Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Nature, Life and Beyond....An Inquisitive Spirit....

It is said that the ‘Entire’ can be explored with 6 ‘W’s and 1 ‘H’; that’s all!

They are questions beginning with Why, What, Who, Where, When, Which and How….

It may look strange, but it is a fact that even Divine Experiences are associated with truthful enquiry through these questionings….In fact, our entire life is a series of explorations….But, when we get into enjoyment mode this exploration tendency becomes dull and in a hobby expression, it is in the front….

A short story here….

In a certain village there was a huge cave a little away from the village. A belief existed among villagers that there is a demon inside the cave  and no villager dared to enter the same. They constantly lived under fear and through one more belief,  the villagers daily left certain food in front of the cave for the demon, to please it….

A young man in the village was of adventurous and inquisitive type. He felt strongly that he should be free from this fear in life. It was always better for him to see and assess instead of blindly following something.  He somehow convinced the villagers, that he wished to go in, see inside and come out and they should not bother for this….They agreed finally with lot of reluctance….

The young man went inside, made a round, saw nothing and came out declared to all outside that there is nothing! There after he lived happily ever without fear; the villagers continued in the same state may be a little better off…. 

The story is for story sake but the learning is....

The young man had put the relevant questions to himself and that was the end of his fear…!  Many of such questions to find out ‘IN’ and ‘OUT’ of me can be put to 'ME' continuously by myself. Young age is the best time; not that other times are not!

May be the lucky ones one day find an end for their suffering in the world!

The highest find out and wroth to find out….

Meaningful Life....Right Way the Best Way....

A few might have got stunned in life when he/she is shunned by the presumed close in life….A real pain, it happens not too often but once in away….

A large number may not experience it at all for various reasons….

When shunned, one should carefully make a note of this reality and start living the life the right way!  
Because the right way is always the safe way! 

Tension, grief, feelings of being left out, being nothing, having lost everything etc., are generally associated with this shunned life and may disturb a person to a large extent.  But  getting out of these feelings is the only way and life is worth living without this pain existing….And if a strong determination in this direction sets in, soon one finds to notice specs of recovery and happiness.

The whole world waits and watches for this change in me!   If I change, they are also joyous the right way....But, if I change either for ending something or escape from this, part of the group may appear supportive not truly not but most will keep off….So, I should never  attempt this way, instead should look at ending the grief associated with me inside.

The study of this grief is a big interesting science, as I sail through this study I find there is no grief, I myself is the grief and it does not go that easy because I wish for it, think of it or get into another activity but there is less burden of it as I progress in this study and that study is nothing but start facing it and living the right way!

The right way cannot be taught or learned but the way I feel the best in life for me within the boundaries of law around! This way, coming up life teaches me and shows really what this grief is not! 

It is a Project to be taken up and completed well; no short cuts help!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Meaningful life....Something may be Worth Doing....

I heard in my childhood this....

The great man had said, “It is not that important what type of life a person lived through; it is how happy a person is when he is exiting the world!”

As we introspect ourselves we may find in us always a left out unfulfilled wish and a fear of losing something....

The determination here should be, “Can I be a little free in this; the full may not be required and may not be possible…?” And this little freedom with me to act or decide is 
a great peace and happiness in life….In fact, many issues I daily pursue with all vigor really do not have overall impact in my life! ....

A little more detail....

All works I do daily are of two types; of course all lawful ones: 

1. Works which must have to be done else I and people around me suffer and
2. Works even if I do not do I and people around me are really not affected....

Am seeing this difference? That itself may be 50% strength!

The first type of works have necessarily to be done without looking this way or that way....

In respect of the second type, I can pause a while and observe the reactions….Then,  I will notice that as I am mostly afraid of reactions from the world and due to my own weaknesses, I am doing these works and I can go slow, pause or do not do.... 

Here alone I should always experiment a little, however small it may be…It will never go waste….and that much strength I will experience…

People around me appear as if they are ready to shun me which is not true, but  if I stand firmly without moving away, I soon find that people start accepting what I do and encourage…

This trial needs all the start and hold on in the direction.... that’s all and this only leaves me in a state what is said in the beginning!

But if I am a little doubtful in attempting this, it appears to me that I am being resisted from doing this which is not true.... and that way, in the end I will end up in a state away from above!

In a market area we hear the bustle from a distance. But when we go near, each detail is clear. In the same way if we pay attention, everything would be clear....

Why not attempt something in this direction? 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Meaningful Life....The Realistic Way....

We should strive to live life Whole, not part. Whole is beautiful, free from confusions of life and all tension free! 

It is said that the only way  to have worry free life is to 
initially pass  through  the so called worries and as we sail through life,  experience the difficulties imagined and we soon find that the difficulties thus imagined are not so actually and the ease we thought is not all that easy.

That life alone covers the concept of Whole! 

A little more explanation in this direction.... 

Once a visitor was there with a Great man.  During this period, a number of people too have come to see the Great man, spent  few minutes with him and left.  The visitor remarked,”Sir, You have so many friends!”  At this, the Great man smiled and said, “They are not my friends; only acquaintances.”

To clarfy the same, he said, “You see, we might have met many times and laughed together, but we never wept together!”

This is the meaning behind living the life Whole! 

