Thursday, July 31, 2014

The 'Basis' of any 'Investigation' in the World....

  • “Which is this one? I never came across such a Cute Item…. Very interesting….. Let me find out all the details here and keep a Record…. Worth doing this one time Exercise!”
  • “What had gone wrong with the Original Plan? I was under the assumption that everything was under control…. Let us not leave these issues as they are…. I am sure I will find a sure solution!”
  • “Where did this go wrong? So strange…. I thought that everything was taken care…. No, we should see the end of this…. Don't worry, I ll search and get the required!”
  • “When did this take place? I thought, everything was under control…. Oh! God! It’s really a mess now…. No…. I don’t want to leave these matters as they are…. Let me find out the root cause!”
  • “Who might have done this? Any guess? We should never leave these matters as such…. I have planned a method of locating the Mischief Monger in this case…. I am straight into it!”
  • “Why should it happen to me? I can’t understand the reason here…. May be because there is….. Any how, let me find out…. I don’t want to leave this matter!”
  • “How much is this one important in life? This moment we may not know but soon it would be found out.... I am planning to go there for a search…. Let me do that and get back to you!”

Thus go often the Ways of Serious Quest and Investigations of Life to know the ‘Exact’…. Here, the hold is never slackened till the issues are reasonably addressed and the aim is met…. There alone lies a meaning to the life in front….

Let this Quest Continue without any stop and let the person behind the same be supported in whatever way feasible….

That sure is a Sacred Job in this world and further let me never question the man behind this Search why he / she is after that with a convincing say that the same is not worth doing unless there the time, monies and energies are drained out endlessly affecting the Basics or the Path is not a law bound one….

Thus Respecting, Supporting and Safeguarding such a Quest in the next man where the Almighty's Presence forever Exists are the Sacred Activities in our Life as that very Questioning Attitude alone ultimately leads one to Find and Establish in the 'Original Truth!'

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The 'Continuous Corrections' required in my life....

The Great Saint had said, “It’s not important what Comparative Life we lead all the way as we lived in the World but it is very much important how we feel within ourselves when we leave the World!”

On the face of it this may look distant, appears not so important and further all that on the ‘Anvil’ this moment may look very important as the issues of top priority….

But it is ever my Wisdom to remember that all such decisions of mine strangely have their own end, truly the permanent end as all are limited in their very content itself.…

But the end or the limit will be seen sooner or later on a fine day…. And that day no doubt would definitely be a ‘Day of Misery’ in my life….

The Great Man had only one ‘Sure Weapon’ with Him whenever something wrong appeared to have taken place from His end….

He used to sincerely repent the very next moment and start doing the necessary ‘Corrective Actions’ where in His True Repentance was explicitly expressed, the affected person through the wrong was Truly Compensated to such a Level that finally the very person himself used to forgive Him Whole Heartedly….The Great Personality never did anything less in such situations….

Since ‘ TO Err is Human’ and my own Emotions surely do a wrong many times in my life however careful I may be or try to be, the only way with me too is the moment I become aware of my mistake, do the necessary Corrective Actions without a bit of hesitation explicitly in a Scenario where the same is not problem or do implicitly when such doings may have a negative impact in my future life and thus be in that Mode through out my life…. The END, of course Truly is what the Almighty Wills for me but there the Scales are invariably balanced on the side of the Evergreen Truth….’As you Sow, so you Reap!’

Friday, July 25, 2014

The 'Right Solution' for 'Despondency' in Life....

It is a fact that many times I suddenly experience a 'Lost Feeling' in my life....

It is just a Feeling of loosing total grip on the issues being pursued relentlessly till that point of time with a distinct doubt in mind, “Have I missed my train?”

It is definitely a desperate feeling for certain time.... And this happens because I am constantly pursuing the issues of life which deviate from the Original Truth Viz.,

'brahma satyam jagat mithya' Meaning Brahman is Real and the World is Unreal....

And my field of activities are purely related to the World as that alone is the life totally known to me at this moment.... Invariably such a situation would lead an individual to the thinking, “What am I doing here?  Is there a Solution at all for my Problems?”

