Saturday, December 16, 2017


Sitting in my luxury car suddenly I asked my elderly well-wisher next to me as the car pushed thru' dense traffic and certain stream of thoughts simultaneously overtook me for a while..

"What are you talking, dear?"

My well-wisher asked me back having got surprised with what I spoke all of a sudden.

“Sorry, Sir! I voluntarily spoke out as certain chain of thoughts took over me without my knowledge. The point is, I really wonder how this our driver keeps his cool with such a confusion and chaos around him. A few times I tried driving but was quite tensed up to watch out constantly for people and vehicles around and here,

I never stood a chance of myself getting into a nasty situation on the road all along my life!"

“Dear! The man at the wheel is not like us who do just the fancy driving for our comfort and pleasure but is more driven by his precious basic needs of life. Unless he works, the money can't be generated; not working alone but work with a competitive edge..

Here, it's a ‘No Go’ situation for your driver and as such, any nervousness in his case automatically takes a back seat!”

I looked around the inside of my car which was maintained in a neat and good condition and subsequently looked out through the closed window. On the road side, a few people were buying and eating the stuff sold there unmindful of the dust and dirt around. I said with an exclamation..

”I am ever afraid to eat such stuff as I'm sure I'll fall sick the next moment I touch them and here too

I never stood a chance of myself falling seriously ill with such outside food all along my life!"

“Dear! These people don't have monies like us to keep everything neat and clean. With almost small finances at their disposal, they have to meet their essentials. And you know, the hunger being the primary force, drives a man to any extent..

So here too it's a ‘No Go’ situation for these people and as such, any neatness and cleanliness in their case automatically take a back seat!”

I looked at my well-wisher and said,

“Sir! However matured I may be, I invariably agree to sign on papers in certain matters which I can always refuse easily but an old lady known to me is very firm in such matters and says very easily 'NO' there. How is that she is so stubborn in such instances where as

I never stood a chance of myself saying 'NO' there along my life?"

My elderly well-wisher smiled and quipped,

“The elderly lady is really helpless in those matters as she has no knowledge of them and also never would be able to learn in that direction. So the only way in front of her is to say firmly ’NO’ when asked. In your case, you are sure of understanding the issues well. So you'll get into the issues, but fear and memory of going wrong always keep you tensed up all along..

So here too it's a ‘No Go’ situation for the old lady and as such, saying 'YES' in her case automatically takes a back seat!”

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Friday, December 15, 2017


"I believe in God but I believe in enjoying my life too. Otherwise, why do our senses constantly crave for all this show around? Actually, it's a sin to deny all this to our body and mind in the name of controlling everywhere. My motto forever is..

  • 'Enjoy the life max, see the best of everything and thus expand full and at the end of the day offer Prayers to the Almighty for a better tomorrow!'"
Said one friend at the back of a proud feeling in him who forever believed in the precept..

'Expand and Enjoy!'

"Wherever I go, I'll have only two works with me. Looking out for new business opportunities and visiting the Temples around. I believe that the Almighty sure takes care of everything but I too have to do something in this life and not simply Praying to Him alone. My motto forever is..

  • 'I see myself as a capable Entrepreneur and so why should I keep quite here? At the back of this zeal, I can sure turn out gold wherever I go!'"
Said the second friend at the back of a great energy in him who forever believed in the precept..

'Work hard and Earn max!'

"I'm a man of scientific temper. I can't simply believe and accept. Better question everywhere. I do believe in God and equally know that there are no explanations for certain Phenomenon happening in nature but I should never fold my hands and keep quite surrendering everywhere. My Motto forever is..

  • 'Let the scientific spirit ever burn in me and this attitude alone truly finds out one day why the man suffers in this life!'" 
Said the third friend at the back of intense scientific temper in him who forever believed in the precept..

'Rationalize and Accept!'

"I agree to what all you say. But I sincerely believe that the Almighty alone moves me and propels me to do what I like to do in this life. My understanding forever is..

  • 'Let me do all my assigned duties sincerely and at the end of the day let me make an Offering of what all is seen as mine to the Almighty through a Sincere Prayer and Total Surrender for the Ultimate Care!'"
Said the fourth friend at the back of a true humble feeling in him who forever believed in his life..

'I'm nothing and God is Everything!'

As the four were talking thus, suddenly they all of a sudden felt a violent shake of the surroundings and had to hold something nearby to avoid themselves falling. A few items from the walls, from open cupboards and from other places instantly fell to the ground. The shake just lasted for few seconds.

"God! It's an Earthquake. Appears to be one of the severe intensities. Is everything okay? We should check for details.. Why suddenly this one happened?"

The first three friends said simultaneously each looking at one another totally not knowing their further destination and

Thus existed beyond with a distinct nervousness seen on their faces as they were unable to reconcile to what they believed in their life all along!

The fourth one too was instantly taken a back with the happening but soon stabilized himself thru' a silent Prayer to the Almighty and

Thus existed beyond with a distinct calmness seen on his face as he could quickly reconcile to what he believed in his life all along!

