Thursday, May 24, 2018


Sometimes, there may be thoughts in me like..

"Philosophy of life isn't for me.. Being homebound where's the time for me for all this? 
It's very much for elders with no active work often advising and helping out the youngsters on the right and wrong in life.. 
Let me just get into my activities without wasting further time in this direction!"

Apparently it may be seen correct to firm up so with almost 'Nil' time in front of me to breath but when carefully seen in depth with certain openness, I equally understand that..

I'm constantly doing my routine jobs in life; both at home and outside with certain 
Naturally, I'll be very happy if all of my expectations come true with 
Experienced by me in every direction.. 

But it's equally true that there's a 
In me here with an ever live question by my side.. 

'What am I, if my expectations go wrong in spite myself doing the best in the situation?' 

Here alone, 
Gives me a 
By providing certain guidelines which define the
Required in all my actions as I start doing them..

That quality is nothing but involving in all my works as I deal with people around with a

'Let me care a little less for my comfort and 
Care a bit more for the good of others
and thus 


Further the guidelines say, 

'Constantly try doing a little above the min level which is easily possible and see what happens!'

No doubt in such situations, a minor criticism from others is seen but no problem as that soon fades out and people around me quickly understand my true intentions and become supportive..

Of this attitude is 

'The good accrued in this process becomes the useful entity for the people around me and I get my mental peace of that level with a certain
At my own level!'

Sloka 30 Chapter III (Karma Yoga) of Srimad Bhagavad Gita, 
Lord Krishna
Affirms the same saying,

'ye me matam idam nityam anutistathi manavah
sraddhavanto nasuyanto mucyante te pi karmabhi'


'Those human beings who always execute these injunctions of mine (perform their duties) with full faith and without envy (caring for others), all of them become free from the bondage of reactions from actions (grief in their life)!' 

So the next time I am in full action, let me remember that 

The philosophical attitude is for me too, 
In fact, it's very much for people like me only with active homebound responsibilities and 
Sure it ever becomes lesser for those whose energies drop down with age unless 
The individual is otherwise tuned!

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Tuesday, May 22, 2018


*** The usual talks around as the man who lived a big life helping himself all along was no more..

"Am his distant relative.. Years back we met.. Later his life had changed a lot.. Sure he lived life a king size and seen end to end.. Something unique.. The program goes for 2 days but unfortunately, 

  • Got few personal works to do.. Let me see...."
"Am a long time acquaintance of him.. He must have sure forgotten me amidst his too busy life.. A man of special life style.. None could challenge him.. Heard the news and immediately am here but unfortunately,
  • Got few personal works to do.. Let me see...." 
"Am his neighbor and I live some houses away.. A few times we met in the park and he just used to wish and smile during those occasions.. Good life he lead all along.. I want to make a visit again in the evening but unfortunately,
  • Got few personal works to do.. Let me see...." 
"I work under him.. We are all here to join the activities involved.. He was our boss and we all feel for the loss.. I want to be with my group but unfortunately,
  • Got few personal works to do.. Let me see...." 
"I'm a small earner and daily I pass thru' this street on my way to work. Heard of the big life he lead all these days.. Ultimately,
  • Nothing comes with us except the effect of our good deeds!" 
*** The usual talks around as the man who lived a simple life helping many around was no more..

"I'm his distant relative. Years back we met. Our clan itself never had such a personality. He truly lived to what he used to say. I decided to be here till the end of the program and then alone.. Sure,
  • All my other works can wait!" 
"I'm a long time friend of him and he never forgot me even in the midst his very busy different life. Truly lost a friend for my life time..Heard the news and immediately came here to be with the family.. Sure,
  • All my other works can wait!"
"I'm his neighbor and I live some houses away. A few times we met in the park and he invariably used to wish me and smile during those meetings. Hearing the news, I immediately came here. I decided to come back in the evening and tomorrow and sit thru' the entire program.. Sure,
  • All my other works can wait!" 
"I worked with him.. There was no word called 'Assistant' in his dictionary.. We just worked thru' all years like a close knit family.. Till now it was never the practice but we decided to keep his photo in our office and take his continuous blessings.. I'm going to be here till the whole program finishes without any hitches.. Sure,
  • All my other works can wait!"
"I'm a small earner and daily I pass thru' this street on my way to work. Heard a lot of good he did to others and knowing his greatness, I decided to stop for a while, pay my homage, take his silent blessings.. Ultimately,
  • Nothing comes with us except the effect of our good deeds!"
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Monday, May 21, 2018


The Great Man forever used to carry the sacred thread on his body. People close to him who observed him for long asked,

"When you preach and practice Oneness so much, why do you still carry this piece of thread on your body?"

