Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ultimate freedom of living….


When thus, the Democratic System even though best expressed, had an indirect authority through power behind the doors, a few individuals of the region were totally unhappy and were helpless in their thinking beyond for sometime….But soon they heard that in some other region of the world, there are Great Personalities who lead a simple but happy life and thus were eager to know how they could do it.  In that context, they traveled to that region, met a Great Saint, payed their salutations to the Great man and sincerely requested Him to give a solution in this direction.

The Master smiled and said, “My dear, whatever way the best care anyone proposes, all Systems ultimately end up with defects. Yours one of these is no exception in this context!  See, all the entities you describe Viz., being suppressed, overpowered or subjected to threats, intimidation and coercion are there in the world because one is after possessions directly or indirectly….Thus, since an individual is interested in possessing worldly things as many as possible simultaneously having own group of people as dearer, someone who is powerful can always rule such a person through a threat of taking away these possessions or detaining own people. Only when one sees this truth, the possessive tendency lessens in him/her and automatically further way will be explored based on this inner strength. This way alone an individual experiences glimpses of ultimate freedom in life and further clarity surely descends through the Grace of Lord!”


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ultimate freedom of living….


When thus democracy was made a mockery, a few wise men suggested that the only solution for the associated evils would be to empower each individual more…. “And that’s all, he/she will take care” they thought!  And, by a miracle, this change had happened, not an easy way!

Thus, the individuals had become kings, of course, simultaneously with more responsibility with them to answer the law and the Special Groups’ power had lessened….And the Ruler could get a place only behind them….

Thus democracy got refined and the best evolved in time!  Further, time had passed.   And with time everything rots….This was no exception….

All individuals around are basically of two types the good and the bad. In the above scenario, the good remained as protectors of law and order and in general, looked after many issues….But, a few bad elements were behind power….They understood in a smart way….the inevitable defect of follow up in respect of the rule implementation….No authority could do it to the root level….

Thus, the responsibility existed crystal clear only on paper….if insisted, more paper was generated to the satisfaction of Rule Maker and shown in front of Rule Implementer that the best was done but ruling at own discretion was done behind the doors….And in that way, soon all the power mongers together were the indirect  Rulers….And with all strict rules and responsibilities around, these elements ruled behind the doors.

Thus once again democracy failed in the true sense….The citizen was free as long as he would not point out the real powerful man….He was much better many ways but not always….That was when one became weak….

To be continued….

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ultimate freedom of living….

People of one region decided to be better in their lives!  At that time, they were being ruled by a Ruler who was all the time authoritative.  Because of that, many of them were suffering silently….And naturally, their Ruler was not that good too….

To bring down his authority, they thought on only one way….They collectively approached him and said, “Here after, we will not take your orders unless there is good in them.  A Special Group of us will check each order you pass and if that is likely to do good to us, then only we will take it!”  Seeing their togetherness, the Ruler was taken aback and initially decided to suppress them.  But their unity was beyond and he soon agreed to do what they proposed.

Thus democracy was born in that region and the freedom of expression was upheld in no time! And subsequently, for certain period this system ruled and in time had undergone changes with further refinements to the original thoughts!

But the Ruler was smart!

He understood that the Special Groups that decide were really powerful and the only way to gain original power would be to keep them happy, if required beyond….That way soon, he started luring them by offering certain benefits.  Many refused in the beginning but a few had fallen a prey….This went on…. And the Ruler was steady…. “In time, surely many will be with me” he thought!  His assessment was correct and it exactly happened!  
The Ruler and Special Groups started ruling together….The groups got their share and Ruler was back to his power.... 

Thus, deteriorated democracy there in time and was about to reach the bottom….

To be continued….

Friday, July 20, 2012

I myself wanted all this around!

“Sir, I am experiencing some problems in life. My people all the time do not agree with what I propose. Thus there is a conflict. They sometimes act in their own way and sometimes through my compulsions. But never once also in the way I propose. I am feeling unhappy here without any concurrence in thinking and opinions. What is the solution? How can I convince my people?”

