Monday, March 27, 2017


The Great Saint had said,
  • "Our problems in the world have to be resolved in a similar way we remove a thorn from our foot!" 

I'm very much living in this world and my senses are constantly interacting with specific worldly elements which I like out of an inherent ease with me in being so..
Thus the powerful senses with me indirectly make me avoid involving in my bounden duties exact to the point as that action sure needs a certain attention from me making me forego the ease the senses promise..

And my mind under the influence of this force from senses strengthens the thinking,

  • 'Try to experience the best all along in your life!' 
Thus, I constantly develop my own justification to every 'wrong doing' of mine and forever try to deviate from the right path unless compelled..

This attitude is the 'true thorn' gone deep in me through such a continuous 'wrong involvement' causing the endless mental stress in me and thus my 'inner peace' is constantly jeopardized whatever brave or smiling face I may put up!

And here, closing the eyes and stopping temporarily certain interactions with the world under the name of stress relieving exercises can never produce the true result unless basically I correct myself within..

Meaning.. I shouldn't keep off but actively start involving with the world and my people with all vigor but in a different living style Viz.,

  • Doing my assigned works of life as per my 'Dharma' in the best known way to me without skipping them at any point of time and taking up the insults and rebuke targeted in the process with a smile! 
Thus, I would be
  • Listening to my people as much as possible, 
  • Helping them out a little beyond the required, 
  • Giving away to them what they want keeping the minimum required for my decent living and 
  • Joining them in all areas where truth, sincerity and honesty are not sacrificed in principle! 
Leading a life thus in full alone takes out the effect of my earlier wrong doings and secures the peace.. Soon that discipline becomes the new style of my living which can be ascribed to the action of
  • 'Making use of the pin or the other sharp instrument' 
as the involvement of the senses in the world still continues but the other way with their active co-operation!

  • The 'old thorn' of 'wrong doing attitude' in me
is taken out minimizing the conflict in my life with immediate Peace restored..

Of course, the 'Rest' is truly in the Hands of God and a sincere 'Prayer' to the Almighty at the end of the Day completes the process!

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Friday, March 24, 2017


Sloka 35, Chapter III of Srimad Bhagavad Gita says,

'Shreyan swadharmo vigunah paradharmaat swanusshthitaat 
Swadharme nidhanam shreyah paradharmo bhayaavahah.'


'Ever safe is one’s own duty than the duty of another even well discharged.. Better is even death in one’s duty than the duty of another full of fear!' 

Conveying a message to me that I should perform as well as express myself at my own known level, not beyond and thus rise in my life..

Seen in this context, active blogging too which is one's own expression in perception of Truth which he/she experiences in life and is very much interested to bring it out to the world out of an unknown happiness within should ever go on within the said limits only.. And when done so, such an expression sure forms the core content of the blogging which can be truly called serious..

Coming to the business interest associated with blogging no doubt, every effort has a price in the market and depending upon the worldly use of that effort put in, certain returns do come in the process to the individual..

As appearances are equally important, a better way of presenting this expression may have its own value here and at this point of time, I as a Blogger being the limited personality with my own inherent desires should never say no that flow all along checking myself in keeping up the tempo of my talk/writing with which originally I started my blogging and should continue thus..

The Truth known to me is forever the product of the life aspects around me perceived as is and my own existence consciousness in that scenario..

My existence consciousness when in close interactions of praise appears unlimited but when questioned, initially I may react and challenge those questionings but sooner or later when the questioning toughens, I feel imminent threat and withdraw from the active field, a few times getting hurt too in the process..

When someone cautioned the Great Man saying that the enemy was too powerful, He smiled and said, "They may torture me or kill me and nothing more they can do.. I'm prepared for both!"

Unless I am sure of this level of preparedness of facing any threat directed towards me, I should be careful in safeguarding my interests and accordingly alone express thru' my blogging.. And as per the said sloka of Srimad Bhagavad Gita, it equally becomes a duty of mine in such a scenario!