The Great Man smiled and said,

"Years back, my mother had tied this thread on my body with a belief in her heart that it does eternal good to me. I'll totally honor that belief of hers by ever carrying this on my body. But if the thread by itself tears off and goes, I, myself will not replace that with a new one!"

That's how Great Men and Women of my country ever carried their importance to the customs and practices of their ancestries indicating the true respect they had therein!

The Saint who used to practice Spirituality to the core was once traveling with his disciples in a forest area when a Tribal Chief met him and invited home for dinner. Accordingly, all had their dinner and at the end of the dinner as a customary practice, the Chief offered some wine to all the guests. The disciples were clueless on how to deal with the situation and looked at their Master. The Saint saying, 'Anando Brahma' drank the wine given to him whole heartedly and blessed the Chief..

That's how the Saints of my country ever upheld the various customs and cultures around with a unique feeling of carrying respect for the other man's customs and practices!

A Great Personality was sailing across high seas. On the ship, there were people of different groups segregated themselves to their 'own' and thus were continuing their activities effectively keeping off from other groups. And the journey continued thus..

On the way all of a sudden, an unexpected cyclone hit the ship. It was terrible for a while and the ship was a tiny piece of man made item in front of the gigantic winds that were passing over the ship with terrible speed!

Suddenly, the psychology of all the passengers had changed and all in no time, became single minded and started praying to the Almighty together chanting a single line of Prayer..

"God! Do Save us!”

The Prayer continued and the typhoon too for a while but soon it came down in its intensity to the relief of all and in few hours later totally vanished from the scene with the weather returning to normalcy..

In a short time, people again segregated themselves to their smaller circles and were busy in their own activities keeping off from others..

The Great Personality thought,

“How nice it would have been had the 'Togetherness' that was there sometime back continued in this normal time too!”

That's how the Great Personalities of my country ever stressed the importance of all groups of people of different customs and practices living together and helping each other!

The Great People who lead my country all along from the Mohenjodaro and Harppan Civilizations to the present day India of modern civilization, the Unique Centre of various religions and cultural practices forever upheld the above 3 Sacred Practices together Viz.,

The Ultimate Unity in Diversity!

The Post is written in line with this week's IndiSpire Prompt India is supposed to be a nation of cultural diversity, are we still culturally diverse? #culturaldiversity

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Sunday, May 20, 2018


A young adult approached an elderly gentleman known for values in life and sought his sincere advice on an issue which was pestering him day and night..

The elderly listened to him and said,

  • “I'm a little busy now. Why don’t you come tomorrow?” 
The young man readily agreed. The next day evening he went to him for the same.. The elderly again said,
  • "Sorry dear! Today too I'm busy.. Can you meet me this week end? I'll sure help you out!"
The young man was a bit upset but instantly agreed to meet him on the said date.. Accordingly he went to him that weekend but to his surprise found the elderly not available..

He waited for some time and as the elderly never turned up, returned and visited him once again the next day after confirming on phone. The elderly invited him, talked for some time but never raised his issue. The young man was annoyed. At the end, he meekly asked,
  • “Sir! What about an answer for my question?” 
The elderly said,
  • “Yes! I know…. I need some more time. OK! Come after two days at 6 PM in the evening!” 
The young man took leave, went away and finally made it on the day.. The elderly looked at him and said,
  • “Your issue this moment has no answer from me!” 
The young man was really upset at this point of time. He could not control his anger and said in a harsh tone,

“Sir! Why did you waste so much of my time to tell this?”

The elderly smiled at him and said,
  • “It's not a waste dear.. I had my own important works till now and your need was not ripe to this moment to be answered. The saying goes, 
‘Nothing comes free!’
  • You should truly feel the pain of getting it. Then only it'll have its value. Else anything free is taken in the light way.. 
I'm not a professional here doing a business so that I can charge you accordingly.. That's why I made you undergo the right strain of getting my advice till now and here is my answer now as you are truly eligible to receive it!”

Thus saying, the elderly sincerely clarified the young man's doubt!

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Saturday, May 19, 2018


I am a bundle of desires and these desires work through my thought, word and deed making me feel satisfied through an expectation and the related achievement.. 