As they moved further, they could hear in a low but distinct tone, Srimad Bhagavad Gita Chapter 9 Sloka 34 being recited on the distant loud speakers with meaning explained in parallel..

Man mana bhava mad bhakto mad yaji mam namaskuru
Mam evaisyasi yuktvaivam atmamam mat parayanah

'Be ever knowing me, be my devotee, worship me, offer respects (Pranaams) unto me; in this way completely dedicating your mind and body unto me, having me as the supreme goal, you will certainly reach me (attain Peace)!'

Having recapitulated the said story many times, I sincerely believe that my strength forever stays with me if I my thinking stays on the lines of the fourth friend the max part of my life even though one of the other three precepts of living equally overtake me and make me talk thus many times in my life.

No doubt, I'm helpless there at this moment of my life being thus carried away constantly without my knowledge but equally very much believe in embracing the fourth attitude alone to the max extent possible!

The Post is in line with this week's IndiSpire Prompt Share what is your source of strength and how it empowers you during difficult times. What helps/helped you find purpose in your life? #EmbraceLife

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Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Oh Lord! 

You Blessed me with
Certain health and well-being;
I quickly forgot all that and started behaving as if 
'That's nothing!' 

You Blessed me with 
Certain wealth;
I quickly forgot all that and started behaving as if 
'I'm the owner!' 

You Blessed me with 
Certain strength;
I quickly forgot all that and started behaving as if 
'I'm powerful!' 

You Blessed me with 
Certain energies;
I quickly forgot all that and started behaving as if 
'I'm at my high!' 

You Blessed me with 
Certain discrimination;
I quickly forgot all that and started behaving as if 
'I'm smart!' 

You kept Your Creation next to me with their 
Set backs
and expected me to work for them at the back of my good health and well-being;
I eternally missed the same and started indulging indiscriminately saying 
'I'm everything!' 

You kept Your Creation next to me with their
and expected me to help them with my wealth;
I eternally missed the same and very conveniently kept them off on the pretext saying, 
'I'm not that rich!' 

You kept Your Creation next to me with their
and expected me to help them with my strength;
I eternally missed the same and very conveniently kept them off on the pretext saying, 
'I'm equally helpless!' 

You kept Your Creation next to me with their
and expected me to help them with my energies;
I eternally missed the same and very conveniently kept them off on the pretext saying, 
'I'm too busy!' 

You kept Your Creation next to me with their 
Limited understanding
 and expected me to help them with my discrimination of the good and bad;
I eternally missed the same and very smartly kept them under me on the pretext saying, 
'I'll sure help you!' 

Like a lovable parent You, ever watching my activities Pardoned me infinite number of times till now hoping me come to the 
Right Path;
Never caring for that, I continuously involved myself into the best enjoyments of the world ever known where the equation forever is 
'I'll have, others lose!' 

Today having hit 
The dead end in my life with no where to go
 totally feeling helpless and directionless, I hereby surrender to You and Pray to take me out from this unending rut I embraced in my life and Bless me with the Sacred Understanding of 
In all my future actions! 


Sunday, December 10, 2017


It was one of the days for the daily laborers starting with the tedious work of 
Tarring up the 6 lane wide road for 
A smooth, shining and perfect getup by evening..

The perfection no doubt needed the right effort put together in 
Cleaning the area, 
Clearing the debris, 
Filling up the pot holes and 
Making it ready for tarring and
The laborers were into it with all seriousness..

Soon, the huge automatic tarring machine started rolling on steadily
Dumping the ready mix behind it on the road with 
A group of laborers simultaneously actively working behind smoothing the little up and downs that came up in the process..

In front of the machine, 
An aged frail man slowly lifting and carrying little debris to the side of the road,
A little away a young mother, the first Teacher of her child having listened to the cry of her little one away under the care of an old lady sticking to her work for a few minutes more helping out the tarring process go smoothly before attending her Baby and
An old lady of the group, carefully checking the use of a torn SUITCASE thrown into a nearby garbage bin
were equally seen 
All simultaneously making sure that their activities do not create a Traffic Jam in the already halved road.. 

The usual daily moving vehicles, 
The luxury cars with shutters up avoiding the dust and noise and 
The buses carrying school going children
passed by on the half cleared road with
A huge Billboard near the active working area seen carrying a discrete message of 
The road to prosperity..

As the Clock ticked on thus endlessly, 
A few in a Celebration mood of going on their vacation, 
A few heading Home for rest after their continued work beyond normal hrs,
A few at the back of certain unexpected emergencies and 
The rest on their on daily routine errand
Moved on endlessly with 

A fallen Rose severed from the plant in the near by park next 
Standing as a mute witness to all that happening!

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Friday, December 8, 2017


Looking back at 60+, I was ever interested / prepared myself in instilling 3 Basic Values in the minds of my children as I brought them up in my life invariably making them equip themselves with the fundamentals of leading this life happily having a true meaning to it and thus remain fit..

The A,B,C,D,E,Fs of these 3 Basic Values go thus..