“My dear, it is very simple and straight forward to understand. Long back, when you were young, you were a free man without all these. You only added your people around you one by one. Thus you increased your circle. In time, these individuals too have grown up and started their own circles or have become stronger in your relation and started expressing openly in their own circles which hitherto not done in front of you.  And when their expressions clash with your ideas, the problems are seen. See, these problems are common in life and it is not at all the wisdom to concentrate on these issues. That is why our elders without touching these, guided us only in the direction of stronger forces in us which if not streamlined, the confusion and chaos in every one’s life would be the maximum. And that is the reason why we are today in these circles of relations. When you thus live with people around you, understanding them alone is the right solution. Weed out the bad around in case it prevails and found to increase in intensity as a little of that too is a passing phase in one’s life….That’s all is your task at present!  How your people around you express without this element of bad in them is totally left to them as they are born free…. In all these cases only gently guide them; that’s all!”

Monday, July 16, 2012

The Path of Spirituality....

“Reverend Sir! What is the disciplined life one has to lead who wishes to progress in spiritual path?”

“My dear, I am a certain personality at this moment which is my ignorance in life and it is a fact. Thus, when ignorance is a fact, in the first instance living according to that is the right way. But the ignorance in my life makes me accumulate further ignorance through my own self interested actions done continuously. That way the pain in life continues but the purpose in life is to evolve above this. For this, I should simultaneously make efforts known to me to be away from some of these self interested actions. The wisdom in life is to strike a reasonable balance between these two distinct actions and start living.  It is like a mother’s action wherein she does not feed the child unless the child cries but never delays that beyond a limit.   ‘Feed when the child cries but do not feed out of fear that the child may cry’ is her motto as she knows that a small crying is good for the child before the feed. In a similar way, one has to first train the body and mind by following this mid path with least conflict.  And surely, there is certain level of clarity in one’s life when this conflict is reduced. Out of the calmness restored through this discipline, an individual can do fruitful investigations in life as per his/her wish.  This way alone one establishes in spiritual path!  All other rigid disciplines full of beliefs and austerities take him/her nowhere!”

Sunday, July 15, 2012

A responsibility towards self....

“Reverend Sir, I see a deep unrest of frustration and fear in me. It surfaces when I am forced into loneliness i.e., when removed from my familiar surroundings and interactions for a while. Whatever self explanations I may provide for myself, this entity of unrest always surfaces and it appears it never leaves me.  All diversions with engagements around look like a loud laughter with a burning heart inside. What is the true remedy here in my life?”

“My dear! The unrest in us a fact and that being constantly covered up through contemplation of possessions in the world is a fact too! These possessions are incessantly acquired by an individual to overcome the deficiency of this unrest in him/her. But truly, it never comes down that way; in fact, it increases with more and more possessions….

The only way in front of us to get over the unrest is through a primary activity of 
physically sharing these possessions to whatever level possible with others. But an individual always finds a mental block here in himself/herself for this sharing. So, the intelligent in various societies have evolved a method of driving people into this sacred task. It is similar to a method of removing a thorn in foot with the help of another thorn…. 

Meaning ….'Share the possessions through a feeling of another entity of distinct possession.’ Thus let one have his/her own group of people and share the possessions with them. This is the original concept of having a family and taking up responsibilities in respect of people around. As a house holder, one was advised to continue this sharing to a certain level in his/her surroundings too. And the unrest gradually reduces when this sharing is done through a true sense of giving away! The individual has been advised thus, ‘Let there be no conditions for this giving and simply give away out of happiness in becoming lighter day by day!’ In this way, one has to live through his/her life and whatever be the outcome is to be taken with all smiles….Thus moves up clarity over the ladder with lessened unrest.  Rest all is only through Grace of God!”

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Work....A never ending Entity!

“Sir, now a days, I am finding no time at all to do my personal works because of too much pressure at work in my Company. My family and people say that I am not paying necessary attention to them in time. I am finding myself helpless in meeting both demands at the same time. I do not know how to strike a balance between the two….” 

“My dear, I can surely say that you are not clear on the concept of work which is very important to know at this point of time. You should always remember that….

No one truly knows when the work comes up and how it ends in one’s life….

The completion of work is a whole time process by itself and never, never and never bit by bit!

My work starts in youth and ends with reasonable retirement past sixties. All this period, it is a single entity….

My work alone truly supports my basic living all the time, not the rest of one hundred and one activities I try to do in the outside world!

Fragments of work are a myth and do not exist….If any one tries to do fragments and bits of work, the whole thing soon ends and he/she would never be fit in work environment though rest of his/her active life.

A halt in the mid of active work is permitted only for inevitable reasons and never for the imagined and assumed ones. Further, in this situation back to work scenario would be welcome but with a rating down which invariably one has to accept but would not be thrown out of work environment. This is only a boon granted in the toughest situation.

