on every Reader

  • When read for reading sake or 
  • When gone thru' for understanding in depth the mesages therein or 
  • When explained to some one thru' a discourse..
The Verses of Gita 100% convey the Truths of life at various levels depending on the clarity and the understanding of the Reader.. A few examples being..
  • A spiritually oriented man who enquires into life gets his/her own message on how to enquire further to get more clarity in his/her understanding and thus secures the eternal good of retaining peace in life an example being thru'.. 
Verse 13 Chaper II

dehino smin yatha dehe kaumaram yauvanam jara
tatha dehantara praptir dhiras tatra na muhyati

Just as in the physical body, the embodied being passes thru' childhood, youth and old age; transmigrates from one body to another after death; knowing this, the wise are never deluded!

  • A hard working man dedicated to work gets his/her own message on how well that work has to be carried out and thus secures the eternal good of retaining peace in life an example being thru'.. 
Verse 19 Chaper III

tasmad asaktah satatam karyam karma samacara
askto hy acaran karma param apnoti purasah

Without attachment, without interruption perfectly perform prescribed actions since by performing those actions a person achieves the highest good!

  • An honest and principled man gets his/her own message on how to live upholding the principles of righteousness and thus secures the eternal good of retaining peace in life an example being thru'.. 
Verse 7 Chapter IV

yada yada hi dhramsya glanir bhavati bharata
abhyuthanam adharmasya tadatmanam srjamy aham

Whenever the decline of righteousness and a predominance of unrighteousness prevails; at that time I manifest Myself on the earth!

  • A humble devoted man not blessed with any one of the above traits gets his/her own message on how humility supersedes and thus secures the eternal good of retaining peace in life an example being thru'.. 
Verse 2 Chapter XII

mayy avesya mano ye mam nitya-yukta upasate
shraddhaya parayopetas te me yuktatama matah

Those who are endowed with firm faith of special kind beyond material conceptions fix the mind on me and always engage exclusively worshiping me; they are considered by me the most superior of all!

The list thus becomes endless depending on the complexity and the understanding levels of individuals of different gradation and with a 100% surety it can be ascertained that each individual in such a complex scenario has his/her own answer for the problem in front..

And repeated reading/hearing the verses, brings in day by day a higher meaning to what was read/heard in the beginning thru' the continuous refinement of one's understanding for the ultimate good!

The Post is written in line with the IndiSpire Prompt # Write at least about one book that you found un-put-downable. The first few lines hooked you and then you couldn't but finish it. (no harm in sharing if you have read more than one such book) #irresistiblebook

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

  • The Customer is just asking me to meet the requirement because me alone is capable of doing that with the right ease and care.. 
Let me cheer up.. After all.. He/she is not shouting and pulling me down!
  • The problem is.. I was calculating how much money I receive when the Customer was explaining the works I got to complete.. What's wrong if subsequently he/she decided to pack the bags and say bye to me? 
Let me straight away say sorry first and stop him/her from going away from me!
  • The Customer's holidays alone are mine and I should have no visiting hours for him/her.. In case, he/she demands 25 hrs of my time in a day and I should without a say be able to generate that.. 
If not done, subsequently all those days and hrs sure will be totally mine alone forever!
  • A man without experience will get no job because no one in the field knows him/her.. My one satisfied Customer is surely advertising on my behalf for 10 future customers.. 
Then isn't it my foremost duty to do whatever he/she asks without a second thought?
  • My Customer is not complaining at all.. Just expressing the fact that I've not met his/her requirement.. Nothing less; nothing more!
Instead of saying ‘sorry’ and further keeping mum, better make it known to him/her that I've not limited the 'outcome' by myself!
  • Anytime, saying ‘Who's this?' on phone to a Customer is often detrimental and saying 'Yes Sir/Madam!' is ever welcome..
Have I forgotten the minimum civic sense learnt in my childhood?
  • There's no friendship in a Customer relation.. The greatest pitfall is that as I interact with him/her for a long time, I will be knowing some of his/her weaknesses and am likely to bring them out in subsequent interactions without my own knowledge..
No problem.. For doing that, I've many people around me who want to make friends with me; why not leave my Customer for a while?
  • I should never compare the life style of my Customer with me.. If he/she maintains high profile and I start comparing with him/her, he/she in no time takes me out from the list.. If he/she maintains low profile and I become aware of that, he/she develops a dislike for me..
All along my life, I was taught not to interfere with the other man's life but what am doing here when it comes to the very important person of my life?
  • The Customer Care at root level includes caring for his/her well being and prosperity.. When I can't do anything to my Customer at some point of time in my life, I should pray for his/her well being and wish for the ultimate good.. 
'Care for the other' is the greatest message taught to me all these years.. Why am I missing doing that exclusively here?
  • Finally, all the above discipline coupled with delivery of quality work completes the process that definitely generates a smile on the Customer's face with which alone I can steadily continue living in the coercive competition around me..
No more second thoughts.. Let me straight away correct myself and start doing my job with full vigor from this moment if I got to save myself in this life!

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Monday, February 13, 2017


A father was of the opinion that children should learn on their own and only where they were likely to miss important events, the parent should either keep things handy for them or help them at that moment..

'Teach them fishing but never give the fish!'

was his motto!

An elderly well-wisher who was observing him for a while decided to correct him gently and accordingly said to him one evening,

“Why don’t you leave normal issues other than those with potential dangers/hold-ups to your children, allow them struggle a bit and thus learn instead of you keeping part of many things ready for them in day to day dealings?"

The man replied,

”Sir, Initially I thought of that.. But there, the children sooner or later get themselves held up and lose their precious time!”

The elderly smiled and said,

  • “Dear! It's imperative that in one's life, 'NOT ALL SUCCESS' is experienced on and off to make ultimately a strong personality..
  • Actually in life, no one had truly come up with all success and no ordinary failure brought down one's personality and there that much of spending of time, money and energy is never seen a waste! 
  • This's where one can take a chance and continuously correct himself/herself.. In fact, it's always seen as the bigger part of learning in our life as few failures in safe zone will soon enable especially our children correct in advance and equip themselves to face similar failures in future.. Seen thus, it's nothing but an investment alone but the other way! 
  • I advise you.. Spend more time on health, safety and well being of your young ones, ever make sure that they never get into issues of major problems and beyond leave them learn freely
Not only fishing but how to equip themselves to fish too!"

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Sunday, February 12, 2017


A man decided to visit an Ashram to find out why there was suffering in life and accordingly went there..

The gate man at the entrance stopped him for questioning and the man got hurt for doing that beyond..

Finally having got satisfied, the gate man allowed the man in..

The Saint welcomed him, consoled him for the questioning at the gate and thus cooled him for a while..

The man got astonished and asked the Saint why he allowed such a man at the gate to trouble the visitors to the Ashram..

The Saint answered that he never appointed the man at the gate as he alone had taken up voluntarily doing that job and further asked the purpose of the man's visit to the Ashram..

The man said, 
"Reverend Sir! I came here to find out how to alleviate my suffering but in the process I got more suffering!"

The Saint smiled and said,
"That's the exact question with me too this moment.. 

In the process, 
The man at the gate had done his job of questioning sincerely, 
You have done your job of protesting sincerely and 
I too have done my job of consoling sincerely
all of us not knowing what exactly we have to do to alleviate that suffering in our lives!"

Strictly speaking, this is essentially the story of mine all these years of living to the best of abilities and I still do not know where I stand in the queue for an answer to my question!

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