  • Brighten up the prospects of having the best future thru' dedicated learning and the related training but along with that Express too what you are within to have a meaning to your immediate life!
Here brightening up the child's future prospects thru' good learning/training and subsequent employment in his/her adult life is a must else the basic existence itself is indirectly threatened and I had necessarily taught this Value No 1 to my children from the right age without an exception..

In the process, the children might not find time to express themselves which was their basic gist of this very living and thus I equally made my children do that without losing sight of the higher meaning to their lives..

  • Face the inevitable competition with no second thought but along with that Accept too what comes thru' wholeheartedly!
Here, facing competition next to me is inevitable in this life as the concept of 'Survival of the fittest!' ever rules our lives and thus I necessarily imbibed this Value No 2 too in the mind of my children if not directly indirectly from the appropriate age..

In the process, the child should never be put to undue mental stress and thus it was my duty there to continuously make the issue in front look lighter there by tuning my children's minds ultimately ready to accept what comes thru' heroically and thus remain stable!
  • Care for and share with others without an exception but along with that Discipline yourself in respect of time, money and energy!
Here, caring/sharing is no doubt the divine expression and one should necessarily get into this habit from childhood. Thus imbibing this Value No 3 in my children again was my responsibility and I never side lined this at any point of time as they should grow ultimately into total personalities in their lives..

In the process, disciplining oneself in respect of his/her time, money and energies is a must and thus it became my duty there to tune up my children's minds to the ever limited availability of these resources and the necessity of doing all that within those limits!

The Post is written in line with the requirement of this week's IndiSpire Prompt What are the 3 most important values that you would teach your child? #responsibleparent

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Thursday, December 7, 2017

  • "The precious garden plants need better watering. The heat is more and if we don't water them regularly, I doubt their proper growth. Water all the plants in the front and back yards till the land becomes wet with moisture. In my bungalow
Water is plenty and never in shortage!"
  • The family will be sitting in the front open space in the evenings for relaxation and to have some cool air. Sometimes the neighbors drop in. The weather is very hot. Spray lots of water the front area to make it sufficiently wet. That'll sure cool the area towards evening. In my bungalow
Water is plenty and never in shortage!"
  • The fountain in front is not working properly. I called the repair person and he may be at anytime here before noon. Be ready and help him out in his job. I want a min height of... ft of the rising waters in front of the house and nothing less. The beauty of rising water jets is the unique specialty of my bungalow. You should guide the repair man and do the required. In my bungalow
Water is plenty and never in shortage!"
  • The bath tub is to be filled full with water. Yesterday you missed doing it and left early. When you come for work, you should come prepared to stay full time, isn't it? Today at least, please see that the tub is filled full and kept ready for my bath.. In my bungalow
Water is plenty and never in shortage!"
  • The back yard and garage need some floor cleaning. I want you to finish that too today itself with the floor cleaners and water.. In my bungalow
Water is plenty and never in shortage!"

"No problem, Sir! I'll finish all these works. Today, I need to go early for 2 hrs. And tomorrow I need to take half day leave!"

"What, dear? Yesterday suddenly you went early without informing in advance. Today and tomorrow you will be off part of the day. If you go away like this daily, how these works will be finished? What's the urgency?"

  • "Sir! In my present rented house, since a fortnight the water supply is affected. All these days, we had to buy water from out side for our essentials. Yesterday, we saw a different house in a new area readily available for rent without this problem and decided to move there. 
  • Today evening, we are going there to check once again the position of water supply in that area and move to the area tomorrow. No problem, we'll finish our entire shifting by half day easily. You may know, for people like us,
Water is never plenty and ever in shortage!"

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Wednesday, December 6, 2017


  • The Boss never praises me easily and if not uttered a word for the moment, that itself is the biggest praise of my life. If really praised a bit longer, there's sure another meaning to it.. 
I'm soon going to be replaced!
  • Many times, I am cornered by my Boss for no fault of mine. But that's nothing compared to the double cornering my boss faces from the Top..
I'm sure the privileged individual in my Role!
  • The Boss' scoldings are two way blessings for me.. 
No more major scoldings in my personal life except the routine ones and forever I'm capable of smiling in times of many difficulties of my life!
  • My Boss can max scold me that too only sometimes.. 
I'm unharmed with no visible signs of physical damage all along!
  • Whenever I am singled out at my work by my Boss, I should smile heartfelt within because 
My job is intact!
  • The Boss is always in office before me and I shouldn't feel unhappy for that earlier presence because the other way, 
I've to play that Role too in addition to mine for a while!
  • The Boss is never happy with myself leaving office in office hrs on many of my personal works except very few.. The indirect message here forever is
'Delegate.. Delegate.. Delegate!'
  • I may work all the 24 hrs of the day but in the end, the Boss invariably demands another hr of work from me and
Sure corrects it to 2 in no time!
  • When the Boss puts my Colleague along with me in my work, it never means that I'm helped out at my work.. 
That's the best place to train my Colleague of course, sure to takeover reins from me soon!
  • From Boss, forever the worst and the best comments are
'OK, leave it.. Call (so and so)' and 'You got to improve a lot!'