Thus as I try speaking/writing without jeopardizing my interests at the basic level, my blogging on whatever topic it be, sure does justice to the active blogging platform and can equally be called the serious blogging without an exception which activity forever settles at the point of a certain communication in the world where in the Saying Viz.,


meaning.. In this world,

'The Speaker is a wonder and the Listener too a wonder!'

is truly upheld!

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Before entry:
  • 'Ah! At last.. Am thru' my dream job selection!'
In the initial days..
  • 'Don't know.. It's time to go!'
After a while..
  • 'Want to get away.. Can't get away!'
Gone deeper..
  • 'I know.. But they say half knowledge!'
Subsequent to that..
  • 'I'm everywhere.. How can I get away?'
  • 'The job wants me every minute.. I'm indispensable!'
Further to that..
  • 'At last what I dreamed of.. Now I can sit in the Board Meetings!'
In some time..
  • 'I might have been crowned now.. But for how many more days?'
  • 'Oh.. The Whole Empire vanished at one stroke!'
Subsequent to that..
  • 'Smiling alone everywhere.. Nothing else works!'
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Tuesday, March 21, 2017


An elderly man of 68 on stroll one evening saw a good Spirit in distress and as he instantly helped the Spirit, It in return offered him granting a special boon..
  • ”I see you struggling at your age with the age related problems almost leading a lonely life with nothing to do in front. Tell me, do you want again all that youthful life 15-25 yrs of many opportunities?”
“Oh! I've to learn all those A, B, Cs again? Can't be a beginner in my life. Don't want!”
  • “Then, do you want to relive the life of 25-35 yrs where in youthfulness and maturity go together?”
“Still, the then maturity is nowhere compared to that required to lead a good life. Don't want!”
  • “Why not 35-45 yrs of prime life with recognition from all directions as a man of something?”
“What for all that struggle and running round again? It’s too hectic. Don't want!”
  • “OK! What about the life of 45-55 yrs where you would be a seasoned man with true maturity backed by power, finance and recognition?”
“Have I to pass thru’ all that glory only to come back to ‘Nil’ once again? Don't want!”
  • “Okay.. It's final.. You will be definitely happy with the 55-65 yrs which was the just the recent of yours?”
“No…. All that vanishing trick and re adjusting task again? It’s really a big pain. Don’t want!”
  • “Then what else you want? Tell me quickly. I've to go now!”
“Just before I met you, I had a small issue of………. Help me in that, I would be the happiest!”

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Monday, March 20, 2017


A man of mid thirties planned to make his house and when asked said,
  • “Just a small house for my living for the rest of my life!” 
A decade passed and when enquired on the news that he booked another Flat in a Housing Complex, the answer was..
  • “Yes! You know, I need some modest earnings through renting as I have no pension!"
Another decade passed and he was heard of buying some land..
  • “I got some monies by selling off my ancestral property.......”
was his the then reply.. Just before retirement he was seen negotiating with a Builder.. When enquired he said,
  • “Yeah! Before my energies taper off, I decided to sell the site I purchased years back and make a small house for the benefit of my children!” 
But at 65 too people heard him of being quite active.. When enquired he said,
  • “As my old house needed many repairs, I thought of bringing it down and make just 4 flats it's place.. In one I can live and the rest......."
He was soon 70.. On a Sunday morning, a friend visited him at home and as he enquired on his the then activities at his age, the man replied..
  • “Now a days I'm not able to move much but 8 yrs back had I taken the right decision and purchased the same present Apartment Complex in one of the Metropolitan Cities............."
Exactly at that moment from distant loud speakers, Sloka 12 of Bhaja Govindam was distinctly heard being recited with the meaning explained by the side..

dinayaaminyau saayam praatah
shishiravasantau punaraayaatah
kaalahkriidati gachchhatyaayuh
tadapi na mujncatyaashaavaayuh!

daylight and darkness, dusk and dawn,
winter and spring (do) come and go,
time plays and life ebbs away (sure)
but the storm of desire leaves never (the man)!

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Sunday, March 19, 2017


A Great Saint in His Monastery used to conduct daily discourses and prayers with many devotees around Him.. One devotee used to come in time, sit from beginning to the end of the program, do his prayer and then only leave the Place.. He had a weakness with him and the other disciples repeatedly reminded the Saint that the man's presence made the place unholy..