Are we repeatedly keeping off doing activities in life, which are nearer, can be done but a dislike for the same  puts us off  and we start some other?....
This question,  in front of us is not to be answered immediately as it should also to be lived through.  It is not easy, because we do not know what we are made of and what for we are here!

To clarify further, the following may be helpful.... 

When once a Great Sage asked Lord Shri Krishna, what  an illusion in life is, the Lord asked him to fetch some drinking water for Him. The story goes as the Sage  went in search of water, he got 
into progressively  total mundane life  in steps and  as he slowly got lost into the same, all of a sudden everything had come  to a total halt one day. When he lost his track and was utterly sorrowful, Shri Krishna gently patted him from behind, and asked, “Where is the water?” 

Another Saint when asked his Master whether it was right time for him to embrace Renunciation, the Master replied that unless he lived through a highly powerful worldly life with all at his disposal and discharge his duties impassionately, he is not fit to embrace the Renunciation Chapter.

It means that responsible living only is the way to experience the Whole.

The depth of this life is endless and infinite, but for us it is an ordained duty to touch, live through part of it  reasonably and experience the reality to that extent.   Further learning is left to God’s plan for us.  What responsibilities in life I should embrace  and take up challenges in that direction are well streamlined, can be easily sensed by me and  I should ever be doing that!  They may differ based on  individual Make!

Living for that purpose should be the Motto in life!

Some effort in this direction may be worth the trial….

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Meaningful life.....A Better Way....

An old joke goes…

A group of young people went out an evening to camp in a forest for the night.  They took everything along with them but forgot drinking water.  They searched around for a source, found a small  stream in the area.  They collected  water in middle of the stream, filtered a few times through a piece of cloth and allowed water to stay in a vessel.  Then they took out the clear water on top after sedimentation, thoroughly boiled it on a fire a few times and cooled the same.  At the end they decided, “Why to drink this water in a doubtful situation?  We will drink the alcoholic beverage  we brought with us which also has  water and take only minimum quantity of water as required.”

The meaning of above…. If I like some thing, ultimately I end up doing that.... I will have my own explanations and sincerely reason out to suit me!  Further, this appears very much justified to me in the scenario!

We often notice  in the world, neglect of duties assigned to people. 

Elders are neglected by their wards,
Spouse and children are not properly cared for,
The man at receiving end is rebuked and insulted etc., and
Lastly one neglects his/her own health, wealth and safety by adapting  wrong paths.

Here in, the problem is that one gives more importance to his/her liking than what is required to be done in a given situation.  A small change here sets right many issues in the world, however small it may be.  This change, to an extent possible to me, should always be attempted by me  and be in the direction of improving myself for ever.  it is a discipline!  This leads to a great strength in a person to face all challenges in life.  This strength is different from physical, mental, social, economical and political strengths and the  associated peace is there for every one around.  

This way we can make life on earth better for all of us! 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Nature, Life and Beyond....The Change....

I maybe at cross roads when I start getting the thoughts….

The people are always the same.
I have no alternative other than live with them.
If I refuse to do so also it does not matter for them; they will choose another one in my place.
The man thus follows the same routine.
This way living is endless on this earth…. as long as my life is planned here….

Thus, emotions of people around me and of me may expect…. All this nonsense should end…

It is to be understood that the problems that always plague world are dishonesty & corruption and violence associated with these…. They never seem to vanish whatever we think of doing in front of us…. 

What really required is ‘Change’….

This ‘Change’ is a difficult phenomenon to happen, not impossible, but the way it happens is not what we think.  The Change never comes through any action so easily!

Protesting does not bring the change.
Non co operation does not bring the change.
Fighting does not bring the change.
Forcing people will not bring the change.
Punishing does not bring change….

All above may show temporary change to divert the attention.  Real change comes only when a person changes who ever it may be.   When that happens in reality for reasons unknown and which will never take place through finite number of actions, it is Total Change!

A short story in this context….

The head of one of the families was all the time philosophical in his talks and never interested in results but was caring and hard working. His spouse was very much unhappy with his attitude and all the time rebuking him for not caring for the family like others do. He used to say that he had been doing the best to his ability and never neglected a single action which was true but submitted humbly that he would not be able to show the results. But she never allowed him to talk this way and repeatedly used to tell how her brother as a family man had planned everything for his family like day to day money requirement, growth in his wealth, children’s education and marriage, retirement pension and finally how he decided to quit home at Sixty five years and take up renunciation and reiterated that such a man only is really fit for renunciation.… She questioned her husband’s plan of action in this direction… The husband told her firmly that it is not way to renunciation. To a challenge from wife on what then is the right way, he said, “I will show you”. Immediately he went out, shaved off his hair, purchased a pair of saffron robes, a stick and a water kettle, wore the robes and came back home. His wife was furious. She asked what nonsense he was doing. He smiled at her and said, “This is renunciation” and quickly left home for forest never to return!

This is what true change is!

It takes place once for all; the result….Nature provides all fruits of such a great man’s love to the entire universe and the world under goes a change towards happiness and peace.

The message is

I have to remember that change is not easy, it occurs once in a way and when it occurs that cannot be stopped… My job is only to make my house clean for the good effects to enter my home and bless all people. Meaning….Cleansing myself is the only thing I can do sincerely and should definitely do that!