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Tuesday, December 5, 2017


A man was a little more calculative and was always spending monies somewhat below his level. A friend of him was a man of less calculative nature and was always spending his finances somewhere a little beyond his level.

Both were leading their lives with their families with those disciplines each justifying his own way of doing.

The spendthrift used to say,

  • “There's no tomorrow in life..
  • Let me live today’s life better by spending my monies a bit more..
  • What's the use of storing every pie when nothing comes with us?
  • Let me save but equally let me live myself too today!”
The other used to contest,
  • “Life is long..
  • How can I throw away even small amounts for these flimsy enjoyments which bring ultimately nothing in my life?
  • Why not I keep even small monies too for future as it's said that in tough situations, even a Rupee looks like a lakh?
  • Let me save and let me have a secured future!" 
Thus, both the friends never used to agree with each other!

One day both of them happened to meet a wise elderly man who was their well-wisher too in their lives.. They expressed to him their own views in respect of the right way of living the life.

The elderly listened to both of them, smiled and said,

“My dear! In life the true understanding should always be like this,

  • There's no reasonable tomorrow for me that needs lesser monies to live my accustomed life but there is no better tomorrow for me that needs greater monies to live my happy life!

  • My reasonable monies sure stay with me till the end with just a good care from my end and my ill gotten monies sure slip off from me towards the end in spite of a meticulous care from my end!
  • Money beyond is not required for me today but it's sure mine if I take care of it today and money minimum is required for me tomorrow but it's sure not mine if I take ease with it today! 
  • Throwing away money with ease today takes away my hold on my decent living tomorrow and hoarding money with greed today takes away my hold on my happy living tomorrow! 
  • Charity done beyond is a dent in my decent living and is equally a dent in the receiver's dignified living. That done meager is again a dent in my dignified living and is equally a dent in the receiver's decent living!

With this knowledge at the back, let us live for today with reasonable spending, plan for tomorrow with reasonable outlay and save reasonable monies for the day after!

Let us be disciplined thus, all along our lives with a constant additional reminder at the back of our minds,

  • ‘I am only a Trustee for my finances as they never belong to me. As a Trustee, I'll do my job of using, protecting and improving my finances through the best known methods. This alone is the Sacred Job given to me in this world!’
And if followed truly, this whole of discipline is sure the ultimate financial wisdom in our lives!”

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Sunday, December 3, 2017


Around 50 years ago when telephones were rare in the country and plastic was unknown in food industry, a young man on his official tour took his aged mother along with him to show the temples of pilgrimage importance around the place of his visit.

The son with his mother checked into a hotel in the early morning hrs for their stay in the new place. After readying himself, the son told his mother that he would finish his office work quickly and try to come back by lunch time so that they both could have lunch in a good hotel and then go around the place seeing the important temples in that area. The mother agreed and the son left.

But his office work continued and so the son could not make it out for lunch. When it was nearing lunch hr, he got good hot lunch packed in a steel carrier and sent to his mother through one of his attendants asking him to wait there and get back the carrier after his mother finished eating her food. The attendant being a local had a difficulty of communicating to his mother and so the son sent a chit writing in his mother tongue a short communication which read thus..
  • "Ma! I am sending the carrier lunch thru' my attendant for you as I'm busy with my work and can't come now to the hotel to take you for lunch. 
  • You finish eating and send back the carrier. I'll eat later after finishing my work.
  • Evening we can go out for our dinner!" 
Strangely, after an hour the attendant brought back the boxes intact. The son got wondered and could not understand the reason for that. The attendant informed that he handed over the food and the chit to his mother and collected the boxes when she returned them to him. The son too immediately couldn't do anything as he had to rush for his work.

Finally after finishing his work by evening, he quickly came back to hotel and asked his mother,

“Ma! Why didn't you eat the meal I sent to you?”

The mother replied,

"I read your chit and opened the lunch boxes. After seeing the contents, I felt like not eating and send back the carrier as is!"

"Why? You did not like the items?"

"No.. I thought the quantities are not enough for both of us!"

"Why both of us? I wrote that I'd eat my lunch at my Office!"

The mother showed the chit sent by him. The son read it allowed..
  • "Ma! I am sending the carrier lunch thru' my attendant for you as I'm busy with my work and can't come now to the hotel to take you for lunch.
  • You finish eating and send back the carrier. I'll eat later after finishing my work.
  • Evening we can go out for our dinner!"
The mother said,

“I thought that you'll also be eating part of that food!”

The son instantly understood the way she interpreted his words in the 2nd line of his message. He laughed aloud and said,

"Then at least, you could have eaten half of it and sent back the remaining. Why you didn't eat anything at all?"

The mother smiled and said,

“Dear! Don't I know your hunger? That full carrier food is also sometimes not enough for my son when he is really hungry.. I can never take a chance here and make you go hungry!”