But the fine truth here is that my thought, word and deed together alone do not bring in the desired result even though that appears so as this result is equally controlled by certain unknown forces Viz., 

The happenings around! 

Thus, when the result comes up as different from that expected, it truly becomes a pain in life and the quantum of pain directly varies with the fact Viz., 

How much I got addicted to my satisfaction thru' my earlier achievements whose beginning to this day is unknown to me! 

This satisfaction of mine when seen in depth is ultimately nothing but the 'Me' in my body which as on today is the propelling force around my physical existence..

Here, I should make a note that I can't do much and sometimes may not be able to do anything to bring a change in my thought, word and deed in this life by mere thinking and disciplining myself as my thinking i.e., 

My mind in action is just the out come of this 'Me' alone and that never negates itself at any time in life!

But no despair, it's still possible to do that in a fine way..

Through a dedicated observation of the whole phenomenon in me 
(Path of Discrimination), 
Through a dedicated discharge of the attached responsibilities in my life
(Path of Action) 
Through a dedicated offering of prayers to the Almighty 
(Path of Devotion)!

The Absolute Paths mentioned above are sure for the Highly Evolved Souls living on the earth with traces of ignorance and never for an ordinary personality like me but

The 3 together everywhere sure do the required wonder!


Thursday, May 17, 2018

'Nature is my Original Teacher' 
And I can learn everything from Nature. 
What all I need here is an 
'Open mind' 
Nothing else and nothing less! 

‘Gate Way to my Open mind’
Is ever firming up to free myself from the 
‘Worth or Specialty’
I defined myself with my 
'Opinions, Dogmas and Theories'
And with my 
'Values, Beliefs, Likes and Dislikes' 
Without ever questioning the same in my next man!

Freeing myself here 
Is never a path of burden and 
Is ever a path of effortlessness 
through the instantaneous understanding of
'True Spirit of Living'
And a
'Light Hearted Way'
Alone works here the ignorance by my side 
Making every effort to stop that! 

I should wholeheartedly acknowledge
'The Entire' 
Gently get off from the overpowering ignorance with me ever living through
'Discharge of my Responsibilities'
Which forever results in
Betterment of my next man and the world at large! 

Any deviation here, by force of habit is no sin but 
Is to be corrected instantly as I become aware of it 
Equally setting right the damages accrued therein to 
'The Outside World' 
And beyond, what is in store for me is purely the 
'Wish and Will of the Almighty'
And none else can define that in advance!

All honest works ever help, 
No special paths bring quick results and 
No materialist experience has an edge 
With the progress made securing 
'Immediate Peace'
And ultimately becoming the 
'Best Offering to God'
In my life!

Nature, Offering, God

Wednesday, May 16, 2018


I might have got stunned in life when 
An unexpected misery took over as
The Dark, Thick Clouds of Uncertaint Moments 
Filled with 
Tension, grief and gloom started dancing to their own tunes!

Getting out of that misery is
The Right way in Life 
Life is ever worth living for a higher cause 
And if a strong determination sets in, soon 
I notice specs of recovery and happiness! 

The world ever watches the man undergo this change.. 
Here, I should never try changing my living style covering up the misery, instead, 
Should straight away look up ending that within! 

That study is a big science itself, 
As the man sails through this study, soon finds 
Nothing like misery of this or that nature and 
The self within is the real misery! 

That misery never goes if 
I just wish for it, think of it or trY to escape But sure there's less of it if I start 
Facing it and living in the Right Way! 

That Right Way 
Can never be taught or learned but is 
The Only Way 
One feels the best within legal boundaries and 
That Way 
Continued, the up-coming life alone teaches 
What this misery is not
The Colorful Rainbow seen in the Sky
Assuring Peace and Harmony! 

The Great Prince passing thru' the streets of His kingdom on the chariot came across 
A celebrating group jumping and dancing out of an endless enjoyment, 
Equally in a certain distance, 
A mourning group crying and weeping out of an untold sorrow and 
On return, 
A Saint embraced renunciation being in His own Peace and Tranquility.. 
The Prince instantly firmed up, 
'The only way to be at peace in life is
Renunciation of the earthly pleasures!' 

Sure me, the ordinary personality is infinitesimally small compared to the Great Prince but never zero and so, 
A certain renunciation however small is feasible here Which ultimately is nothing 
Voluntarily giving up my rightful feasible 
For the benefit of the next man in need!