Yes.... I am not really Hopeless, it is very much Natural to happen in that way and there is a definite Solution too for all that confusion in me.... The reason is....

In spite of being a highly evolved Personality too, Prince Arjuna also experienced a similar Despondency in Kurukshetra War when He had to wage a War with His own people.... But Lord Krishna cleared His Doubt Saying....

“matra-sparshas tu kaunteya sitosna-sukha-duhkha-dah
agamapayino’nityas tams titiksasva bharata”

“The mere contact of Senses as is, O Son of Kunti, cause heat and cold, pleasure and pain.... They come and go and they are impermanent.... Endure them bravely, O descendant of Bharata!"

But along with that the Lord advised him to Wage the Righteous War which is the Duty of a Warrior.... And this Sacred Message of Srimad Bhagavat Gita can be exactly applied to my life too without a second thought....

The let down condition is temporary and in time sure reduces in its intensity.... The Hope in me soon brings in a 'New Energy' thru' New Aspirations and New Plans because My Very Nature is that…. Thus the only Right Way in front of me is get up at the earliest, recover quickly and soon start doing the Ordained Duties in front at the back of good habits, hard work, good behavior and law abiding attitude in spite of my mind suggesting the various alternatives....

As I start living my life thus certain Peace of mind instantly comes up, in time becomes steady with a renewed interest in Living and truly Sails me out in spite of the vagaries of life tossing me quite often in between.... Continued thus, finally whatever Result comes up will be Gracefully accepted by me as the Ultimate Gift of God since such a Serene mind alone can perceive and accept That Ultimate!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The 'Right way' of 'General Learning' in the World....

“It is fact that many times, I am not allowed to learn properly among my Group of friends…. See, Sir! I too want to learn and whenever I ask a question in that context, I am often ridiculed or bullied and then only given the right answer…. People around me feel so much to part with their knowledge 'As Is' and I have to struggle to get it from them…. In case I don’t ask, then also there is a problem…. You know.... I will become a laughing stock in no time without Proper Knowledge and that squarely is going to happen amidst many which is sure a disgrace to my Personality…. So, knowing / learning alone is the answer but there is a virtual price I have to pay for that…. Instead, I don’t mind paying a direct price for getting all this if possible…. I am sad!”

“See! Dear! I understand what all you said and that is the real problem in our life in this world as no one gives 'FREE'…. As you said, you may learn by paying a price for certain Knowledge but that is always limited because the General Knowledge is never taught beyond…. Moving with friends and learning through an active participation in many ways alone gives the Right Knowledge and makes my Learning complete…. Any one around me too expects me to learn that way only….

But let me tell you, there is a finer way of approach in this Great Learning Process which many times I may not be aware of…. Let me explain a little more here....

Whenever I move with people in my life, that active movement can be broadly classified as either Intervention / Interference or Interaction....

Questioning somewhat extra is Intervention and squarely getting into one's affairs is Interference…. And both of these have to be avoided carefully during the Learning Process….

No one likes to be intervened unnecessarily unless I have the necessary hold or power to do so…. And when it comes to Interference, they squarely show me my place or in no time show my way out…. Both these methods fail the earliest because I am in no way Superior to them nor it is necessary that they have to come to me….

The Right Way here is Proper Interaction only…. Proper Interaction, I use the word because I should first of all carry necessary respect for the other man for his / her extra Knowledge which I am presently lacking and which I want to make my own and that makes me forever a stronger man….

Thus seen in the Right way, I can quickly make out that here there is a lot to see, hear, grasp and infer by myself continuously before I ask any one…. This Whole Process itself has a Great Price of two important Components from my side Viz., Patience and Perseverance…. Tell me, have you completely exhausted these Methods of Learning first before verbally asking your friends 'What is What?'  If really done so, you would have been by this time 50-70% more Knowledgeable by yourself and with such back ground alone, further Learning through Verbal Interaction will have a Definite Edge and will surely make a Dent in the Whole Learning Process!