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Saturday, December 2, 2017


The ambitious young Rep of people's group in the province decided on a day to bring to the notice of his Ruler the wrongs being done in his ruling.

Soon with the required info as he reached the venue of seat of power, he found that he had to go thru' 3 Levels of Screening Court Officials.

The 1st Level Officials said,

  • "Prove yourself that you are the person as per the papers!"
The young man took pains and proved that thru' certain push and pull. As he moved further,

The 2nd Level Officials said,
  • "Why not we ourselves resolve your issue?"
The young man took pains and persuaded them thru' certain push and pull. As he moved further,

The 3rd Level Officials said,
  • “Hope the big man will not be disturbed by this!”
The young man took pains and convinced them thru' certain push and pull. As he moved further,

He was finally lead to the Chamber of the Ruler. The young man wished him and quickly presented to him in brief the problems people were facing and requested him to intervene in the matter.

The Ruler listened to all, smiled and said,

"I'm ready to address these issues right now and give a solution but my implementation has to pass thru' the same 3 levels you presently passed thru' to reach people..

Whatever resistance you encountered in meeting me, double of that will be faced by my papers while going out with the same

The 3rd Level Officials saying,
  • “Let’s hope the big man has not decided wrongly!”
And delaying the movement giving reasons which none can understand including myself,

The 2nd Level Officials saying,
  • "Why not we ourselves decide on the quantum?"
And try to cut down the original proposals to half or less with such an innovative convincing which again none can understand including myself and

The 1st Level Officials saying,
  • "Prove yourself that you are the person as per the papers!"
To the ultimate beneficiaries making them go round and round endlessly!

In the process before one evil is controlled, either
  • The beneficiaries may cease to exist or 
  • They may lose interest or 
  • Another new evil enters the system and fills up the place of the earlier one!"
Hearing that, the young man became dull and looked at the Ruler with a blank face. The Ruler continued..

"Do not feel despair..

Ultimately, we the like minded people, the Ruler and the Ruled together with a never failing inspiration in our hearts Viz.,


the Ruled all along doing the max feasible at his/her level fully out of his/her own freedom, alone can push thru' such resisting system by our side and help address the problems of people in the best possible way!"

The Post is written in line with this week's IndiSpire Prompt My inspiration, my ........? #myinspiration my inspiration forever being that single aim in this life!

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Friday, December 1, 2017


That evening the boy turned 6+ was unhappy.

  • "What's the matter, dear?"
The grandpa asked.

"His class teacher promised to put him on top for the day but forgot to do that!"

The daughter replied with a hidden smile.

  • "So another boy's name was there?"
Asked the grandpa..

"No She forgot that and his chance has gone for the day.. And he is pestering me to remind her on this!"

  • "Dear! What's the big thing here? If not today another day she'll do that!"
The grandpa tried to console the child.

"No My chance is gone. Grandpa! Will you please talk to my teacher?"

The boy pleaded.

  • "No problem, dear! I'll sure ask her. But before that shall we do a funny thing? You sure will like it!"
The boy instantly wide eyed asked,

"Okay.. Tell me that!"

  • "Get a paper, scale, pencil and an eraser!"
The boy quickly arranged the 4 and said,

"Here they are!"
  • "Draw a straight line of 5 cm length!"
The boy drew the line of 5 cm length and looked at his grandpa..
  • "Now Draw a line of 7 cm next it!"
He did that too and looked at his grandpa.
  • "Show me the smaller one!"
The boy instantly showed the 5 cm line.
  • "Now.. Erase the 7 cm line and in it's place draw a 3 cm line!"
The boy again did that silently not knowing why his grandpa was asking all that..
  • "Now tell me which line is the bigger one?"
"The 5 cm line!"
  • "See.. 2 minutes back, your 5 cm line was smaller but now it is bigger!"
The boy was instantly mesmerized with the age old trick played by his grandpa..
  • "See.. Dear! These big and small are so much changing. One minute it is big and the next moment it is small. Should we really care for these quick changes?"

Said the boy with a certain firmness seen on his face.
  • "And the top and below are also like that.. We need not bother for them!"
The boy silently nodded his head. The grandpa took the boy closer and said,
  • "Dear! You shouldn't bother for these. They'll be changing a little this way and that way. But if you do good work all the year, I'm sure you'll be in the top few.. That's enough for us.. So close your eyes and say..
'I'll study well all the year and do what my teacher and mom says.. That's good enough for me!'

The boy closed his eyes and sincerely repeated what his grandpa had said.. The grandpa patted the boy and said with a big smile,
  • "Very good, my boy.. Now.. Take your bike and let's go to our park.. You can practice your learning.. After that, I'll buy your favorite ice cream.. Okay?"
"Yessssss.. I'm ready, Grandpa!"

Screamed the boy with an unknown happiness and ran towards his bike..

Having instilled in his boy the fundamental concept of facing healthy competition thru' good work at that young age, the grandpa felt highly satisfied and the next moment they both moved on towards the park!