One day the Saint smilingly told the disciples, “I see daily this man dot on time in his clean ironed dress with hair well groomed sitting in full attention till the end of the program.. Why don’t you open up and learn this discipline from him which I presently see missing in you?” thereby conveying me the message that

  • Better I leave the comfort zone of my comparisons! 
A night watchman on his usual rounds at night used to shout, 'Hoshiyaar.. Jagte Raho' All used to wake up, check the doors and after a while go back to their sleep.. A Great Personality too doing that suddenly thought one night, “Am I sleeping in my life?” The next moment he opened the door, came out of the house and moved towards the forest to meditate and attain Realization thereby conveying me the message that
  • Better I leave the comfort zone of my easy life! 
As a crow got a piece of meat, flew to a tree branch to eat the same, a dozen crows attacked it.. The crow flew branch to branch to escape from the attack but the other crows never left it.. Finally it dropped the piece to ground and stayed at peace on the branch as the chasing crows went after the piece fighting within themselves.. Seeing this, a Sage meditating below the tree firmed up, “The only way to be at Peace in this world is to drop the attachments with me!" thereby conveying me the message that
  • Better I leave the comfort zone of my ownership! 
When I thus force myself out of my comfort zone, the world starts looking different to me with the process of elevation starting in me..


  • Expressing myself to what I am within
  • Understanding my next man which hitherto was nil in me as I was ready to explode at the slightest discomfort
  • What exactly I am destined to be in this life thru' a certain sacrifice thus truly elevating myself in the eyes of Almighty!
Don't we want this precious jewel of discrimination with us in our life by saying a firm 'No' to the comfort zone with us?

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Friday, March 17, 2017

A few members visited an Ashram and requested the Master saying,

  • "Master! We wish to become your disciples!"
The Master replied,
  • "Before I accept you as my disciples, read this Sacred Book and tell me what you understood from that!"
The members went back, read the Book thoroughly and came back.. The Master asked,
  • "Have you understood anything?"
Each one explained, how the Book inspired them, what they understood therein and further what they are going to follow in their life.. One member alone said,
  • "Master! I read the Book given from end to end many times but I have many doubts in respect of what is said therein!"
The Master proclaimed,
  • "You are my disciple!"
and advised others to be back to their normal routine in their life..

The example clearly brings out the Sacred Master disciple relationship in this world in a true Religious Environment..

Thus seen, the Philosophy of living in the world with a Religious mind truly demands continuous Negation.. It's called the Principle of Neti.. 'Na+Iti'.. meaning 'Not That'.. And it forever asserts that a disciple evolves only by continuous questioning never satisfied of what is known..

Having understood that all Great Personalities insisted every one constantly put questions using the 7 tools of any investigation Viz.,
  • WHEN, WHAT, WHICH and 
  • HOW

and then only firm up on the Right in Philosophical as well as Religious field too.. Further, by living thru' that discipline alone one should continuously elevate himself / herself in this life..

In parallel with this thinking, I should not equally forget that I have my own identification in this world and when I firm up on that only, I exist in peace.. In that context alone, all the Great Philosophers and Saints of the world asked one to Believe in the Concept of God, the highest Cosmic Oneness Existence and thus prima facie remain at peace to do all that exploration and investigation said above..

So the word Religion forever has its own Sanctity in the world and is a necessary requirement to lead peaceful life with most of the people..

Dividing the masses to keep them under their grip is the eternal game of the power mongers of the world from time immemorial for which many tools were used and here the entity 'Religion' too had fallen a prey to this drama and is being used even this date..

Even if I keep off from my Religion, still I can fall a prey to this division thru' some other aspect which I hold today as mine.. Seen thus, the solution in front of me at any point of time in my life is not to keep away from my Sacred Religion but very much keep away from the dividing forces around me and thus continue live my life in peace!

This Post is written in line with the IndiSpire Prompt

Religion has caused much violence and pain in the world throughout human history. It has no rational foundation either. Yet it continues to dominate human affairs even in today's scientific and technological world. Why? #WhyReligion

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