The above means that there is nothing like….Work ending for a while and I am having free time! Instead, in between when a breath can be taken, I will be doing my works of my personal life; that’s all!

It may difficult to understand the concept of work in this way but all other ways of fragmenting the same is nothing but ultimately myself working against me….i.e., softly killing myself!”

Monday, July 9, 2012

A Precious Gift in life….

“I am getting bored in my life. There is nothing new here.  Seen, in any direction, life looks dull. What is that I am doing?  Get up, become fresh, go to work, come back and rest after a tiresome day and repeat these activities day after day....unending, that’s all!  I find no interest any more in this type of life. Is the life going to be the same here afterwards?  If so, this way, I find the whole living is meaningless….” thus expressed a young man sadly his agony to one of his well-wishers one evening.

The well wisher looked at him, comforted him for a while and said thus, “My dear! I strongly feel that you have stopped observing beyond!  See, an atom when observed casually is nothing, but when investigation had gone deep into its structure, was found to have enormous energy which can be made use for all our needs!  Thus, if we don’t limit ourselves, our observations are always infinite….But, when we stop doing this, golden opportunities at finger tips are lost.  Do you want to lose such vast empires of fortunes? You may say that it does not happen to everyone; rarely one will be able to touch such superior entities….No doubt I agree that it is not a common phenomenon that wonders do happen.  But I should not forget that the purpose of life is to be open from my side always; that’s all!  Rest is God’s Wish and Will!  In this scenario alone, I get through my investigation and catch hold of my fruit according to The Almighty’s Will. Prior to this, I will always have a test to be given in front of Him and for this too let me prepare and be ready.  A discipline through discharge of my responsibilities in life alone prepares me for this test. He will test me at anytime and if found fit will relieve me of certain pain in life through great revelations.  Don’t you want this Precious Gift?”

Friday, July 6, 2012

Am I seeing through colored glasses?


The friend replied, “See my dear! For people like us, many requirements in life are met 
easily with the casual work we do….I mean to say, a work with lesser competition around!    For people of the region you visited, it does not happen that way….They have to face every minute, the tough competition to secure even a small item in life.  And to face such a competition in their working, there is no go but to be trim….That trimmed way, is nothing but having a healthy body maintained through tough exercise and good nutrition and presentation through the best grooming.   And in time, it is a habit of body and mind as unless you get trained in that direction from childhood, it cannot be yours! Now tell me, what else can they do in such a scenario?” 

The man was taken a back at the revelation made by the friend, but asked him in a gentle tone, “OK, I understand, but tell me, how is that I am not doing anything like that but still getting my requirements easily?   I think, these people have too many expectations in life….”

The friend looked at him and said, “Expecting more may be a factor with them and that also naturally will be predominant when they have to struggle to get everything, but here, let us remind ourselves of one thing….'My requirements are met easily means….My portion of work is being done 
continuously by someone else somewhere and I am purely relaxing at his/her cost; nothing less! How is that I am a man of ethics, preaching on lines of philosophy, if, knowingly I permit this?” 


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Am I seeing through colored glasses?

A man who used to boast himself a personality of simplicity, ethics and spirituality in life, visited a distant place for the first time.  He found the behavior of people of that region a bit strange.  He extensively roamed around and explored the surroundings. He found that people of almost all ages regularly doing strenuous body exercises like running, jogging, swimming and other isometric ones. They never bothered for the time of the day, weather and other environmental factors but used to continue with this discipline. Maintaining the body in trim condition was their main aim. Further they used to take extreme care in presenting themselves the best way in the outside world. He wondered how much precious time they routinely would waste on all these activities just to look good! The last one he noticed was….The people were always conscious of high nutrition in their diet.  An umpteen number of foods were in stores and on the table to satisfy this….

After his return, he met one of his friends an evening and casually narrated to him what he observed in the place of visit.  He laughed and said, “This human body is just with us to make use for our living.  How these people worship this body so much in maintaining in trimmed condition presenting it in such a refined way and by being conscious of the health beyond!  Do we need all these for a physical body which any how deteriorates in time? Why not they understand that an attitude that asserts 'do some minimum exercise, eat less but healthy food and have cheer on your face' is enough to give them good living? Beyond that, what is the use of all these?   I see no point in living 
their life in such a style!” 

The friend was a deep thinker and a man of understanding.  He listened to him, paused  and said, “My dear!  We can give a lecture on swimming when we are on shore safely.  We will not do the same when we are in deep waters and do not know swimming!  Are you clear?”

The man retorted saying, “What do you mean?”