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Wednesday, November 29, 2017


For the first time he being in the driver’s seat of the car and the Instructor by the side, as the vehicle straight pulled into dense traffic with little control from his end, the single thought haunted him all along,

  • “Can I wade through this hazardous traffic and drive to my destination?”
And he was totally a lost person..

After few classes of learning, on a day when he changed the gear without fully pressing the clutch pedal and got an instant comment from the Instructor with a stern look on his face,

  • “My car is gone. Why are you so nervous?” 
He silently bore the brunt of that anger..

During the driving test, when he couldn't meet the important parallel parking requirement with the Instructor simultaneously making the sarcastic comment,

  • "Oh! You couldn't do it, is it?" 
He was heard murmuring within..

"It's really difficult!"

During that time one day, when he sat in his own car to practice learning with his friend by the side, it became a new tension in him and the same soon climaxed when he failed to pull through a steep up slope with the vehicle refused to pull, some one said from behind,

  • "Hi! What are you doing? Move!"
And he requested them saying,

"Please wait.. My friend will pull the vehicle!"

Soon as a permanent driving license holder, he was on the road himself confident of driving into every corner but unexpectedly on a day drove into a narrow lane, got held up and when shouted upon with scoldings,

  • "Do you have licence? Move!"
He gave back,

"Yeah! Every one makes mistakes. Why don't you wait for a minute?"

With almost an year’s constant driving at the back of seeing many odd behaviors of people on road, one day having squarely failed in a planned overtaking attracting the attention of near by drivers who out of frustration when shouted aloud,

  • “Why don't you be at home instead of coming on to road and troubling us like this?” 
He replied with an equal anger,

"Talk sensible and mind your business!"

Next few years passed with no incidents on the road at the back of a matured feeling in mind that driving was really interesting and helped everywhere in movement, when suddenly a beginner on the road made a mistake and came right in his way and had a narrow escape with some one commenting from behind,

  • “That boy is a learner. As an experienced man, what are you doing?"
Apt he replied,

"What's your problem? I know how to take care!"

As further years rolled on with no look back, the then well experienced man on the road one day, as he was parking his vehicle on the side of a narrow road and another less experienced driver driving through requested,
  • "Can you move your vehicle a bit in?"
He said with a big smile,

"A vehicle double the width of your car can easily pass through the passage. I think, you need a few more driving lessons!”

Soon he was the seasoned driver of late forties forever having a basic responsibility of safety on road in his mind and when commented by a passenger on a long drive saying,

  • "Great driving.. So smooth, safe and comfortable all along without a single jerk!"
He smiled and replied with total confidence,

"Driving is an art and each individual responds to it in his/her own style and each is correct in his/her own way except a few. It's equally a complex psychology of an individual developed only through years of experience being constantly on road with the vehicle taking care of people moving around along with the requirements of inmates for ever keeping an eye on safety aspects with a pro-thinking in the mind,

  •  'All along, there is a man around who can unexpectedly do a costly mistake and let me be on watch for that too!'”
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Tuesday, November 28, 2017


“Sir, I am doing my best around. But still I attract criticism in my doings. If I miss anything there, I agree that it's my fault and I've to correct the same. And I'm ready too to make up any loss or damage that resulted because of that..

But people around me never understand this and ever talk something or other on my doing saying that what I do is not the right..

I'm unhappy and sometimes feel like stopping all these works and get off from the scene!"

“Dear! To distinguish between the right and the wrong is not that simple.. What appeals to me max here is a little more correct compared to what appeals to others. That’s all..

The infinite gap between the Original Truth and what I perceive in life is my ignorance. This is associated with simultaneous feelings of

Guilt and

In me together called strife in life.. No doubt, when it strikes,

It appears profound,
Feels like that life is not worth living
With a deep negative feeling of something missing!

The reason for this feeling is that my ‘self’ is not recognized for a moment and I wish very much the same recognized at any cost!

Tell me, how much am I correct here in pointing out people around me when actually I too can't cross my limit and understand my right a bit better?

If you catch this point, it's evident that the only safe way of living the moment is..

‘Continue doing all the essential works without a stop!’

No doubt, a difficult task and those moments of continuing doing the essential works do look like a total loss of personality.. A feeling of

'My kingdom is lost!'

But when I involve thus patiently, that’s all.. I've conquered myself and

'My kingdom is back to me!'

In a definite time depending on the level of hurt, I would be seeing an equal level of calmness along with the good accrued out of the right deeds done by me in time!

Remember the Sun God ever rises in the East and never stops setting in the west after 12 hrs of duty of heating the half globe and continue that for the next 12 hrs on the other half without a sec rest let whatever be happening on the earth..

Isn't it my No 1 duty here to pay the Salutations to the God of our life with a promise that I too never stop doing my job in the right way known to me without a single concern for what others talk on my doing equally not questioning on their limitation?"