Monday, July 14, 2014

The 'Backbone' of any 'True Investigation' in life....

Various Specialists and Experts from different fields had a Great Meeting in a Picturesque Resort on a hot summer day in a huge Mango Plantation Garden with the ripened fruit hanging all over from the mango trees....

The Main Topic of discussion was how to improve the health, safety and well-being of an individual in the Society thru' excellent Research and Investigation in various fields of Science and Technology and bring out the best for Mankind....

During their Tea Break towards the evening majority of the Participants as they looked out casually, could watch an interesting 'Event' of that Evening happening at a distance outside their building....

The Evening Sky had suddenly become cloudy with few dark clouds passing at low level resulting in occasional drizzles and cool breeze taking off part of the summer heat.... A boy appeared to be of 12 yrs age and his Little Assistant of about 9 yrs, were seen at some distance away climbing the Compound Wall of the Garden carefully looking around for the Watchman of the area.... Making sure that he was not in the vicinity, the two jumped down from the wall into the Garden, quickly walked upto one of the trees full with ripened mango fruit.... The elder one signaled to the younger to remain on ground, himself climbed the tree and soon reached the branch from where he could lay his hands on the ripened mangoes near by.... He quickly plucked a few and carefully dropped them down to the boy below to pick up.... Without loosing much time, he soon got down the tree and both started running towards the wall with the mangoes in their hands.... Just when they reached the wall, the Watchman around noticed them and shouting aloud, he ran towards them with his dog barking behind....

Seeing the Watchman from a distance, the two boys quickly tried to climb the wall.... The elder had succeeded but the younger slipped down.... To help out his little friend who was lagging behind, the elder gave his hand and tried to pull him up.... When the little one just reached the top of the wall, a few of the loosened bricks of the compound wall suddenly gave way but to their luck the whole fell outward throwing off the two boys instantly to the other side.... It was purely a chance that the bricks slipped outside as other wise they both would have landed in front of the Watchman.... The two boys quickly got up, the elder gathered the scattered mangoes and started running with the younger following.... In a little distance away, they both were seen walking slowly homeward rubbing off the dust stuck on to their fruit as well as on to the small wounds they sustained in the process all along eating their precious mango fruit, the juice freely dripping down their arms and a little onto the dirty shirts totally forgetting their entire earlier struggle.... The Watchman murmuring aloud within himself returned with his faithful dog following him silently.....

The Specialists and Experts who happened to watch the entire Episode in front were silent for a while but in no time it appeared that there was an equal silent unanimous conclusion in their minds.... The Great Message was.... In Nature, each individual basically knows what he / she wants in life, tries and gets it at all costs and becomes the happiest with the fruits of such actions alone in a Natural way however risky may be the attempts, however tiring may be the processes and whatever may be the end result.... And such a Process alone is the best for any individual.... There, trying to soften those attempts and cushioning the processes involved under the guise of getting the BEST out of everything is to be carefully observed and any Research taken up to improve the Living Standards of the individuals should never try to tamper with the Basic Process as much as possible except for a smaller percentage of it where in the temporary set backs of Mankind could be addressed for their betterment.... And further to that, nothing else would be truly 'Sacred' in such a Scenario!

Monday, July 7, 2014

The 'Never Forgotten' Familiarity....

The gentleman coming from abroad after many years, was welcomed with all warmth into the Rich man’s house….

“Sir! Welcome…. You must have been tired of Flight delay, jet lag and the subsequent 4 hr Road Travel…. Please freshen up a little, we will have a small Lunch and we will talk of many things after you have some rest up to 6 PM…. We both will go out for some works at 4 PM and will return by 6…. Then we all will go out for dinner at 8 PM…. A new Restaurant has come up…………”

After the Lunch,

“OK! The time is almost 2 PM…. Please rest for a while till evening…. I’ll just pull the curtains down…. I forgot to tell you, keep these windows closed…. Else you can never rest peacefully…. The noises of people around disturb you continuously…. We have this one problem for this house…. We should have checked well before buying it… The Market is next to this house…. The continuous conversations, screaming, music playing, shoutings and all those sounds…………. We made a life time mistake…. Please close the windows fully and relax…. I keep the door open for you with curtains pulled in…. You will get the cool breeze from inside….”

The gentleman did accordingly and soon went to sleep…. But a few murmurs and specific noises never allowed him to do that and constantly kept him awake….

“Switch on the Washing Machine…. Today, we have to wash our clothes….” A big starting sound, water slashing, whipping, again water splashing etc for almost half an hr….

“Put the clothes in the Dryer….” Again a big starting sound followed by the constant rotation sound and finally the machine coming to a halt making a screeching noise after some 20 minutes…..

“Switch on the Dish Washer….”Then the continuous water sprinkling sounds followed by jets of water hitting the vessels and repeating the same for another half hr approx!

“The weather is hot…. Have you switched on the AC for the Guest Room with the Blower on?” A big start of Motors followed by a continuous air blow sound….

“The weather is quite dry…. Have you switched on the Humidifier?” Soon a continuous humming Motor sound….

“Switch on the TV…. Today there is a Special International Program on……….” Certain sharp conversational sounds and some Western Music….

Soon it was 5 PM….It appeared, the family left for their outside work at that point of time…. There was some silence for a while except the AC noise….

The gentleman could not sleep at all….And he could no more lay down on the bed, got up and opened the windows facing the Market Area…. Instantly, the evening cool breeze started blowing in making him feel refreshed followed by the continuous outside conversations…..

  • Sir! I can’t sell this item for the price you asked for…. If I start doing that, what money can I take home and feed my family?”
  • “Madam, these are the fresh items arrived just now…. You are almost the first buyer here…..”
  • “Give me Do Chai today…. My friend is here… He has come after a long time….”
  • “Let’s have a break…. Are you not hungry a little? Let’s have our favorite Chat at…..”
  • “It’s continuous holidays for schools for three days…. My daughter wanted to see the Market and buy something for herself….”
  • “Ok! Dear! I am going now…. Please, come home tomorrow…. I ‘ll show you some of the……”
  • “Please move on…. How can you get this one for just…… Rupees?”
  • “I don’t have so much money with me…. Can you give me this at least for……”

The gentleman was back to his bed relaxing himself as all those sweet voices and familiar sounds started pouring into his ears and in no time went into deep sleep forgetting all the strain of his travel till he felt that some one was waking him up….

“Oh! you opened and forgot to close the windows? And the AC had automatically stopped because of the open windows…. I wonder, how could you sleep so well with so many noises around? I am sorry for the trouble…. We have this one problem for this house…. We should have checked well before buying it… The Market is next to this house…. The continuous conversations, screaming, music playing, shoutings and all those sounds…………. We made a life time mistake…. OK, we are back…. Please freshen up………”

Sunday, July 6, 2014

A Mom's 'Miracle!'

The boy just crossed 12 and entered 13…. He was officially no more a child but actually was very much a child both at body and mind levels….

Unknowingly during that time, he developed an unexplainable fear of Lightening and Thunders especially of the similar ones that struck earlier…. And whenever such Rains used to strike, he often felt desperate and unconsciously tried to be by the side of his Mom as his indirect Savior….

Suddenly, there was a need for his Mother to leave him at home to the care of his two elder brothers and travel to her Native Place on a Week’s work…. And, as the same was announced in the house, the boy’s fears compounded as then the very Mom would not be by his side for a week in case the Thunder Rains strike….

He could not tell his problem to his friends and the classmates as he knew that they would simply laugh at him and look at him as a coward…. When discussed with his eldest brother, he simply said, “Don’t worry…. I am there for you!” When discussed with the other elder one, he said, “I am just 2 yrs elder to you…. I am without that fear…. Why don't you try to be like me?” And he could never talk to his dad on that because, he very much knew the answer…. “When do you grow? Just face the situation!” The boy was thus helpless and was not knowing what to do…. He felt that none would understand his problem….