Keywords: doing, right

Monday, November 27, 2017


At work I can't have my free will and my job too simultaneously.. If not understood, better I rewind and check myself whether I

  • Stood in the queue praying to every God on the earth for getting that job or
  • Was in my easy chair with the prospective Employer/s standing in queue at my door!
Work supports living; emotional bondage appears so.. Next time, whenever I try to emphasize in my Office on my family issues in front of urgent work, let me quickly come to senses and find out which choice is better
  • Safeguarding the family beyond or
  • Taking up my job with all seriousness! 
With my Boss over a knotty problem, let me evaluate which words are better.. The
  • The pleading words.. “What else I can do?" or 
  • The questioning words.. "What can I do?” 
There's always a gap between 'what is right' and 'what my subordinate thinks as right'.. Man Management forever is
  • Living to the level of that thinking right within the Code of Conduct and
  • Constantly trying to educate the person on the real right! 
In any business when certain monopoly ends and competition surfaces the hitherto oft used words,
  • 'Cool', 'Funny' and 'Authoritative' instantly get replaced with strange words
  • 'Hot','Serious' and 'Submissive!'
As laxity takes a certain hold on the working man the earlier
  • 'Laughing man' at work soon becomes a 
  • 'Laughing Stock' with no great job to do!
I should never respond to my work as if it belongs to me.. I should ever see that some one who is paying me needs me as
  • My skills are mine alone till 
  • My prospective Employer takes cognizance of them! 
Doing something for sometime not according to my liking is work.. Seen thus in my work life most of the time except on few occasions
  • 'Sweat', 'Swearing' and 'Condemnation' become sure the sweet words with
  • 'Ease','smile' and 'Praise' invariably becoming sour!
It's ever difficult to get a knowledgeable seller..
  • Let knowledge continue when it starts speaking more but 
  • Let the sales be soon handed over to the smarter one by the side!

Saturday, November 25, 2017


  • Every child is born with certain original traits in him/her. 
  • Again, thru' birth, he/she acquires some of the parents'/their hierarchical traits as genetics and 
  • He/she acquires a few traits thru' interactions with the society and people in general as he/she grows up.. 
There's almost nil control on the original traits of the child that come thru' his/her birth and genetics and later, any change there if takes place for the good, it's sure either luck or by the grace of god.

Mostly, these traits have to be modulated and guided in a streamlined way by the parents for the good of the individual and society instilling certain new behavioral traits and values in the child's mind constantly taking off from the 

Carelessness and 
Criminal tendencies 

that are likely to crop in thru' the negligence of parent and indirect suppression in the form of rigid discipline..

The parents' resources which vary over a wide range in our society in fact have less impact on this criminalizing attitude unless they go below the basic survival level and any decent resource can do a wonderful job here if the love and attention are shown in abundance without fail.

This love and attention from the parent truly plays a great role in streamlining the constant learning process that goes on in the child without a break which basically helps a personality to grow and in return help the world thru' the similar love and care.

In this scenario, the child silently expects his/her parent to support him/her as he/she..

  • Continuously explores never taking that around for granted making the parent sure test his/her patience.. 
  • Keeps off from an orderly life around making the parent refrain from insisting too much in that direction..
  • Goes on accepting what comes in front easily without many reservations forcing the parent make a note of and allow that expression.. 
  • Eagerly awaits to respond to love alone and nothing less of it at any time which the parent should show in abundance.. 
  • Digs into the unrealistic issues keeping parent ready with the right answer.. 
  • Readies to learn many quickly thru' the right parental support by the side.. 
  • Constantly believes and observes never forgetting the minute response and complacence from others making that go into memory and work to perfection in later life all along driving the parent to be supportive there.. 
  • Craves for nothing but continuous attention, nil pity and no help in issues of nil danger everywhere keeping the parent on his/her toes.. 
  • Takes all that required development thru' play shunning all along the targets if any imposed and expects the parent to be truly supportive on that.. 
  • Other than allowing mild saying here and there, forever shuns disciplining by the parent straight away demanding the parent to be disciplined first and the last.. 
  • If imposed upon a milder discipline too, tries to deviate expecting the parent allow a part of that forcing him/her eternally guide, discipline, allow concession, restrict again and thus continue.. 
  • Demands instilling confidence by the parent beyond health and safety care to enable learn max in the early years.. 
  • Makes the parent take pains and monitor the daily schooling work rather than aim at looking the Progress Report in end and 
  • May not say against the parent's advice but would sure be watching the actions therein which would be memorized in total ever expecting the parent do the right first and then alone talk!
If truly made a note of all these and supported through 

Care and 

the parent sure helps in molding his/her child into the future young and energetic adult useful to the society and the surroundings thus weaning off his/her ward from developing the possible criminal mind/attitude!