But he was very much wrong there because the Mom by his side knew all that turmoil in him…. She might have broken the news to him that she would be off for a week but from the very next moment she was studying him in total…. And in that context, she was continuously knowing her child’s suffering, it reached a limit in her and instantly she firmed up on her own way of helping him out….

One day before her departure, as soon as her son returned from school, she gave him an evening mini meal to his satisfaction, made him relax for few minutes and said, “Dear! When I am away for a week, daily you will be alone for about 2 hrs in the house in the evenings till your bros return, is it not?”

The boy instantly responded to her saying, ‘YES’ without his own knowledge….

“I know you are afraid of heavy Thunders and Lightening…. In case a heavy rain comes in that time, you are worried is it not?” she mentioned….

The boy suddenly found a great interest in his Mom’s approach….

“Also, at night when your bros are sleeping, if the the same Lightening and Thunders come up, you are worried is it not?” she asked….

Yes! she exactly touched his problem…. The Mom alone knows how to help her terrified child…. The boy was totally at ease with the solace he got from the menacing problem troubling him….

“I’ll give you the best solution…. What our Epic Story says is that the Devas’ King Indra, the Lord of Rain God as he travels in the Sky in his Chariot, the constant rubbing with the clouds produces the Lightening and Thunders…. So if you please Devas' King Indra, he definitely takes care of you…. And you know Prince Arjuna is the son of Indra…. So praise Prince Arjuna, Indra is pleased with you and instructs the Rain God to go soft without making such a blinding Lightening and loud Thunders…. I tell you a Sloka, by-heart this one and repeat the same in your mind when the Thunders and Lightening strike….”

The Loving Mom instantly made him learn the Famous Sloka ….

“Arjunah Palghunah Paarthah Kireethih Swethavahanah 

Bheebhastuh Vijayah Krishnah Savyasaachih Dhananjayah!”  
(A sloka of praising Prince Arjuna bringing out his own Identity and Achievements…..)

“Now you are safe…. The Lightening and Thunders can never do anything to you!” said the Mom with a smile patting her son….

The boy was totally relieved of the hidden menacing fear with him as he found the right solution to his problem which none else could give him…. He instantly felt very strong and highly capable…. No doubt to say that he by-hearted the Sloka in no time, happily bid bye to his Mom the next day and was all ready to wage a war if Nature showed it’s fury…. A man of no fear was just born in him with a determination to help out the world in general….

Saturday, July 5, 2014

A 'Service' very much next to me....

As I recollect.... What I heard about four decades ago....

A Famous Actor of that time used to act to the core identification in the Roles he used to play for certain Classical Dramas.... That way he soon had shot up to high fame as a Smart Actor in many Feminine Roles of the Dramas of Historical and Mythological importance.... There he used to portrait himself as truly the Female Character and people while witnessing the play, many times had forgotten that a male member was acting in that Role.... The ultimate was…. Once he dressed himself as a Lady and went to a Traditional Function in some one’s home where all women were participating.... He dressed himself so well that no one could doubt him as a male member.... They welcomed him as a female member alone, treated him in that way and sent him back in a true Traditional Way!

Herein, I should sincerely understand and believe that the way this Great Actor used to involve and act in the Dramas as Female Character was basically Expressing himself to the best of his abilities and there would never have been another similar activity with him to perform so well.... No doubt, the rest would have been far, far less satisfying to him at that point of time!

Thus, whenever I come across some one around me leading their life differently, I should never resort to commenting, questioning, criticizing, segregating or curbing but try encourage them in that line as much as possible, unless the activities are not acceptable from moral, ethical and legal considerations....

Let me understand that, I have no right to define someone's living as ‘So and so’…. They will do the best out of their own freedom by involving themselves Whole and Soul…. Here, the better way for me is to see that such individuals live freely in that discrete way as much as possible and are never forced to sell or chain themselves…. And they should be able to dance freely in Nature to their own Tune....

Thus, if the people with me and around me are living their life in a 'Real Expressive Style' as much as possible, a 'Great Service to Humanity' is already 'ON!'