The Post is written in line with this week's IndiSpire Prompt Increasing Criminal Instinct in Children: Who's responsible?#crimeinchildren

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Friday, November 24, 2017

    • I'm no one to change others as I've to change myself alone.. 
    But the opposite alone goes on endlessly with me as I am sure that I've changed enough!
    • I am no great chooser in my life except accepting that in front 'As Is' and modifying my 'Expectations' accordingly..
    But no use of thinking all that as I've already bundled my 'Sure Expectations' neatly packed and kept in my cup-board.. Beyond, I never feel less at any time for choosing in my life!
    • I hardly know myself..
    But ask me, I can talk extempore tons on myself endlessly!
    • Every one around me sure loves his/her freedom very much..
    But I happily go on stopping others' aim/plan in life till that person physically stops me from doing that!
    • My activities are just a speck amidst the Universal Happenings..
    But strangely I feel that I alone move the world!
    • My extra capabilities should ultimately help the less capable.. 
    But auctioning them for a price which the needy would sure pay at the back of an unnecessary fear I instill in them is very much interesting to me!
    • Truly speaking, my mind plays endless dramas in front of me never allowing me to be under my control.. 
    But strangely, I feel that I'm in perfect control of myself one hundred percent!
    • In reality, any extra movement of mine than the required is a hindrance in the world.. 
    But I constantly aim without a single hesitation to expand myself to the nook and corner of the same world!
    • If I can just manage my time well without pain, I have truly conquered myself.. 
    But I just kill this time continuously thru' too many avocations of mine coolly and safely storing my pain for future release in an avalanche form!
    • If I can't dance to my tune, my life is nothing but a prison.. 
    But many times, I happily welcome my prison by continuously dancing to the tune of my people indirectly feeling within that I love them a lot in the process!
    • If I fail, I invariably have the message ‘Wake up!’.. 
    But instead I quickly sleep more there 'Escaping' into my own world happily!
    • Had I known my limitation, part of my job would have been done well..
    But since I can't think of it, I forever end up necessarily blaming my fate for all my troubles!
    • Had I simply stood for a moment to the others’ adverse comments without reacting, many of my tensions would have gone for a life time..
    But since 'Giving Back' is very interesting without a say, those tensions never leave me for a life time!

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    Wednesday, November 22, 2017


    The young man worked 8 hrs producing a product and claimed the salary as his right..

    The inner voice said..

    • "You may claim that as a right now but soon that can be secured only when you bring out the quality item in standard time!"
    He put in good effort, achieved that and then expected the salary as his right in general..

    The inner voice said..

    • "You may claim that right now but soon that can be secured only when the quality item produced in standard time is ultimately sold in the market!"
    Coupled with extra knowledge and good effort, he achieved that too, got his next promotion and expected the salary with all firmness..

    The inner voice said..

    • "You may claim that salary now but soon that can be secured only when the quality items produced in standard time in your group are sold in the market!"
    With added smartness to his the then capabilities, he could achieve all that, got his next promotion and decided to receive his salary..

    The inner voice said..

    • "You may receive that salary now but soon that can be secured only when the quality items produced in standard time in your dept are sold in the market with the competitor reasonably kept away!"
    Backed by seniority and vast experience, he could achieve almost that in front, got his next promotion and waited for the salary..

    The inner voice said..
    • "You may get that salary now but soon that can be secured only when the quality items produced in standard time in your division are sold in the market with the competitor reasonably kept in distance and the customer ready with the next year's order!"
    Finally, as luck favored him, he worked day and night, could achieve the ultimatum and got his next promotion all along not bothered to check the monies he received into his bank account..

    Soon on a day, the CEO messaged him,
    • “Yesterday, one of our men went to the Customer Meeting with a mark of spilled soup on his dress. The Customer instantly got put off with the bad appearance and presentation.. 
    • Later he conveyed to me that he is thinking of placing the next Order on M/s……….. You know, he is our Potential Customer covering half of our orders and unless..
    We offer a temporary price cut on our products, he can't be pleased.. Let's go ahead with this proposal and let every one of us be prepared to take a cut in our salaries for few months from now onwards and........!”

    Keyword: salary

    Monday, November 20, 2017


    I searched some of the dictionaries in the library in my neighborhood;
    The meaning given there couldn't be understood in depth.. 

    I went thru' lot of fiction material related to the entity; 
    The concept was seen still evading me..

    I discussed in depth with the learned personalities;
    Their wordings made me sure more confused.. 

    I questioned the wise earnestly; 
    I couldn't make out what they talked.. 

    I decided to part with certain of my resources to buy the entity; 
    The entity was simply found unavailable there..

    I travelled here and there; 
    I could never catch hold of it anywhere..

    I probed the nature around in total solitude;
    The answer was not found there too..

    I visited the few Monasteries known to me; 
    I got silence alone as the answer..

    I might have visited 'n' number of temples in the process;
    God was not ready to bless me with that understanding..
    I wouldn't have left clarifying even with the inventor of the word itself had I chanced to meet that Personality; 
    I had my own doubts whether there too, I would have got an answer to my satisfaction..
    That Auspicious day, I reached home and before I could knock on the door, as
    MY MOM 
    opened the door for me and welcomed me with a big smile..
    was seen laughing at me for my foolishness all these days saying..

    'How could you forget and go round and round endlessly searching for the meaning of this simple word 
    when the very 
    was in front of you.. 
    All these years 
    incessantly working for your uplift and betterment
    bringing you up from nothing to what you are today?' 

    Keyword: SACRIFICE